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DriverEditor 3.0.1: How to reorder XML properties?


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I'm a bit new to DriverEditor, I always hate the way it worked so I've done my coding using straight Wordpad in the past, but the C4Z format complicate a bit the use of external editor to build driver, even if we pack the files as a ZIP and rename it to C4Z, we can't still encrypt properly, so I have no choice of using DriverEditor now...

The first issue I have right now is to find a way to reorder the properties in the XML part of the driver, I know I can edit the XML file in the C4Z and do the reorder but I'm sure there is a better way to do it into within DriverEditor??? Someone can help?



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Ahh man... admit that it is PITA to have to switch back and forth to have a working driver to test...

Was way easier with C4I. I also use NotePad++ it goes way better for editing...

Anyway, still waiting to know if someone know how to move properties within DriverEditor...

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What properties, if you mean the order in which things are set in the XML file - then it's possible to do this within the editor by opening the xml - it's built in 'xml editor' is poor though - or I should say, i simply prefer using notepad++.

You can have the project open in both, DriverEditor will see when changes are made by an external program and reload.

And as the test comes back fine pretty much 99% of the time on my drivers, it's not that much of a chore ;)

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