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I'm about to move into a new home with a complete C4 system; my current house has élan G.  My installer is doing much of the programming, but I plan on doing much tweaking myself as I did in élan.

One question I had is if it is possible to interact with data from the Internet to change programming - i.e, can you change settings on a thermostat based on projected highs and lows of the outdoor temperature.

I would also like to be able to pull data from a calendar site when a Jewish holiday starts so we can put our house into Sabbath/Holiday mode.  Sabbath (Shabbos/Shabbat) is easy because it happens every Friday, but our other holidays are based on a lunar calendar.

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1 hour ago, JGLI said:

Awesome!!. Question is what will the text to speech algorithms do with all our holidays like Shavuot/Sukkhot, etc.

All titles and descriptions of holidays are put into variables so yes you can announce the holiday using our Advanced Announcements driver as well.  Candle lighting and Havdalah will execute at the respected times on friday/saturday and holidays.

The drivers finished but i haven't got the time to publish it at the moment due to other projects.  Should be up next week for sale sometime.

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