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Next release of the C4 Multi Tuner


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Books open was announced on 1/21 - shipping within 30 days.

Quote from that annoucement:

How is the Multi-Tuner V2 different from the V1?

The Multi-Tuner has been completely redesigned from the inside out with a goal to update the look while we dramatically improve the performance and price. It is based upon new audio circuitry which gives it much improved tuneability and offers great sound with digital coax and left/right RCA outputs for each tuner. The Multi-Tuner V2 has IP-based control and does not offer ZigBee control.

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It was a complete tuning board redesign, so a completely different product, but yes, the feature list is pretty much the same.

Digital outs, etc., are new, but as far as 'radio features', same as the old.


An entire new board redesign and didn't add HD radio. Too bad. I would guess that adding HD radio would be no small job, but it would have been nice.

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I know - I was hoping for HD tuner as well... I've been told to "wait and see" as the expansion port supports more than just the XM card - so who knows... maybe we'll see an HD addon.

As for Sirius / XM - they have not come out with a plan yet to support both - thus there is no point, from a hardware vendors point of view, to support both if they didn't already. The mfg's that supported both - you still (even today) have to pay for 2 subscriptions if you want that same unit to play both Sirius and XM. I've been waiting for this to change as well - and it has not. Sorry - I know on a personal front - I just upgraded my XM account to add the "Best of Sirius" and I believe I've got every station now that I didn't have before (since their merge of channels). So one "might" argue that there is no point in a dual tuner for that now. Just a thought. :P

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Sonos: Superb internet radio support

C4: NO useful internet radio support (that I know of)

C4 is a fantastic product, but the audio side is a weak point IMHO. So for those in C4 management that (still) think the C4 audio side competes with Sonos (and that developing a Sonos driver would not be a really useful way to spend some time)..here is ANOTHER reason to encourage Sonos users to keep their gear and integrate it into C4.

Or is C4 going to sit back and simply wait for the competition to steal all those potential thousands of Sonos customers out there.

First "Phillips and their Pronto"

Next ..." another even better know (albeit more expensive) home automation brand in direct competition"

Then the next........

It's no good home automation companies thinking they have "ALL the answers" for all the facets of a home automation system. Home automation companies have to stay in the "Home" control business - not the "Customer" control business! Customers will in the end demand this...

Some can't use the XM radio module on the C4 tuner (because it's simply not available). Also it seems true internet radio feeds via ethernet are not an option for the C4 tuner. Correct? Then, while we are waiting, perhaps there is a way to get C4 to play and control internet radio via AppleTV.

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