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Fujitsu Mini Split Heat Pump HVAC System


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I'm unfortunately having to add a mini-split system to better acclimatize my home.  My HVAC guy likes this Fujitsu product.  I have been reading the forum and doing some research.  I don't have a definitive out of the box answer yet.  But I do see discussions about a chowmain driver, a sensibo add on, etc.  Any one have any thoughts.  I want to fully integrate it into C4.  I am trying to get the model number right now.  

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I use C4 for most of the house, Nest for Master Bedroom and Living and Sensibo for all Split units for Kids rooms. Outside US, u need an A/C per room which is extremely expensive to automate, nevertheless the integration is a nightmare as it’s complicated IR based systems.

I had to integrate my split units with a modified circuit board to match US wiring for C4 and Nest Thermostats to work.  Sensibo is incredibly great for IR based A/C and Chowmain Driver is great, never missed to work and it report correctly even if using the original remote as well not the app!

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On 7/26/2019 at 10:15 AM, time2jet said:

The Fujitsu model is ASU9RLF. I’m told you have to use their thermostat.

The OEM IR and wired thermostat is made by IntesisBox for Fujitsu.


Don't purchase the Fujitsu rebranded unit.. it will not interface with C4.

The Chowmain driver works great.  Alan responds quickly if the need arises.

Chowmain Intesis box


Sensibo is a cloud based system.. my understanding that if you loose internet connectivity.. the Sensibo will not work locally.  I have also read that the Sensibo does odd and random things.

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