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Hi. New to Control4. I have a Yamaha wxc-50. While I can control it via Control4 for  sources, volume etc. and see it in sessions when it is playing, I cannot stream to it from control4 nor group it with other zones. It is supposed to be fully integrated. Am I missing something in the configuration? Many Thanks

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Not enough info.

'Fully integrate' means that it's being completely controlled. Which it seems to be.

What we don't know is: why do you have this piece to begin with?

Is it located with all the other amplifiers?

I'll hazard a guess.

This is in a seperate room, connected to it's own speakers. You probably had it, or got it outside of your dealer.

In effect there is no physical connection between the system and the Yammie. So no, you can't use Control4 native music on it, so it can't combine in sessions either.


Honestly? Without knowing the details, I can't think of a reason to have that particular piece. What you should have is a Triad One, whcih will give you almsot everything th Yammie has, but it's fully natively integrated and allows everything you're saying you're missing now out of the box....

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It is in a separate room, connects via Ethernet and it controls speakers via variable optical. The speakers only have an optical input. I looked at the Triad One you mention but it seems to lack variable optical out. Does it support such speaker control?

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