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On 1/1/2020 at 10:32 AM, burowyako said:

Is it possible to have Control4 play an announcement when the Nest Hello button is pressed?  I thought I could do this with IFTTT, but I don't know what's possible anymore as I haven't been following the latest with IFTTT and Google integrations.

Thank you!

Any thoughts on this?

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On 1/13/2020 at 10:21 AM, BakerBalay said:

Google ceased working with IFTTT I believe, so no real way to get the Hello to work with C4 unless you add the ELK devices to pick up the doorbell press.

From my testing it doesn't work reliably at night time when the night mode is enabled. But you can just use a magnetic recessed security door contact


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On 1/15/2020 at 7:57 PM, sonic30101 said:

From my testing it doesn't work reliably at night time when the night mode is enabled. But you can just use a magnetic recessed security door contact


I just want to follow up on this as I'm wanting to do this again.

Is it possible to wire one of the relays on my HC-800 to the Nest Hello chime adapter to get this to work?  As of today, I don't have my doorbell chime working with the Nest Hello because we have plenty of Google devices in the house to announce the doorbell event.  However, I know an adapter comes with the Nest Hello so an existing doorbell chime can ding when the button is pressed as well.  I don't know if this is a big no-no or why it would/wouldn't work.

I'd love to get some fun sounds to play over the whole home audio system for the holidays.  Any help is appreciated!

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I ran into this issue described by cyknight.  I had a doorbell connected to a Control4 CardAccess ZigBee Pro Extender Wcs10-x-zp that would send a chime to all the Control4 connected speakers in the house when the standard doorbell was pressed.  I swapped out the doorbell for a Nest Hello.  The issue is the Nest Hello requires constant power so a signal was consistently being sent to the CardAccess module whenever any 'event' occurred like any sound was picked up by the nest hello mic or there was a person who walked by.  Every time that would happen the doorbell would chime.  I attempted to fix this with my pro for weeks.  We thought a Voltage 'filter' that only allowed the higher voltages of doorbell presses to pass to the CardAccess module would solve for this  and eliminate the 'ghost' doorbell chimes but it would require extensive wiring.  So I abandoned the project and simply route all the chimes through the Google minis and displays located throughout the house using Google's/Nest's native interface.  You may want to explore this voltage ceiling regulator if you'd like it to work.  Good luck.

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