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Chamberlain + Z2IO



I have a chamberlain garage opener that I have paired to a z2io and magnetic door sensor. The Z2IO is wired so that it is connected to the magnetic contact sensor and a dry contact clicker that is connected to the garage door motor.

What I want to do is the following: I would like to have a Goodnight/Nap/Stay button on some the keypads that are in the bedrooms. Ideally, the button would arm the alarm as appropriate, verify garage door status, and if open, close the garage door, and lock entry doors. Is this possible? 

The dealer could not figure out how to do this with the z2io. Anytime I pressed the programmed keypad button during testing, it would cycle the garage door,  not close or verify closed. 

I plan on getting the Home Edition and would also like to know if I could program this myself. Thanks! 

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The reason it is cycling is because that is what garage door openers do.  By itself, the clicker doesn't know the state of the door.

If the answer above doesn't work then programming needs to use a conditional from the garage door sensor...

When button is pressed

-> If Garage Door State is = Open

-> close (or toggle) Garage Door

He may be having a problem because of the driver he is using.  Should use Relay garage Door Controller (OS 2.9+)

Seriously - if your dealer can't manage this, it's time to find a new one.

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I definitely made that determination during testing of the buttons. By that point 5 hours had passed and only half of the work was done and half of the LEDs did not give status of buttons. I told them we were done for the day. The house was a new build that had this tech package which included C4, and unfortunately, that's the dealer we got. Funny enough, I actually mentioned the possibility of the driver and it was dismissed as not the issue. But hey, what do I know? Thanks for the feedback!


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Just so that you know - you can use a remote dealer anytime you like.  For a problem like this it will take a few minutes, that's all.  Your current dealer doesn't even have to know, if you still need him to finish up other work and are worried about upsetting him.

Personally, I'd cut your losses and move to a remote dealer for everything.  You will be impressed how much you can squeeze out of this hardware with the correct programming, especially if you want to learn how to do some of this via HE.

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