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Caseta Lighting- Basic system


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--->> C4 Essential Lighting <<---


The new C4 switches and dimmers are MSRP $85.00 each.

At this price point the Caseta system will be more expensive - purchase and set up of Pro Caseta hub

Furthermore I find the individual Caseta  buttons annoying.  You have to pay attention to what you are pressing where as with the "paddle" type of switch (C4/RadioRa) you can be walking by and just tap the paddle while on the go.

3 years ago when I was researching lighting switches the main choices were RA2 and C4.  The entry price was about the same, but, the aesthetics of the C4 switch did not win me over and I went with RA2.

Now that the Essential line is available without hesitation I would go with it.  You can do much more with less $$ and no hub is needed. 

I currently own all 3 systems, Caseta, RA2, and C4 lighting.  I will be removing Caseta in the near future.


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No need for the pro hub then but they aren’t much more expensive. They can be had on eBay for pretty cheap and then you would already have it should you want to integrate later.

I agree that the form factor is not my favorite. The switches are flat and it’s confusing to some of the folks in my house. They are cheap though. Dinners are very easy to find on eBay for about 40 bucks. They don’t require a neutral wire so they are very easy to install. If you are using as a stand alone, it’s the best way to go. Clear Connect is rock solid.

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Hi, I need some light switches to control a few lights.  Control4 will be overkill for my needs.  Does anybody have experience with the lutron caseta lighting?
probably will connect to alexa for some basic control.
Any other suggested system?

Caseta is the best DIY system available. Best part is that you wont be tied to a control4 ecosystem if you ever decide to move away.

Dimmers and switches can be usually found for $40-45 on ebay.
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Got the system running but need a switch (not a dimmer) that requires no neutral for a pool light.  Does such thing exist?  Any other alternative?

I think they only have a 5amp switch that doesn’t need a neutral. It’s running my kitchen cabinet lights.

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