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I have a pantry that my family only knows how to open. If my memory serves me, back in 2017, my son once actually closed it. I am OCD and at least 3 times a day close every door, turn out every non-used light, display etc and check t-stats.


Does anyone know if an automated closer for interior doors? Mine are all solid 8’ doors, so a little heavy (not crazy heavy). I’m looking to automate a close routine for the pantry based off of no motion in the pantry.



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34 minutes ago, Elvis said:

Consider an ADA compliant door closer. They are easier to open and delay closing.

Something like this, maybe? https://www.homedepot.com/p/Global-Door-Controls-Commercial-ADA-Slim-Line-Door-Closer-with-Delayed-Action-in-Duronotic-Sizes-1-4-TC411DA-DU/207017621

I actually bought one of these Jack and never installed it thinking it'd be nice to be able to do closing based on (no) motion sensing.  I might be asking too much here.  

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1 minute ago, time2jet said:

I might be asking too much here.  

Push the Envelope, yep. Would be very cool if you can make it work. Auto open/close doors have been around for a long time -- you'd think you could find something in the consumer market by now.

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Plenty of options out there. Think virtually any handicapped entrance these days. You would have to decide if the cost was worth it. Here are the options at Grainger. Some cheaper options on Amazon as well. This would be pretty easy to accomplish, just might be pricy.

Anything is possible with enough time and money.

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