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Card Access Sensor Bridge


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Ok, I'm interested. Sensors talk to the bridge but where do you go from there? C4 inerface?

This thing is unreal. I am about 80% of the way through a detailed write-up on what I have done with it and what some of the possibilities are.

Stay tuned at c4central.com. It should be done in the next few days.

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Can you answer this. . .

I've been looking at security systems, however I don't really need one. Would the sensor bridge plus the contacts be a suitable 'halfway point' to a security system? Say, if a door opens during a specified time period, all lights are set to 100%, or an announcement plays, etc.

If I chose to go with a full system, my dealer is pushing an Elk system, however for my needs (pretty average house with pretty average stuff inside), I don't want to go overboard for no reason.

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I'm not Dan, nor do I pretend to be Dan on TV...

But I've been considering doing the same thing, as I do not have a security system installed yet. I think the main benefit (and cost) of a full blown security system is the monitoring. I'm not sure if it's worth the monthly fee to have the police called if there's an alarm (or the fire department if you have smoke detectors integrated). I think an intrusion alert like you mentioned is enough to scare away an amateur. A pro will not necessarily be deterred by a full blown system, as there are many, many ways to bypass all systems.

Just my 2 cents.

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That is actually the reason I got it. I don't want a security system simply for the fact that I don't want to pay for the monitoring. I used to, but the police in my area will not respond to an alarm going off unless they can verify someone is there at the house to let them in. If we're there, we'll call 911.

I did exactly what you proposed. If my doors open while the house is in night/secure mode (can't remember what I called it) then all the lights in the common areas turn on to 100% announcements play throughout the common areas and master bedroom. That is enough to make any theif run out the door/window they just came in. You can even (I haven't done this yet) utilize the motion detectors to trigger these same events.

I look at it like Schrader. If someone wants to rob my house and have targeted me, the security system (without monitoring) won't slow them down anymore than what I have setup. Plus, this is a whole lot less money and easier to setup.

Just my opinion. I love mine, and it was literally setup in minutes. Plus, if you do this and want to add the security system later you already have the GE sensors installed through the house, just buy a Concord 4 panel and automation module - you're good to go. You wouldn't have wasted any money.

Hopefully that makes sense...I got distracted about 200 times while typing it =)

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