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Rebooting Director After Driver Update



Last night, my dealer updated the driver for my Honeywell HSIM remotely.  He told me to reboot my controller afterwards.  I did so, by unplugging the controller, waiting 10 seconds, and plugging it back in, just like usual. However, after the controller came back online, the driver version property in Composer still showed the old version (v120).  I can see the driver got updated, because the driver documentation in Composer shows the changelog for the new version (v124).  

Is there something else I need to do in order to properly power cycle the controller and activate the new driver version?  In case it matters, my main controller is an EA-5, and the Honeywell HSIM is connected to an EA-1 downstream. Do I need to power cycle the EA-1 either before or after power cycling the main EA-5?


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Rebooting the main controller is all that is necessary.  I always use 30 seconds (not 10 seconds) but that is simply habit and being conservative.  10 seconds should do the trick although you don’t want to be hard rebooting too often.

You will probably find that waiting overnight will fix everything as the driver version will appear properly.  If not, another reboot may be worth trying but it would sound more like a bug in the driver than anything else if it does not fix itself in a couple of hours (given that an update has definitely happened as evidenced by the documentation updating).

All of that is a long way of saying have some patience and it will probably sort itself out…

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@South Africa C4 user : Thanks for the advice! It is fair to say patience is not my strong suit.

The version showing in Composer hadn’t changed overnight, so I tried one more power cycle of the controller. But this time, I waited a full 30 seconds before powering it back on. When the controller came back online, the driver was finally showing the new version.

From now on, I am joining the “30 seconds crowd.”

Thanks a lot.

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