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Ring Elite POE VS Chime POE Video Doorbell


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Hey Everyone! 

I'm going to move ahead with a Control4 system. I currently have Ring Elite Videodoorbell (POE). Should I keep those and just use the Ring App to answer doorbell notifications, or should I get the Chime POE? What are your thoughts? I've heard some mixed review.


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tough call...obviously the Chime POE integrates better to the Control4 system and if you're going to have touchscreens its nice because you'll have video intercom on those.  that said, the Ring Elite POE is nice because its flush mounted, and sits in a single gang box as you know - if you cover that with a Chime, it won't be as wide as the box, so you'll need the accessory kit which is basically a black plastic plate which is wider and will cover the single gang box but in my opinion doesn't look super clean (and of course won't sit flush, as the Chime is surface mounted).

the other thing to consider is if you're going to have other standard POE/IP cameras that you'll be viewing within Control4, it is nicer to have the Chime camera show up in there alongside the rest of your cameras rather than having to use a separate app just for that.

If you decide to stick with the Ring, note that there is a driver from Blackwire which allows you to trigger programming off of the motion sense and doorbell press events on Ring doorbells and cameras...so that might be worth purchasing if you want to have the doorbell play a nice chime sound through your speaker system for example, or have lights come on when there is motion at the front door.

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C4 camera support is pretty weak for anything other than a real-time view.  The intercom support esp. to a phone is spotty - there's a whole thread of people saying it's not working for them.  For event playback, etc. you're going to be using whatever app is native to the camera, whether it's Ring, Unifi Protect, or Luma.  If you like Ring, might as well stick with that.

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