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TP-Link Deco X55


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Just moved into a new home. A 2020 build. Although it was fully wired for cable TV (coax to every room), there is no ethernet cable and no speaker wiring. I got a TP-Link Deco X55 (AX3000) (2 pack) at my brother-in-laws recommendation. "Grab a couple to use for now and you might decide you don't need to pull cat6 everywhere."

I've been impressed so far. Plugged in the PC to the second unit and got gigabit speeds out of it without a wired backhaul. And the wifi coverage (2800 sq ft, 4BR/3BA) is amazing compared the Unifi AC-Pro I had temporarily setup.

Now that I'm getting back into Control4, does Deco play nice? Still waiting on my controller and Halo to arrive.

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Control4, and smart home devices in general, don't usually play nice with any TRUE mesh/repeater setup. Not that it can't work at all, but once you start putting many devices on such a network it can start creating issues, there may be auto settings that you can or cannot change that may need to be done for reliability etc.

Oh I'll note that 'but my computer hasn't lost internet' does not mean a reliable network: once you have dozens of devices talking to each other on a network, you're looking at thousands of consecutive connections (while not accurate and usually low, you can get an estimate of the connections required going 2 to the power of {number of devices} - it will at least show how quickly it adds up) - and most consumer networking gear just isn't built (including software) to handle that. Though they're getting better now that 'IoT' is more or less in so many homes.

If at all possible, wired APs will always be the way to go. Beyond that, there is no true cut and dry 'mesh or repeater will not work' answer as such, so it might have to be a 'you'll have to try' answer.


Beyond that, it'll depend on people that have tried already and can maybe chime in.

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