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Chowmain - ELK M1 Security Panel Driver Version 2


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Chowmain releases new ELK M1 security panel driver for Control4. This driver is a brand new driver we have written from the ground up that is even better than the original M1 driver we wrote two years ago. This new driver utilises the same licencing as the original driver and as such comes at no additional cost to existing licence holders.

Elk's M1 Controls incorporate security, fire, door entry control, and energy & task management to provide total control of home or business. By working with products from over 50 partner manufacturers the M1 Gold offer a truly integrated solution. These IP accessible systems offer simple, yet powerful on-site and remote user interfaces, giving the consumer full control anytime, from anywhere.

The Chowmain M1 driver for Control4 offers extensive integration of the M1 functionality to truely expand Control4's functionality to not only security based services but also occupancy and input/output expansion for automation tasks and is compatible with both Ness and ELK M1 systems.

The Chowmain ELK M1 driver is compatible with both Ness M1 and ELK M1 systems via RS232 or IP connectivity (requires optional ELK-M1XEP Module)

Driver Features

End User Interface Features Include

  • Full support for all 8 areas
  • Large variety of arming modes - Away, Stay, Stay instant, Night, Vacation, Disarm
  • Bypass/unbypass functionality
  • Alarm Code change function (Can be disabled by Installer)
  • Virtual Function Button Support - F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6
  • Fire, Panic, Police and Medical Emergency functionality built into alarm (Requires configuration and testing by Installer).
  • Invalid User Code Feedback
  • Both detailed and simple Zone feedback options, with zone list
  • Visual feedback of Warnings and Trouble
  • History support with custom driver for display of alarm logs
  • Output Control and Feedback for all outputs (requires configuration by Installer)

Installer Features Include

  • Huge Library of events including Trouble, Function Key Feedback, Tasks and Keypad Accesses for Door Access
  • Control and feedback of Function Keys via Configurable Keypads or Experience buttons (via BUTTON_LINK / CONTACT_SENSOR)
  • Quickly Configure Push/Email notifications for major events
  • Alarm State Events, including an improved Alarm Event.
  • M1 and M1XEP version Feedback
  • Powerful logging functions via Control4 Composer History
  • User Accessible Alarm Code Modification (can be disabled by Installer).
  • M1 Counters (Requires Manual Polling by Installer)
  • Automatic Clock Sync
  • Temperature integration
  • Basic support for M1 Lighting. Lights, Relays and Dimmers integration via M1 for greater integration and Advanced Lighting Support.
  • Zone integration via Contact Closure
  • Advanced system to allow override of arming modes using custom programming or prompt for custom PIN number
  • Prompt for Custom PIN for custom commands
  • Powerful Commands are provided including:
    • Activation of Tasks
    • Bypass Zones. Unbypass Zones or partitions.
    • Change User Code
    • Display Text On Keypad
    • Function Key Presses
    • Polling/Writing of M1 Counters
    • Speak Phrases or Words
    • Panel Clock Sync
    • Toggle Outputs
    • Zone Triggers


What are the benefits of the V2 driver over V1

The list of benefits is huge, but, here are some of the major ones

  • New History / Log Interface Driver. View ELKRP Logs in realtime.
  • Completely rewritten communications system with huge benefits improving reliability and speed
  • Optimised for Core Controllers (or later) and CA-10. These Controllers are even faster
  • First time load is now significantly better on all controllers
  • Output bindings are named
  • Interact with your Keypad Function buttons in new ways using our new Button Links + Keypad Illumination bindings
  • Use Custom Ports. 2101 is no longer required
  • Huge List of New variables. Virtually limitless programming options available
  • Custom arming modes system.
  • Arming now detects open zones
  • And lots more

Why was the ELK Lock Driver Removed in V2?

  • The ELK Lock Driver requires a rewrite, and is not compatible with the new V2 driver. There is no ETA for its return. We recommend using the Door Access Events and Access Users in ELKRP instead.

Can I automatically upgrade between V2 and V1

  • Due to the major upgrades between V1 and V2, the driver upgrade is a manual process, as the drivers are designed differently.
  • The lighting drivers hare compatible with both V1 and V2, and the connection can simply be moved to the new driver.

What cool things can driver do?

  • If you are using RS232 based communications the clock on the keypads usually drift after a while. The driver will automatically sync the clock to the controller's time so that it will always be accurate.
  • The driver provides push and email notificaitons without programming for all major events. This is useful for the home owner to know who armed or disarmed the area.
  • Keypad bindings for keypad function buttons and RF keyfob buttons makes it easy to program the driver.
  • History Driver allows the customer and Installers to review whats happened in their home easily without ELKRP.
  • Perform custom arming for different arming modes. Instead of arming Vacation mode for instance, you can turn off the house, provide feedback to the user and then execute a task on the panel, for it to perform additional tasks before executing vacation mode
  • Provide Experience buttons which utilise the Keypad Function Illumination feedback to trigger actions on the alarm. Or even bind function buttons on the keypads to Configurable keypads

What module is required to connect to the panel via network

  • Whilst this module supports serial, we recommend the use of IP, using a M1-XEP module which also helps facilitate reconfiguration of the panel locally or remotely (with port forwarding or a seperate VPN server/router), without the requirement to disconnect the Control4 system. Keep in mind, whilst connected in ELKRP, Control4 cannot connect properly to the Ness M1, but will automatically try to reconnect after ELKRP has disconnected
  • The C1M1 has not been tested by Chowmain, but we have been provided feedback by users that it does operate

I'm typing the correct code, however, disarming or arming does not operate

  • In ELKRP, ensure that the "Access" permission is unticked for the user.
  • "Access" is used for door access controls instead of arming / disarming and when enabled, will treat the code as a door access attempt should not be enabled for general alarm usage or most installers.
  • If Access permissions are granted, attempts to arm or disarm the system from Control4 will not disarm the system, but instead incorrectly trigger a door access event instead.

I'm getting Keypad doesn't exist errors

Ensure every partition you control has a NESS keypad available for control4

There is missing information in the M1 interface (Zones improperly named, or other information missing).

Re-Run Auto-Setup. It may have been incorrectly interrupted

Auto-Notifications are not sending.

  • Auto-Notifications requires a 4Sight subscription.
  • Check Spam.
  • Check that your panel has been set up properly

When executing programming commands, the client is notified of "SAFE MODE" errors.

Use of Bypass, Unbypass and Arming commands require SAFE Mode to be disabled by the installer. For more information, on SAFE MODE, refer to Quickstart information provided with the driver or the full driver manual

Do you offer showroom discounts?

We offer dealers a free showroom licence for demonstration and educational purposes. See link below for T&C's and signup procedure.

Chowmain Dealer Showroom FAQ

I want to try this driver out before buying it?

All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 90 day trial.

How do I find out more information about the driver?

Please see the links below for more information about the driver.

Driver Link



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8 hours ago, C4 User said:

I know this is off topic but is the elk m1 gold a diy system? Meaning can I as homeowner install and program the system? I currently have the DSC Neo that I plan to replace. 

It is not a DIY system.

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  • 7 months later...
2 hours ago, Andrew Cruz said:

Many issues with system falling offline and coming right back online.  

We have a beta which has so far fixed this for mostly everyone. Your dealer needs to submit a ticket.

Also, if you're using the cbus m1 module, keep in mind it seems to be an issue with the module itself. Old firmware also causes issues (particularly m1xep v1.x firmware)

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Just some updated info. ELK have identified an issue which may cause an issue on some systems (particularly with our driver). We've only seen it on 2 or 3 systems so far personally. We can provide affected dealers with updated firmware that should fix it. We've been trying to track this one down for weeks / months

But it happens during some operations, and causes a loop where the driver keeps reconnecting on our stable driver (or the betas). In the latest beta of our driver though, even when the firmware issue is triggered, it no longer reconnects, but Display Diagnostics now detects when the issue has occurred.



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