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Domosapiens - Enhanced Keypad Pages Driver V11.0.0


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Announcing a new version of our Keypad Pages driver, now even more powerful:

⦁    Ability to have up to 7 ‘virtual’ pages for each keypad, thus significantly expanding the number of buttons available. 
⦁    An optional Menu page is also available for easier navigation
⦁    Pages can be selected by the user (navigation) or via Programming and Actions
⦁    Keypad LEDs are managed automatically based on the Page selected, Color properties and the state of connected devices
⦁    The keypad may automatically revert to the Menu page or to Page A after a selectable timeout
⦁    All keypad button actions and ‘clients’ are supported
⦁    (*NEW*) Slave keypads may be controlled by a master keypad so that they are synchronized 
⦁    Special normally hidden pages may be activated easily, such as Guests, Party or Support. 
⦁    An Up/Down Tracking facility is available to have the Up and Down buttons track to the last button pressed with optional LED feedback
⦁    When Tracking, an optional 8th button is available via simultaneously pressing the Up and Down buttons (Domosapiens exclusive)
⦁    A Special Double Tap facility is available to simplify Single Tap/Double Tap processing
⦁    (*NEW*) A Night Mode (activated by programming) allows the keypad to be dark until a key is pressed.
⦁    (*NEW*) The keypad’s Backlight may be managed by the driver and optionally used to indicate which page is currently active.
⦁    Page names may be specified for easier reference in Connections, Programming and Actions
⦁    An additional passthrough (ALL) Connection is always available, regardless of the Page selected
⦁    Supports the Domosapiens Keypad Load Simulator driver for simpler programming.

The driver is available on DriverCentral at: Keypad Pages

With special thanks to @South Africa C4 user for his many suggestions and his thorough testing.


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5 hours ago, C4 User said:

@South Africa C4 user would love to hear some examples of how you are using this driver.

I’ve got two main real world use cases at the moment (a few instances of each) and I am planning more.  

First use case is a double gang setup in the main open plan area of our house where the first keypad determines what area the second keypad controls (using 6 pages).  So the first keypad has the following 6 buttons:

1. Atrium

2. Dining Room

3. Lounge

4. Kitchen

5. Outside 

6. All areas

An LED on the above keypad shows which area is active. It defaults to All Areas after 30 seconds of no use.  The second keypad has the following 6 buttons:

1. Downlights

2. Rope Lights

3. Chandeliers

4. Floor Lights

5. Upstairs

6. Downstairs

The last 2 buttons are pass through buttons (so are not impacted by the first keypad) and simply turn off all upstairs / downstairs lights and have an LED to show if any upstairs / downstairs light is on.

The first 4 buttons is where the magic of the driver happens.  If one pushes kitchen on the first keypad then the LEDs on the first 4 buttons of the second keypad instantly update to show if the kitchen downlights, rope lights etc. are on / off.  One can then control (toggle) the various kitchen lights using the second keypad. Pressing the lounge button (for example) updates the LEDs on the first 4 buttons on the second keypad to show the state of the relevant lounge lights and the buttons now control the lounge lights.  My All Areas button is actually Lounge, Dining Room and Atrium (technically the inside areas) and pressing this gives feedback as to whether any downlight etc. is on in any of the areas (lounge, dining room, kitchen and atrium).  Pressing the relevant button (eg Chandeliers) turns on / off all of the chandeliers (kitchen, lounge and dining room). 

All of this is setup via the driver properties and connections so very easy for a dealer to implement quickly.

My second example uses a single keypad in my master bedroom suite and only 2 pages.  The 6 buttons are:

1. Downlights

2. Rope lights 

3. Chandelier

4. Passage Light

5. Suite off

6. Room / Suite

 Button 6 swaps the control for the top 3 buttons between the buttons controlling the room lights only or all the lights in the suite (Balcony, TV nook and bedroom itself).  Button 6 gives LED feedback on whether the keypad is controlling the Room (LED off) or the suite (LED on).  Control defaults back to room control after 30 seconds.

Pressing the Downlights button will normally turns on/off the downlights in the bedroom only.  Pressing Room / Suite and then the downlights button turns on/off the downlights in the TV area and the main bedroom (similarly for chandeliers and rope lights).  For instance, I often press the Room/suite button followed by Rope Lights no Chandeliers to turn on rope lights and chandeliers in the whole area.  

The Passage and Suite off buttons are pass through buttons which do the same thing irrespective of what page (room or suite) the keypad is on.  Again, all of this is achieved via properties and bindings.

My family have taken to the new setup and love it - particularly the first use case above.  I will be ordering new buttons for a number of the double gang keypads at both of my houses and getting a licence for the driver at my second house so that I can implement use case 1 in a number of places.  This has created a lot more flexibility for me using 2 keypads to control up to 36 loads / scenes in a fashion that my family find intuitive.!

Great driver!

Another use that I am playing around with is to use the up / down arrows to change what page of lights is controlled and use backlighting to give the relevant feedback as to what room is being controlled.

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