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Can we control two separate Buildings (Control4 systems Core-1) on same network

Dildar Hashmi



I have One home where two buildings (A & B) are separately controlling by 2 x Control4 Core-1 and they have their own Lutron QS processors. 


Option-1: Is there anyway to control "A-building" Lutron processor from "B-Building" control4 system?

Option-2: Is there anyway to control :A-Building" Core1 from "B-Building" Core-1.

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I am sure that someone with more knowledge than me can answer better than I can.

I have no idea in terms of option1.  In terms of option 2, I see two alternatives:

1. Set this up as one project with certain rooms hidden in the OSD and Touchscreens in one house and vice-versa in the others.  Alternation, if this has to (genuinely) be 2 projects for some reason then there is (or at least used to be) and river available on Driver Central which allows control of project X from project Y.

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Maybe you can describe in more detail what you are trying to accomplish and what isn't working for you.

Natively in C4 you can set up different (logical) Buildings, each with different rooms.   Physical separation isn't an issue if you have a network link.

You would have your project running on one of your controllers and the other controller(s) would just be slaves and everything will "just work."

I have two building locations about 300' apart and each has a Lutron processor (not sure, but I suspect that these are paired "behind the scenes" on Lutron side as fair as C4 is concerned--- I did not set that part up myself).  I'm on one system (CA-10 + Core5 in main house and EA-5 in other building).  All seems to work fine (including sync'ed digital music sharing between buildings, which can be handy).

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