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End user Halo Touch configuration?


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Just added a Halo Touch to my system. I’m wondering what ability I have to customize things as the end user? Some things I was hoping to replicate from my SR260…

  • The “.” button cycles through my different lighting modes.
  • The red button cycles through surround sound modes using the Denon Surround driver
  • The “#” button turns the video on my projector on and off

Are these things I can setup on the Halo myself, or do I need a dealer to do it? If the former, is it done online or via the Contro4 HE app?


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Sorry if I was unclear. I understand that those buttons don’t exist (I don’t see a red button either). My question is how best to replicate something similar, and can I do it myself or do I need a dealer. Can I create my own touch buttons to do these things? Can I program an unused button? Thanks @msgreenf!

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The red button is there. You just have to press the multi-color button and then one of the buttons lights up red and you press that. 


If you have HE you can program different options yourself. But if you don't have it then you will need your dealer to do it

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That worked perfectly. The "." and "#" commands were successfully copied to the Record and Stop buttons. Thank you!!

I also do see now that the color buttons appear after I select a source. EXCEPT, they don't appear when I select the Apple TV as my source. Is there some particular reason why this is the case?

How difficult is it to use the Custom Buttons agent to program things to be on the touchscreen? Can you nudge me in the right direction to get started? Or, would it be better for me to schedule a tutorial session?


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just go to Agents tab, then Custom Buttons agent, then add a Custom Button menu with some items, then go to programming and to Custom Buttons and program the menu options that you created.

Apple TV doesn't have color buttons on its remote, therefore they don't show up when you select apple tv.

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Thanks @chopedogg88. I couldn’t figure how to program the custom buttons agent. Thinking I’ll just email you offline and pay to have it done. 😀

Regarding Apple TV and color buttons, it seems odd that the Apple TV driver includes the option to assign commands to the color buttons. Not asking for any comment, just making an observation.

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