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Camera expert needed for Settings, GuI and thumbnails...



Hey guys,
I have struggled with camera settings for a long time and figured I would ask for help. The house has about 8 or so analog cameras and since we bought the house I have not been able to get the cameras settings to load consistently in the OSD for C4...Ultimatly it does not matter about cameras in C4 but it just something I want to have.  I just bought a Luma 310 analog DVR just to put in something different to see if it was the NVR causing the issue but that does not seem to be it. This is a different DVR and drivers so that was not it. seems like I am missing something... Some questions: 

1 - is there a trick with analog cameras and correct settings? Am I  just missing something or is this just an analog issue...
2- Can someone point me towards optimal settings for analog cameras and a Luma 310 DVR? These cameras are only about 3 MP at most and It really does not really seem to matter what my settings are sat at...

Any experts out there? Thanks for your help guys... 

I do have one more question... If I bought a 510 LUMA or something different can I use Baluns to use the existing cameras? No way I could change the wiring at this point... Thanks guys. 

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I am not even sure of the camera brands but they are older and were here when we bought the house 8 years ago. The wiring is just analog connectors with 12V power and coax cables from what I see. I will try to grab a pic and post... Thanks for your help. 

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