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NeoTV 550?


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Update: Word has it that Fry's will be the sole source of NTV550's beginning Monday Dec 13th, with limited stock (i'd heard the number quoted as "hundreds". They are taking pre'orders now.

Amazon is expected to be carrying them as is Netgear direct but Fry's is expected to be the first out with them.

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My two cents - This is probably as close to the real deal as you're going to get for the next 12 months - especially at this price point ($179). The UI on this box has been improved over the 9150 too.

If you're after a slicker front end and are comfortable with rolling your own, XBMC may be an alternative for you. Absent that, my previous statement stands.

C4 integration of the NTV550 will likely be similar to the EVA 9150 until an updated driver is released (which not unlike the current XBMC integration).

Edited to add:

If money's no object then you could of course look at something like Kaleidscape. Barrier to entry for this product now starts @ $4,999 I believe. This would qualify as the "real deal" too. If you're in this price point there are other options. The short list has been posted in other threads on this board.

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Ok my friends. I'm going to post this here since bhadams thread was the most recent.

Fry's is taking delivery on the 14th of December. Quantity estimated at <100 .

I can also confirm that a good portion of the ip control in the NTV550 is based on the 8000/9150. A base level of integration should work out of the box.

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I don't have a Fry's so I will patiently wait and see how successful we are with this product over the next couple of weeks. Thanks dgbrown.

You can pre-order at Fry's on the Internet and have it in time for Christmas :)

Thanks dgbrown,

Just ordered one. $168.99 + 2nd Day $14.49 = $184.48 :cool:

Just got tired calling around to all the local electronic stores, having people think I was crazy wanting information about a devise that not out yet.. :P

Even had one guy get cocky with me from Micro Center in Cin, OH. telling me they have it already, they have everything at their store. So I told I want to order it now and come and pick it up, then after a few second he told me "they don't have THAT unit and they are not sure when they will be getting it... Thought to myself, You dumb ass...

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:( Just got this info today,

Dear DAVID :

Thank you for your order. We apologize but the item(s) you

ordered are currently out of stock and we are unable to provide

a definite ship date at this time. However, we continually

receive new merchandise in our warehouse and we hope to fulfill

your order within the next thirty days or sooner if possible.

At this time, your order is still pending and will ship as soon

as the item(s) are in stock.

If you would prefer to cancel, change, or check the status of

your order, you may do so at anytime prior to shipment by

calling customer service at 1-(877)688-7678 (International

customers may call 1(408)350-1484, or e-mail us at

service@cs.frys.com. If you choose to cancel your order

we will provide a full and prompt refund of any charges which

you may have incurred for unshipped items.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for choosing Frys.com



Customer Service

This is always the type of luck I have...lol

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^Nice! How soon are you going to have it integrated?

I'd love to see a quick review from a Control4 user. Do you currently have an EVA8000 or EVA9150?


I do have a 9150 in the project today. I am out tonight but should have it hooked up Tuesday. Since the driver hasn't changed I am pretty sure I can just configure it and replace the 9150 with it and it should work. I will keep everyone posted.

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