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  1. Is there a way of having 2 lights track and follow each others level? Ideally both ways so that if one is changed the other follows, but the second one changes the first will follow. I have CBUS lighting (with buttons) and some Hue bulbs and I would like it so that if you change the level of the Hue in Control4 it updates the CBUS level (so that you can see it on the touchscreen) and vice versa. That way I can turn the lights on / off and up / down from either the CBUS side or the Control4 / Hue side and they will match each other. I did some programming to say that if the level changes then set the other level to match but it means that the light levels bounce up and down, especially if you hold down one of the CBUS buttons to dim smoothly. Hopefully that makes some sense to someone! Thanks
  2. Yes, that is what I had to do already. I liked the dedicated mode as the iPads are on removable charging stands and when they are sitting on them charging, they run the Control4 app. Then when they are removed so that someone can use the internet or Spotify or something else, it means they have to remember to turn off the iPad or it will just stay on until it runs out of battery.
  3. I too really miss this as it was really handy that it stopped the iPad going to sleep so was more like the C4 touchscreen. I have an iPad in every room as a remote and to keep turning it back on is a nuisance. Also, you could leave it on the cameras and see if someone was coming up the drive. The guided access is more to keep the iPad in one app but does not keep the screen turned on. Anyone know if the dedicated mode is hidden somewhere? Roo
  4. I too need this driver to cope with the extra inputs. The new models have more inputs but some of the old ones don't exist (eg PORT) and now have 'Extra 1' and 'Extra 2' so how do you select these? Thanks
  5. I am trying to find an IP driver for the new models of Onkyo AV amp, specifically the NR616. Yes, the older 609 driver works, but there are many more inputs on the newer models and many of the older inputs don't work anymore as they have been replaced with different names (eg. the old input called 'PORT' does nothing, but there is no Extra 1 or 2) so I have run out of inputs! Any idea of a solution or when Control4 will bring out an update? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the advice and I will try that later, but my first thought is that I have 8 different devices so that would mean there would be 16 if I created 2 of everything. One of the other posts says that there is a way of creating multi taps for a button on the SR-250, but it points to a thread that does not exist, does anyone have any idea of how to create this? Thanks
  7. Is it possible to setup one of the buttons on the SR-250 remote control to have a different option with double taps or multiple presses somehow? I am trying to setup a button on the SR-250 to switch between using the TV for the sound for cable, sky etc and the amp. I am ok to setup the programming for muting the TV switching sound source and so on, but to activate this I was hoping for something simpler than using the custom buttons as it is too many presses to explain to guests, is there a way to setup the SR-250 to work on a double press or multi tap (on the * button for example)? I know double presses are an option on the switches, but I was hoping for something on the remote control itself. Thanks
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