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  1. I'd love to see it for the Sony TV as well as Roku. I have both!
  2. Next time it quits working, I will try that. The DTV app will be a good test. I do know that the C4 app doesn't work but that is no surprise if the remote isn't working as it is all IP. The DTV app should be IP also so that will be a good test. Next time it happens I'll report back. Don
  3. They are wired via coax. I believe there is no network on the minis.
  4. Many times. Works for a while but then eventually stops working. I should note that it will intermittently start working again too. it's a total guess as to when it works and when it doesn't.
  5. I recently started having this issue regarding IP control and wondering if anyone else sees this? I have a Genie (not the newest Genie 2) with minis in the bedrooms. Every once in a while (intermittently) the minis will stop responding with the C4 remote (IP control.) However, the original DTV RF remote will control the room just fine when this happens. If I turn on the TV in the room with the Genie, the minis will start responding via the C4 remote. The behavior seems as though the genie stops responding to IP control. All power settings are set to not sleep. I've even gone as far as to
  6. Ever since 3.1.1 where they've removed the default password, my Domotz software isn't able to log in and I can't use it to reboot the devices. Does anyone have a workaround? Thank you for your help!
  7. Here's one I created but it's not working... When Tidal is selected, the Roku doesn't switch to the Tidal app from whatever it's on. Basically it does nothing. It's almost like the application ID isn't right but it's the ID that composer shows when Tidal is selected through the Roku app. The ID I'm using is 294792. Any help is appreciated. Thank you, Don roku_tidal.c4z
  8. Looks like it's 294792 from within composer.
  9. Does someone think they could create one for Tidal on Roku? It would be incredibly appreciated!
  10. Now that there is a Tidal app for the Roku, has anyone created a mini driver for it? Thank you, Don
  11. Joel, Just wanted to let you know that this driver was a HUGE help. Works great! Don
  12. The v2 app for the iPhone and iPad had a dedicated mode that would stop the device from sleeping so you could use it as an always on controller. Did I miss something ... did they remove that functionality from v3? Don
  13. Joel, I think that worked! After a reboot I had to re-enter some of the server credentials but they finally stuck. Thank you for that!! It's been years of dealing with that darn driver! Don
  14. Wanted to let everyone know that deleting the driver, rebooting and reinstalling worked. However, they still haven't fixed the problem where the cameras have to be re-identified (reselected) after the controller reboots. This has been a problem for years! I know there aren't a lot of people with this problem but it would be WONDERFUL if C4 could fix it! (And I've tried everything to fix it... deleting the driver, deleting the driver file on the controller, re-downloaing it, reinstalling, etc. and nothing works) Don
  15. I have to agree with everyone here... The only real reason I got an Apple Watch was for the C4 app but it Never worked reliably. I tried every suggestion I found and nothing worked - just kept rebooting itself. Well, about a week before I upgraded my system to 3.0, either apple or C4 must have done an update and it started working. I got to use it for a week and now it's not supported. I vote for Watch support in 3.0. Don
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