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  1. https://www.alarmrelay.com Very happy with the service - not C4 knowledgeable but don't need to be. Sounds like you already have it integrated to C4. They provide the alarm service that will call the police if tripped for a good price. Don
  2. Just wanted to see if there was anyone who had the same issue and/or got it resolved?
  3. Haveitall we went right to deleting the driver and adding it back in. That resolved the problem. I don’t know if that was necessary though. Try just reselecting the roku device in the driver first. Don
  4. I would LOVE to see a way to better organize items in composer. Being able to associate drivers that relate to the others such as outlet drivers connected to wireless outlet dimmers or mini drivers added for the Roku main driver would be great. For example, if the outlet drivers could be indented under the wireless outlet drivers so you know those three are all associated would make everything much more clear. Hopefully that makes sense. Don
  5. Does anyone have an answer for this? Every time I have to reboot my controller, I have to re-associate each camera using the pull down menu in composer. I know that this has been an issue for some for a long time (including me) and just wondering if there was absolution? We've tried deleting the driver and adding it back in with no luck. Thank you, Don
  6. I have heard of some people experiencing the 260 remote sleeping and not waking up problem. Has anyone found a solution? I have 5 remotes and 2 of them do it very consistently. I am on 2.10.4 and this has been happening for a couple OS versions. I have one remote where I can use it, set it down, pick it up in 5 min and it won't wake up. I have to re-seat the battery and reboot it. The battery is fully charged on the docking station, docking station setting is on, I've factory reset it, we've removed it from the project and added it back in. Nothing seems to make a difference. The screen isn't just dim, it's off. Any luck fixing it or is it an RMA? Thank you, Don
  7. I wanted to see if anyone has experienced similar issues - maybe there's a simple solution? I'm using the Plex Full driver on a Roku Ultra box. Everything was installed and working perfectly until last week or so when Roku updated their UI. Previously, hitting Plex Control on the remote would switch to Roku and launch the Plex app with full direction and selection control. Once Roku updated their software, now when I select Plex Control, the Plex app is launched on the Roku but control is dead. I can't move or select anything. However, if I go to the Roku driver on the remote, I can launch the Plex app and have full control as normal - so communication isn't broken and all IP's are right. I've tried rebooting everything with no luck and nothing has changed in the software. Overnight it stopped working. Hopefully there is a quick fix or a software update? I do have the driverCentral cloud driver set to autoupdate. Any help is appreciated. Don
  8. I have a question/need some help. My dealer installed the newest version (1010) and it is working generally. However, I have 3 Kwikset locks that are reporting battery levels of n/a. I also have 3 axxess motion sensors that are now showing up but the battery levels aren't being reported. We even updated the axxess to the latest version of their driver. Reboots. Updated C4 to the latest sub-version. Reboots. Nothing. Screen shots attached. Any suggestions are appreciated...
  9. South... Thank you for that. I do see all of the system variables (essentially snmp variables) in that agent. I wonder if Domotz is compatible with this v2.10 due to this change? Anybody know?
  10. We're trying to get Domotz working on my system. It's working, however, the zigbee tab will not show up. I've been working with Domotz tech support and they say it won't show because my Hc800 isn't responding when entering the following oid... below is the output of snmpwalk: However, snmp is running on the box and it will respond to the following: Domotz support says that the reason I'm not getting the zigbee tile is that the first command isn't returning any results. I've tried everything I can think of including reboots, starting/stopping snmpd service, etc. Even the snmp.conf file looks default with the line: sysObjectID One thing I noticed is that I don't have (can't add because it's missing) the SNMP agent any longer. I remember on older OS's like 2.7 and 2.8 there was an SNMP agent. I'm on 2.10 - did the agent go away? Or is that the problem? Any idea on how I can get it back? I found the agent files on the HC800 box and the snmp agent file is not there but all the others are. Any help is appreciated.... Don
  11. This is the problem I'm trying to solve. Cinegration mentioned the new version of the driver would be on drvivercentral.io but it is not yet.. Where can I find it? I'm paid for the driver and I can't get one that sees my Axxess motion sensors. Please...?
  12. Where can we find the newest version of this driver?
  13. So, do you think there's a possibility you can post the driver here? We looked on drivercental.io and the revision history only has version 1002 when you even posted 1003 here. I'm a paid customer of this driver and would like to get the newest version as even the 1003 version wasn't detecting my axxess motion sensors. You've moved away from houselogix so it won't auto-update? But if you can post it here I can get my dealer to install it. Please...?
  14. Cinegration, Is it possible to post the newest version of the driver so we can get it included? The last version here was 1003 and you mentioned there was another change. I don't see the new version anywhere...? Thank you! Don
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