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  1. This counts for the Gen 1 Echo "DOT" as well? I hope your partner finds a suitable solution in November.
  2. @chopedogg88 how are things? are you making any progress? we miss our alexa
  3. Any progress ? My kids are lost without Alexa 😂 Alexa turn on kids... daddy nothing happens!!! 😓
  4. Not sure what this information tells us? (or it might be just me hehe)
  5. Nice to see things are working on OS3.x but what about us using HC800's HC250's etc running 2.10.6 using V180 or V110 of the driver? My echo's have updated to the latest version, so .. now what?
  6. I am using a Gen 2 and Gen 3 with V180 on a HC800 stacked with version 2.10.6 and they don't work. I haven't seen a post yet stating that this is working again?
  7. Any advice on what Wireless Motion Sensor is best or better? http://axxind.com/automation/motion-sensor/specs.php? As to your 'conclusion' there's no solution with the WMS10-2-ZP? Just tough luck?
  8. I am not enabling that via SSH. The controller will automatically restart the ZAP or ZSERVER whenever you kill those.. so no But, I just found out that my WMS10-2-ZP only wants to connect VIA my 6-button keypad (KPZ-6B1, which acts as a router as well). Unfortunately this keypad is in the attic and the WMS is in our livingroom leaving it on a very bad ZigBee connection. Then it goes offline within 30 mins or so. The unit just doesn't want to connect straight to my HC800. Even my other WMS is connected via a Dimmer switch (which acts as a router as well) from Axxess Industries.
  9. What should be my problem? I am experienced on Composer Pro, but there's no option for "Tail -f" to see the actual logging steps.
  10. Yes the ZAP is running on the HC-800 and ALSO on the HC-250 (which I shutdown for further HC-800 testings) I am using Composer Pro, but I am more on the command line I've ssh'ed into the controller
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