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  1. Any progress ? My kids are lost without Alexa 😂 Alexa turn on kids... daddy nothing happens!!! 😓
  2. Not sure what this information tells us? (or it might be just me hehe)
  3. Nice to see things are working on OS3.x but what about us using HC800's HC250's etc running 2.10.6 using V180 or V110 of the driver? My echo's have updated to the latest version, so .. now what?
  4. I am using a Gen 2 and Gen 3 with V180 on a HC800 stacked with version 2.10.6 and they don't work. I haven't seen a post yet stating that this is working again?
  5. Any advice on what Wireless Motion Sensor is best or better? http://axxind.com/automation/motion-sensor/specs.php? As to your 'conclusion' there's no solution with the WMS10-2-ZP? Just tough luck?
  6. I am not enabling that via SSH. The controller will automatically restart the ZAP or ZSERVER whenever you kill those.. so no But, I just found out that my WMS10-2-ZP only wants to connect VIA my 6-button keypad (KPZ-6B1, which acts as a router as well). Unfortunately this keypad is in the attic and the WMS is in our livingroom leaving it on a very bad ZigBee connection. Then it goes offline within 30 mins or so. The unit just doesn't want to connect straight to my HC800. Even my other WMS is connected via a Dimmer switch (which acts as a router as well) from Axxess Industries.
  7. What should be my problem? I am experienced on Composer Pro, but there's no option for "Tail -f" to see the actual logging steps.
  8. Yes the ZAP is running on the HC-800 and ALSO on the HC-250 (which I shutdown for further HC-800 testings) I am using Composer Pro, but I am more on the command line I've ssh'ed into the controller
  9. My HC800 (livingroom) is running the ZigBee ZSERVER2 and the ZAP (coordinator) process. Running on version I can't get the WMS10-2-ZP device to pair with the server... Looking at the logfiles: /var/log/debug/zserver.log home-controller-800-000xxxx [3500] ERROR: (3570) Cant perform any mesh functions without a zap home-controller-800-000xxxx [3500] ERROR: (3933) zap_client 192.168.0.x:7910 had an exception. Error: Could not initialize the security state : EMBER_INVALID_CALL The zap service is running 100%! I am trying to add a WMS10-2-ZP to the HC800 ZigBee mesh (Wireless Motion Sensor, previously branded under CardAccess) I also have a HC250 running the ZigBee and ZAP service (based in the attic) The WMS10-2-ZP will connect to the ZigBee mesh created by the HC250. I've unpowered the HC250 to get a sole connection to the HC800. And yes I've done the UNmesh for this WMS10 to be sure it's back at factory default. For example when I disconnect my SR-250 from the HC800 I can easily reconnect it. I rebooted the HC800 several times.. no luck there. Any ideas?
  10. Hi, You can 'easily' make your own camera driver using DriverWorks. I've created one that works specifically for my own setup. Using a UVC-G3 as a 1080P camera. To my opinion two things are important for using it within C4. The Cam UUID for creating the Snapshot view and realtime RTSP stream. I've got them both working.
  11. Thanks for your reply, but that's not it. The controller is registered. I also did all the previous updates without any problems. Update: fixed it... It seemed the controller was having problems in resolving the web service address, so I entered the google dns entries ( instead of my router's gateway address.. Update is currently running!
  12. I am trying to get to, but I am receiving the following error... "Web service soap call failed. Error was: Unable to connect to the Web Service. Verify network connections and try again. Fault = Try Again Unable to authorize update. Connection to the authentication server failed: licenseUrl = https://services.control4.com/Security/v1_0/Licensing.asmx?wsdl, targetVersion =, myVersion =, myCommonName = control4_hc800_myMACaddress, rc = 28 Any idea?
  13. Thanks! I did spent some time on this as well. We are running the Homebridge software on a ESXi virtual OSX Yosemite platform and having the accessory added with the Elgato Eve app. It's a cool thing to speak with Siri and have Control4 follow up the instructions. It's about time Cheers!
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