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  1. Subscribing to this post as I've had two T3's go this way in the space of 2-3 months myself. First was sent for repair at C4 at a fixed cost of £260, they couldn't fix it and sent out a brand new replacement. That one was a wall mount using PoE, but I now have a 2nd gone the same way which is a wifi portable unit.
  2. Ive had two T3's go this way in the last few months... In my examples, both T3's went through a 24-48 hour period of constantly crashing when completing boot up and restarting, before finally just getting stuck at the C4 icon / post screen. Dealer talked me through the reset pin process and I got a slightly different icon on screen (something like boot cannot load) and the dealer tried to re-flash the device remotely, but couldn't access it. They picked it up and tried to connect it to the system at their showroom, no joy. Next option was to send it to C4 for repair at a fixed cost of £
  3. You're still avoiding my question! Also, that page was quite useful to see the status of the system and the touch panels, shame it's gone, I'm sure there was a more elegant solution than binning it.
  4. Lots of electrical work going on requiring shutting down of the electricity supply. Not always required because of problems with the system. Not a fan of just pulling the plugs on computers. Besides, why should I have to wait for a dealer to be able to reboot a device if it's not behaving??? Any chance you can help with the question rather than redirecting?
  5. Seems to be a bit of a drastic response. Would have been easy to come up with an alternate installation specific password. I've had a look around ComposerHE and can't see an option to reboot EA's. Anyone have any other options?
  6. Bummer, what's the reasoning for that?! Any way for me to close down / reboot equipment gracefully now then?
  7. Hi, Recently had an upgrade to latest OS3 version after a visit from my dealer (3.1.3 I think). Previously I used to be able to use a browser to connect to the IP address of my EA5 or EA1's and login using the non secret password where you can see the status of the controllers / touch screens etc. In particular, if I needed to shut down or reboot any of the EA's gracefully (eg for work on mains circuits) I could do this here, however since the upgrade, the EA's seem to only show a page regarding open source licenses being used by the EA units. Where's the old status / reboo
  8. Im not sure on the Infratech specs, but if there are two circuits (high and lo), then there will need to be 2 feeds, each providing half the power of the unit, so 4000W unit, two feeds of 2000W. I have a 6kW unit (not infra tech but another brand) which utilises two circuits at 3kW each, roughly 13Amp. We have these controlled by a C4 8 channel 16Amp relay. There are 4 inputs that can be wired on the unit, each with 2 outputs (that's the 8 way), each input can handle up to 16Amps across the two outputs related to it. So we wired, one 3kW heater feed to one of the first pair, and the se
  9. Thanks all, helpful responses. The ramp / led piece I guess is the obvious difference and possible snappy operation. I like the idea of consistency across different locations. we primarily have the switches in the bedrooms, but one also in the hallway by the front door which operates the garage doors, gates, house off and we all struggle to remember which is which already! i need to sit and think through what we need. thanks also for the tip on removing a binding by using the layout option.
  10. Composer HE used here... So I’m still fiddling with the purposes of each of my buttons on my C4 Physical lighting switches. for buttons that don’t have anything assigned I can add programming in HE to do what I want. However if I want to unassign a button that turns a light on currently, there doesn’t appear to be anything I can see or do to achieve this. is this what is referred to as binding and only possible in Pro? if so, would it make sense to ask my dealer to remove all the light switch bindings and replace them with programming so that I can re -assign when I want t
  11. Hot water already covered. Ground source heated (electric) driven by 25kW of solar panels.... The matrix is using 3.6kWh a day unmanaged... or 25.2kWh a week, 109.2kWh a month. At Uk rates of 15p per kWh (and rising), it costs 55p a day, £3.78 per week or £16.38 per month, roughly £200 per year. The rest of the full rack uses 500w, there’s little I can do about this without sacrificing function, but the matrix is inefficient and idle. Home Automation (or building control systems) were always supposed to be as much about economy as well as convenience.
  12. Just a heads up. Our Texecom Elite 168 panel had to be downgraded to a Texecom Elite 88 panel before the C4 integration stabilised. Not sure if anyone else has successfully got a 168 working?
  13. First off, Im an end user with ComposerHE (yeah I know...) So I have a Leaf LU862 HDMI matrix in my rack, connected via a Powerpak 8i. This thing runs at 150W all day long and there is no standby option / power management which is frankly a bit crap. I started off by tying in alarm events (arming / disarming) with controlling the Powerpak Outlet for the matrix. Obviously with this approach, I have to accept that it takes 2-3 minutes for the HDMI matrix to come back online in the project and any operation of TV's before that time may be met with no picture and having to room off and
  14. Have 5 SX switches and a PDU in my install for over a year now. Don't think I've ever experienced them resetting themselves to their default IP addresses.
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