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  1. Will take another look. It seems the sky volume level is well documented on the internet with no on board fix. Thanks for confirming.
  2. The leaf is just being used to switch hdmi sources, so straight to tv’s in the rooms and receiver in the cinema. Problem exists on all tv’s because the sky output volume is low.
  3. Hi, i have a sky box as one of the sources in my whole house system. The volume level on the sky box is significantly lower than other sources which can be a real pain when switching between sources in the same room as the volume will belt out when switching from sky to something else. on AV amps I’ve seen settings to allow the volume to be adjusted on each source, can the Leaf 862 do something similar? Are there any other solutions? Thanks
  4. I know this won’t help, but I’ve been having similar unreliability in the scanning of new content. Eg, scheduled scan not updating with new content, manual scan from Composer Media Edition not working (initial message in the status bar that I can’t remember followed by director status idle). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m going to get my dealer to check the Ea5 dns settings to make sure they are pointed to the router and not google.
  5. Your view is probably correct regarding When > Then. I wasn't aware what it's intention was, any cross over (or lack of) with HE (or anything else) but as an un-educated end user, my default assumption was that you can do something useful with it, just that my interpretation of useful was somewhat higher than When > Then is intended for. Given the remit you've indicated, I guess it works and fulfils it and it just goes to confirm that it's not for me and that I will want to go down the HE route. The dealer has been really helpful so far, in fact, whenever I suggest why I might want to do something in HE, they typically go ahead and do it for me. But once everything is dusted and I get to grips with the capability we have bought into, I will want to add programming of my own.
  6. I get that it’s a simple wysiwyg setup for end users, but a simple “if” statement is a basic requirement. I guess it can at least be used to change which light a button turns on. i have already mentioned HE to my installer but don’t intend to purchase it until the installer has managed to complete / resolve all the initial issues / bugs.
  7. Shame they didn’t just remove the When > Then if there were problems with that piece of functionality. is there another way for me to check if the cpu has gone up if and when my system goes haywire? SNMP?
  8. As an end user, I used to be able to login to the EA5 as an End User to see the status of the director (CPU / Memory usage etc). With this update, this seems to have dis-appeared and the login screen no longer gives an option to select which type of user login you want to use and only has a password box. Anyone got any info on if this has been purposely removed, or do I need to access it some other way?
  9. That's indeed a handy feature, so I will be asking my CI to adjust programming items that I may want to manage myself in the future but get them to leave items that are more complex / integral to the operation of our automation locked. With that said, as an end user, I still see that When > Then has no ability to add "If" conditions, a pretty basic requirement of programming, so I still can't see me making any use of it for *automation*, control maybe....
  10. Thanks for that. I find it hard to believe that Fortinet wouldn't patch any issues with VLAN's not communicating, that's a pretty fundamental feature of the router. We do use VLAN's so will have to be cautious here. We were running on 5.4 and Pakedge advised downgrading, but didn't really give any reasons why or evidence of the problems they were finding on the network. We were experiencing problems whereby plugging the LEAF 8x8 matrix into the network was causing the Pakedge PDU power lights to shimmer and lock up. It was also causing the router and EA5 CPU to go up to around 50%. None of this has been explained, but a factory resets of the video matrix and router (including firmware downgrade) have been conducted and the issue appears to have gone away. I'm somewhat frustrated that I can't take advantage of some of the newer features / reporting / interface on my 60D that is new, but running 2.5 year old firmware.
  11. Hi Codeman. whilst the k60d is a Pakedge router, it is in fact a badged Fortinet 60D. the reason I ask is that my router was supplied with firmware 5.2.1 which is over 2 years old and there are numerous firmware revisions since but my CI / Pakedge support have said that they don’t support later revisions, so I wanted to see if there was a documented list anywhere. thanks
  12. I know this is an old thread, but I have a K60D, and I'm keen to understand what Firmware versions are support / tested for Control4? Is there a link to where the original information was retrieved from in this post?
  13. Hi Eddy, thanks for the reply. I’ve not seen the router screens either, but some YouTube videos seem to show that all the features are there. thanks for the offer on the 2nd hand unit, but I’m in the UK so it probably doesn’t make sense logistically. I’ve told my CI to place the order here now too. cheers Barry
  14. Im considering this router over the Pakedge RE-2. I am aware that this is a badged Fortinet 60D. The Pakedge documentation suggests it has its own Pakedge UI for simplified / preconfigured zones etc. My question is, is the full capability of the Fortinet 60D available either in this GUI or by having access to the original Fortinet UI or is this a preconfigured and "locked down" router?
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