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  1. I happen to have a brand new Axxess Doorbell Relay that has been sitting in a drawer for over a year. Can anyone give me a hand in how to integrate this into my system? My existing setup is a standard doorbell with a transformer, wired chime, and lighted doorbell button. My goal is to integrate that setup into my system using the Axxess Relay so that I can program off of doorbell button press. Can this be done? Feel free to PM me if that's easier.
  2. I find it useful, especially since I do most of the vacuuming in our house. I actually set up so that you need to press and hold the button for two seconds in order to trigger it. Avoids accidentally turning on all the lights by mistake.
  3. Vacuum mode is nice. Press - takes a snapshot of current lighting state, then turns on all lights. When done double tap to return to last state.
  4. Just did this myself with no issues. Downloaded HE from Customer portal.
  5. Are you saying that you can use switches on both ends of a 3-way instead of using one switch and one Aux?
  6. Anything on the horizon for similar functionality with Amcrest driver?
  7. Feels like either: (a) the IR port on the EA is broken, or (b) the IR codes for the device have somehow been erased from my system.
  8. Thanks @Matt Lowe. I attempted to do that just now and it did not respond as intended. Here's the program script: Thinking that Ea3 may have lost the IR codes, does that sound possible?
  9. I need some remote assistance with an issue I'm having with an IR driver. This issue came up right after I upgraded to OS3.1.0: The television in our Master Bedroom is an older Visio model that does not have discrete IR codes for HDMI1 / HDMI2. We currently use a Roku Ultra and a Fios Box in this room (these components are both physically located in my equipment rack in my Rack Room). These devices are connected to the HDMI switcher, a Monoprice Blackbird 4K 3x1 HDMI 2.0 Slim Switch model 115262, which is named “Master Switch” in my project tree. Under our setup we have the Fios box connected to HDMI1 and Roku connected to HDMI2 of the switcher and the Switcher HDMI output connects via a patch cable to the back of my Vizio to HDMI 1 (see diagram). When I select the source (“Watch Fios” or “Watch Roku”) from my remote or navigators, the HDMI switcher no longer toggles the input from Roku to Fios and vice versa. Prior to my upgrade to OS 3.1.0, this process worked flawlessly. - When we originally set this up, we created a custom IR driver to control the HDMI switch and used the Monoprice-provided remote control to teach the IR codes to my EA3. - When we noticed this issue, I took the following troubleshooting steps: (1) I tested the HDMI switcher using the IR remote that came with it and the switch does respond to its remote. (2) I looked at the IR bud that connects from the EA3 (IR port #6) to the HDMI switcher and note that the IR bud does not flash when a command is sent (“Watch Fios” / “Watch Roku”). (3) I replaced this IR bud with a new IR bud and tested it again; still no flash when C4 initiates a command. All other functionality within this integration works (SR-260 controls TV, Roku, Fios) without issue. Feels like I need to take a look at that custom IR driver and potentially re-teach / re-learn the codes? Interestingly, we have a similar setup in another room using the Blackbird 4k Monoprice switch and it is functioning perfectly both before and after the upgrade. Thanks, in advance to anyone willing to assist with this!
  10. You'll log into your Ecobee account and go to the proper screen to retrieve the API, write it down and text it to him. Like Mitch says, you don't have to give him your creds.
  11. Hi, looking for someone that can sell me an Axxess Relay / Contact Sensor model RCS-C4ZB-H2-21. Short story is I fried mine attempting to hook my doorbell button up to it and cooked it. Lesson learned! Please pm me if interested.
  12. Hi everyone, I have a useful programing idea that I'd love some thoughts on if anyone is in the mood to put their programing hat on. I have Ecobees installed / integrated in my home and I use the Ecobee scheduler to set the heat set points for each of the standard Ecobee "home" / "away" / "sleep" comfort modes. For sleep mode I have the heat set point at 67 degrees. On particularly cold nights, I'll manually override the 67 degree set point by a degree or two before jumping into bed for the night. I'm trying to think of a way to program this to happen automatically so that on mild evenings the Ecobee Sleep mode stays at 67 degrees and on the cold nights, it gives me a much needed boost without me having to remember to override it. One would think that I could just as easily change the comfort mode heat set point to 68 or 69 degrees and be done with it, but those one to two degrees do make a difference throughout the volatile Northeast heating season. Last year I modified the comfort mode set point several times up and down throughout winter and it started to become a pain in the arse. Here's what I've thought of so far: - Create a variable "outside temp less than 35 degrees" - Program based off of Ecobee thermostat state: when outside temp changes / if outside temp is <= 35 degrees set variable to true; if outside temp >= 36 degrees set variable to false. Now I just need to figure out the logic for how the thermostat responds to the true / false state of the variable. Initially I thought: when variable is true: increment heat set point by 1 degree. Then I realized that each time the outside temp state changes I could incrementally increase the set point by another degree and wake up in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat. Anybody have any ideas on how to do this right? Also, how would I program the stat to revert back to the baseline comfort mode heat set point (67) once the variable state changes back to false? This theory, if perfected, could also be applied to other comfort modes like "home" or "away" to boost the heat on cold days and nights without me ever having to put pants on, which was the number one reason I bought a Control 4 system, to alleviate the need for pants. Thanks everybody in advance for your ideas. Let me know if you have any questions.
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