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  1. Hey there C4 Peeps, I'm looking into installing the Leak Defense System by Sentinel Hydrosolutions in my house and wanted to ask if anyone has ever used or integrated this system with Control4. I did some searching on the forum here and was unable to find anything on this specific product. For those unfamiliar, this product is designed to detect water leaks from your plumbing system, like a busted water heater, and then shut off the water at the main to avoid a catastrophe. Couple reasons I'm leaning toward this brand as opposed to one of the ones that's been discussed on the C4 Forum is: (1) (most compelling) it's the brand my plumber uses and recommends, (2) the system is based off of water flow, as opposed to specific location sensors (the theory being that a sensor-only based system will only take action if water hits one of the sensors), (3) the system can be used remotely to turn the water on or off / notifications, scheduling, etc, and (4) the system does indeed provide for the use of location sensors if desired, so I think they cover all the bases. Anyway, I'm planning to reach out to the company to ask some C4-specific questions, but other than "does it work with C4?" I'm not quite sure what to ask them specifically to help them help me. They advertise that there is an API module available to interface with my alarm panel, so I'm thinking there is a solution here to be found. Would someone who may have had experience with this brand please give me your thoughts? If no one is familiar, please give me some ammunition to go back to the company with to confirm if this product will interface with C4. Finally, any thoughts on this flow-based approach as opposed to the sensor-based approach would be greatly appreciated as well as any other general commentary. Thanks, everyone, have a great weekend.
  2. Try doing a hard reboot of the TV. Unplug it, wait two minutes and then plug it back in and power up.
  3. Thank you, former Galactic President. Side question - do you run yours year round? Seems like heating that thing during the height of winter would be quite costly.
  4. Hello C4 Peeps. Does anyone have experience integrating an outdoor Jacuzzi brand spa with Control 4? Can it be done? Is it worth the trouble? We are in early stage planning and are considering something from the J-500 trim line. Jacuzzi has a proprietary smart tub platform called "ProLink" [https://www.jacuzzi.com/en-us/hot-tubs/products/accessories/prolink-app] to connect with your tub via an ios or android app via wifi. Looks like the functionality that we'd want, so should I even bother trying to integrate? What benefit is gained by integrating this functionality with C4, if it is even possible to do so? Thinking this through as I write... From experience, I integrated my Ecobees last year via a paid driver and have seen marginal benefit. I can pull up various info on navigators, toggle on/off, override temp, etc, and do some light programming (IFTTT), but the most compelling feature of the Ecobee, IMHO, the comfort setting scheduler, is achieved outside of C4 through the native app and all of the preceeding can be accomplished via the Ecobee app. So net-net, I got very little for the price paid for the (now free) driver. Would really appreciate any shared experience on this topic. In the way of general background, we do not have a swimming pool at this time. Thanks, in advance for your thoughts!
  5. Does anyone have a contact at Axxess that they could hook me up with? I have a unique problem and could use some assistance. Thanks.
  6. Modem EA3 Qnap 2 STB’s (because they take long to reboot) POE switch (cameras and access points) i have a standby generator so my UPS is there only to bridge the 10 second delay between power loss and generator startup. Works flawlessly. Non essentials are on Wattbox and I don’t use any of the monitoring software.
  7. I use the Ecobee and have it integrated with C4. Only real everyday values, in my opinion, from integration are: (1) the ability to view room temps through navigators, (2) ability to override current comfort settings (temp up / temp down) through navigators, and (3) ability to turn HVAC on or off (or from heat to cool) from navigators. By “navagators” I also mean to include the C4 app and the Sr-260. These functions are all things you can accomplish outside of C4 through the Ecobee app. I used the native ecobee scheduler to set my comfort schedule and haven’t had to change my schedule or settings much. The ecobee Smart Home feature is nice because the room sensors can detect when we are home during a scheduled away and set temps accordingly. I understand you can do some limited programing through Composer HE but I haven’t really played much with that. Bottom line IMHO, the native Ecobee app and scheduler is perfect for my needs and the C4 integration isn’t critically necessary. I’m sure other, more experienced, forum members have opinions on this topic as well. Best of luck.
  8. Is this regarding Composer HE? If so, search the forum for the topic “director could not authenticate” and you’ll find a couple of long and heated posts about this. There was an issue this summer that affected all of us. There is a patch to download that fixes it. Hoping this helps you.
  9. Thanks Mitch. Called Blackwire Support and they referred me to Axxess tech support. Lobbed a call and an email. Hope to hear back from them but as an end user might get stonewalled.
  10. Hi everyone, for my next trick I’d like to integrate my doorbell. I currently have a traditionally wired doorbell with a wired doorbell button, transformer, and chime. I’m looking to integrate this setup to do fun stuff like send push notifications, activate lighting scenes, play announcements and all the other wonderful things we C4 junkies enjoy. I have acquired an Axxess Chime Relay and wanted some guidance on how to wire it. The instructions provided by those Canuks at Axxess only contemplate wiring this relay along with a wireless doorbell button so I’m not sure where to stick this thing (don’t say it!). As always, thanks in advance for your thoughts, I love this forum and I’m grateful for the people here that take the time to help goofballs like myself figure this stuff out.
  11. Not sure why, maybe one of the OS updates, but I kind of lost my Roku channels on my SR-260. Used to be able to press watch...."PLEX", or watch..."Netflix". Now there is a sub-menu: Watch Roku Channels....then pick the ap. It was annoying so I hid them and just watch Roku and launch from Roku home screen.
  12. Sonos is now up to snuff, too! Thanks so much!!! I got my life back
  13. Holy crap that got the wifi going....THANKS so much sonic30101!! I'll now attempt to repair the sonos. Tune in for results.
  14. Good morning my C4 brothers and sisters. I have gotten out over my skis once again and could use some help if possible. Here is the background: A few weeks ago I tore down my rack and redid it - reason: needed to make room for a UPS and a few other items (like the HDMI switcher discussed on the boards) + original installer was a major wire slob. Since the redo I’ve had some gremlins and can’t figure out how to fix. Here are the issues: 1. Terrible WiFi speed - prior to the redo my WiFi was Turbo-charged all over the property, now when I run speedtest I get <10MB/s download speeds on the WiFi - slower than 4G! Note that LAN speedtest yields 75-80MB/s downloads and 90 upload. 2. My surround speakers in my theater (Sonosance in ceiling connected to connectamp) are not connected / detected - either when playing music or when tv surround is on. I will get into my gear in a second but first wanted to ask if this is something that can be troubleshooted remotely or if I should get someone over the house to fix. My remote dealer tried a few things to troubleshoot the WiFi remotely like rebooting gear, pinging APs changing WiFi channels, etc. Seems like the gear is speaking to each other efficiently through the lan, but the WiFi radio waves are compromised somehow. I realize this may be a tough one and more info may be needed to help, I’m happy to provide more info as needed and THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE for any guidance here.
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