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  1. Not much programing required on C4 side. Had dealer install My Music (DLNA). Installed Twonky Media server on my NAS, which is where my personal music library resides. Using Composer HE, I went into My Music (DLNA) properties and selected my server from the drop down menu and my music appeared on my controller. Using DLNA eliminates the need to for C4 to scan your music folders for new updates as the media server on your NAS will do that on it's own. Very happy with it.
  2. By no means an expert, but with my QNAP setup, I don't need to enter my credentials into C4. I use Twonky as my media server and enter my NAS credentials there.
  3. If you feel like investing $100 you can get a Kasa HS110 energy monitoring smart outlet and program it to fire off a tune when the energy meter reads below a threshold level. That's how I did my washer.
  4. Not to one-up @Don Cohen's beautiful work, but today I automated my speakers to play the refrain from "Who Can it Be Now" when someone pushes the doorbell and also programed my washing machine to play the opening riff from "The End of the Line" when the cycle is finished. Go me.
  5. I’m actually a little disappointed that we didn’t get more fireworks with the VoIP vs. Voip sub-category. We are overdue 😂
  6. Found the queue - you tap the artist icon in now playing.
  7. OK, so got my Triad One up and running on Friday night and have been super pleased with the performance. The sound quality has been superior to Sonos in my opinion, especially after tweaking the built-in multi-band EQ settings. Sonos simply had bass and treble adjustments and sounded a bit flat by comparison. Response has been amazing - i use a keypad to trigger Sirius and with the Connect Amp / Sonos the response was super inconsistent, sometimes taking a few seconds, but mostly taking anywhere between 30 seconds and a minute to fire up. Sometimes no response at all, which forced me t
  8. Figured it out. Asset UPnP didn't work. Downloaded Twonky and now it works. Hi, folks, happy new year. I could sure use some assistance with setting up my DLNA music. I have my music files stored on a QNAP TS-251+ and I have installed Asset UPnP on the NAS to act as a DLNA server. I've configured My Music (DLNA) to find the server, and all appears to be setup correctly, as follows: However, when I launch My Music (DLNA) from a navigator, The files do not appear: Feels like I need to tweak something on the QNAP side, but I'm not sure about that. Anyo
  9. I'm interested in knowing this too. I just have a transfer switch at my house so everything is run by the generator. I'd probably have to have it rewired in order to steer power only to certain circuits or appliances. If there was a way to integrate the generator into C4 I could see some fun programing - like setting a "power conserve" mode through a variable that would roll-back things like HVAC, # of outside lights on, etc.
  10. Agree with the above. If your router isn't hooked up to a UPS it (and any other network equipment) could reboot in a power outage while the generator fires up. Having some essentials like your router, AV switch, and Controllers hooked up to a UPS will save you a bit of a headache when that happens. I have Kohler and their Oncue Plus app. Before I got a UPS I wouldn't get notifications on power outage because the router was rebooting at the same time the app attempted to send the notification. Other minor inconveniences that might occur: STB's rebooting - if you are taping a game or a
  11. Are you looking just to match the other C4 switches in your home? I believe they now make a "dumb" switch to match the decor which functions as a simple light switch.
  12. Thanks, Mitch. Does the Triad need to be connected to the EA3 or can I connect it to the EA1 that is on the same side of the house that the Triad would be on?
  13. Hey guys, Merry Christmas Follow-up question: Can someone give me or point me to an overview of how to use the DLNA server? I have the My Music DLNA driver in my project and I have my itunes library and ripped music on a QNAP. I installed "Asset" on my QNAP to act as a server and I configured the My Music DLNA driver to find my server. So how do I listen to the music now? I feel like the answer is I can't and that is because neither my EA3 or my EA1 are connected to any audio output device. Is this correct? If so, would the Triad One solve this problem? Further, would the Tri
  14. Thanks, everyone. Definitely considering making this change. Have a great Holiday everybody!
  15. Sorry for long post. Background: I have Sonos - had it prior to getting C4 - and have what I consider to be a pretty decent amount invested into the system. I have a home "theater" in my family room that includes a connectamp, playbar, and in-ceiling surround speakers; a second playbar in another room, and two connect amps (kitchen and patio) with associated wired speakers at each location. I honestly have no qualms about the theater setups as I don't need to feel like I'm in an IMAX to watch reruns of Two and a Half Men or King of Queens. I have zero performance issues with sonos f
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