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  1. OK, so have been watching TV for about an hour, not crazy with channel surfing and we are down to 53% after being at 100% per my last post. Feels like a bad battery...
  2. Yup, that's checked. Was thinking we didn't seat it right, but after first time this happened I was pretty deliberate about seating it in the charger. I did the ole pull the battery pack out and put it back in trick, maybe that will work. Thanks, Ari.
  3. SR260 is acting weird this last week. Battery indicator will go from full to 0% then back to full. Will get the following as well: Started looking at the setup guide and I see that the charge indicator will turn green when it's fully charged. I haven't seen a green LED for as long as I can remember - it's either red or off: Do I have a bad battery? It's about 3 years old. Thanks, in advance for the sage advice...
  4. Not sure if one Z2IO can do two doors and two contact sensors or if it is limited to just one per unit, but I know that the Axxess Relay and Contact Sensor can because that's what I have in my 2-door setup. https://www.axxind.com/smarthome/relay-contact-sensor/ Otherwise looks fine.
  5. Anybody know how to disable the LED on / off indicator on the HS103? It's great to have my white noise machine integrated but when it turns on the blue LED is way too bright!
  6. Used a Kasa outlet to automate my white noise machine. Can I get a standing ovation? 😝
  7. Layman answer - it's a nifty little driver you can trigger to take a snapshot of the state of devices. System remembers the state they were in and then can revert back to that state later. Example: doorbell rings - while you were watching Roku with the lights at 50% in the family room and the rest of the lights in the house / outside are off. You program your snapshot driver so that when someone rings, first thing that happens is a snapshot of the current state of the media scene and lights are taken. Then, set a quick delay and have the outside lights pop on, maybe the light in your foyer, maybe the family room lights go to 100%, pause the media scene and bring the IP camera up on screen for 30 seconds so you can see who's there. Maybe set a timer for one minute. When the timer expires, REVERT snapshot will bring each device back to where they were - inside / outside lights go off, family room lights go back to 50%, TV goes back to ROKU. This is just one example, there are tons of applications. Search around the forum and talk to your dealer. I have about half a dozen instances of this driver for all kinds of things. For this application - I'll program a keypad button to trigger an HVAC override - It will take a snapshot of what state the Ecobees are in. When I disengage the override, it will REVERT them back to where they were. No need to program an "if" or "else" to figure out what mode it was in. It will just jump right back to where it was.
  8. I like this idea. As I think this through I noted the same issue. Some windows aren't on contact sensors and they are also the ones we tend to open most. Think I'll program something here with the snapshot driver. @msgreenf I'll hit you up to add another instance in my rack room!
  9. Yea, have been thinking about it too. Hoping someone will swoop in with a solution.
  10. Looking for suggestions for programing logic to suspend HVAC when a window is left open for x amount of time, as well as the logic for when the window closes to resume heat / cool mode. Are people using snapshot? Have an Ecobee 3 as my thermostat. Thanks.
  11. Would like to see climate control and alarm system back on the navigators.
  12. Could not agree more. You definitely came to the right place.
  13. Not inaccurate by any means, Mr. President! 🤣
  14. It's a serial connection. Just run CAT6 from your panel to your controller. You'll only need to use 3 wires so you can leave the other 5 coiled up for future needs. There's actually a YouTube video out there of a guy doing this. Get yourself a 3.5mm mini stereo plug or buy a pre-made 3.5mm mini stereo patch cable and cut / splice to make the connection. Once you make up the plug it will connect to one of your controller's serial inputs. If you have an EA3 controller, for example, note that there are six IR/Serial ports on the back, but only ports 1, 2, and 3 are serial. Make sure you use one of those 3. Note to the dealers / experts: If you have a better method, please don't hesitate to correct me here. 750 × 750 module to the controller,
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