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  1. That totally worked. Thanks, Mitch!
  2. Hi, everyone, I know there is a Sonos Forum, but wanted to check here first as so many of you are top notch. Would someone please give me a hand troubleshooting my Sonos system? Think I have a bad power supply on my Sonos Bridge. Had a brief power outage today and upon restoration was unable to control volume on Playbar through SR260. All other AV equipment is working fine. I can control Playbar volume with the rocker on the side of it . Launched Sonos App and got the following: Checked my network tree and see all Sonos equipment offline. Setup includes a Sonos Bridge, 3 Connect Amps, and 2 Playbars. Bridge and 1 of the Connect Amps are connected to the LAN. Rebooted my router, my access points, etc, all good. I went to power-cycle my Sonos Bridge and it seems dead, didn't power up, no lights at either side of the LAN ports. Sounds like blown power supply, or fried Bridge. No burnt circuit smell on either the Bridge or power supply. Got me thinking, do I even need a Bridge? Installer put it in on day one, but I hear you don't need it if you have solid Wifi, which I do. Would really appreciate a hand with where to go from here. Thanks, let me know if you need further info.
  3. Have both and both work great. LG / Annex4 is my fav with the toast messages. Thought I read something about problems with toast messages if you have more than one, or maybe there was an issue with the newer WebOS models and toast messages. Check on that first.
  4. + 1 on this solution. I have mine wired into an Axxis contact sensor.
  5. FYI - have worked with Mitch for a few years, he is highly qualified to assist you.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/TP-LINK-HS103P2-Required-Google-Assistant/dp/B07B8W2KHZ/ref=sr_1_3?crid=38HJOU06OTZCJ&dchild=1&keywords=kasa+smart+plug&qid=1593552509&sprefix=Kasa+%2Caps%2C160&sr=8-3 Does this one work with chowmain as well? If so, time to up my Christmas tree game...
  7. As mentioned, purchased from a trusted source on this forum. Anyone have anything constructive to add?
  8. Hi folks, need some assistance here on adding an EA1 to my project. Here is some background: Director running on an EA3, OS 3.1.0 Purchased a used EA1 from a friend on this forum Worked fine on his system Connected EA to LAN, HDMI, Power and attempted to have remote dealer install Dealer can't see the EA1 on my system. EA1 is showing the dreaded red triangle lightning bolt! Attempted factory reset and did not work, dealer still can't see it...still seeing red triangle... Let me know if you need more info to troubleshoot. Thanks, in advance, for your assistance.
  9. When 3.0 was launched we lost alarm functionality through TV navigators. I'm currently on 3.1 and am asking if this has been resolved in any of the later OS releases. Probably more a question for someone like @RyanE
  10. Have they enabled alarm system functionality through OSD yet?
  11. I asked this same question about a year ago. Back then the answer was no, no specific driver for this brand. Also spoke directly with Leak Smart and they didn't know what C4 was. They did indicate that the system could communicate with your home security system. In theory, you could integrate that way. I didn't take the plunge back then because I was between dealers and the project kind of lost momentum for me. Hope this helps.
  12. Picked up Rachio 3 last May. Upgrade from dumb controller so no other point of reference. I think the app is really super after using for one season. Lots to geek out over. You will likely enjoy. C4 driver was about $100 and have never really done anything with it except program an automatic shutoff if the landscaper opens the gate while it is on. Limited API in my opinion as it mainly does start / stop. For example, when that programmed stop I just mentioned occurs, you can’t set it to resume your scheduled program where it left off when it stopped. You can configure a scheduled program with scheduler, I guess, but tons of time to do that and the APP does that for you much better, especially with the adaptive watering features. I recommend the R3 but you can definitely wait or pass on the C4 driver, unless it’s a must have for you.
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