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  1. Perfect timing... happens 3-4x per month with this piss-poor “SmartTub” cellular connection. Started heating the tub for tonight - rain came up in forecast - popped open the app to reduce temp and (right when I need it the most) app craps out.
  2. I did spend a few more minutes on this and note that Jacuzzi has TWO smart platforms - Pro-Link which according to the internet - does connect to your WIFI and SmartTub (what I have) which only connects through cellular. Regardless, I think you'll still need their API in order to be able to integrate anything other than power cut. Let us know if you get anywhere.
  3. Not sure if @South Africa C4 user has a Jacuzzi Brand tub or not, feels like he may have a custom tub integrated with his pool. Are you sure your Jacuzzi is connected to your WIFI? I ask because I have been fighting with Jacuzzi Official on Instagram about how their setup works and they insist that Prolink uses cellular connection to link to your tub and electronic device, spewing nonsense that WIFI does not go through walls or water and that their method provides the most trouble free connection. I think they still think it's 2010. Does your Jacuzzi have an IP address on your network? Mi
  4. A lot of tubs have various "eco" modes, mine for example, only heats between 5pm and 1am when eco is active, so integration is not critical. I like it at 102 when I'm in it, so when I get out I drop it to 95 degrees and the next evening I increase it back to 102. If there was a reliable integration path, that is where Scheduler would really help me out.
  5. From my research and discussions with Jacuzzi, there is no current solution that integrates with C4 and none planned. Their ProLink subscription works as follows: The unit in your tub communicates with their servers and your device via cellular. There is no LAN port to connect to your switch and no wifi to connect to your network. They do this so that they can sell you an annual subscription. Another solution, which will totally void your warranty is to insert a contact sensor like cardaccess or otherwise in the power loop, but that really doesn't accomplish anything because the Jacu
  6. Dan is my Dealer, I highly recommend him, hope you got this resolved.
  7. @msgreenf @chopedogg88 are two of the many excellent RP's on this site. Personally vouch for both.
  8. The beauty of @msgreenf's rename driver is you can always change the device name if your naming strategy changes.
  9. Feel like I got a reminder when mine was up. Maybe I opted in for communications, can’t remember. If I did I can say that I don’t get bombarded with spam from them, so there’s that...
  10. Only thing I can think of that would be worse is paying someone $1,000 for C4 equipment and never getting the equipment, then later finding out that the person you sent the money to isn't who they said they were. Hypothetical example, of course.
  11. Do you mean you send them twice so they stay up longer? Do you throw a delay in there?
  12. Love the toasts. Use them for lots of things but nothing that can’t be accomplished with regular push notifications.
  13. + 1 on Ari. He's a awesome remote dealer and will take great care of you
  14. I created a custom button to arm alarm system and I access it through my OSD. Should work on touchscreen too.
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