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  1. I don’t get much value out of my Ecobee integration. Have 2 plus 4 sensors, @msgreenf, maybe we can look at it next time you are under the hood?
  2. Condolences to you and the family / community.
  3. Thank you, Gary. Are you saying your dealer set up the IP for most controls and the IR to toggle art mode?
  4. Would use IP control for most functions and set up the IR to send a signal that emulates holding down the off button on the Samsung remote in order to avoid having to turn the thing off, then on, then off again as Sonic mentioned. Not even sure that would work, honestly.
  5. Thanks very much. Seems aggravating. Wonder if I can stick an IR bud on there for just this task. Please tell me the IR eye is on the one connect box so that I can at least tuck that out of site in the enormous Strong Box that I’ll have to put in the wall behind the TV.
  6. Sorry if I'm hijacking a bit, but wanted to confirm that the TV will respond as I intend... As an aside I'm looking at this TV, not so much for the art mode, but for the flush mount and sleek look. Since it will be in the bedroom, I doubt we will be using art mode all that much after we get over the initial "look how cool" thrill. For our everyday purposes, we would likely want the TV to be off most of the time. When we do watch the TV, we'll likely be relaxing in bed and using a sleep function that I'd program to fire off a "Room Off" command after [x] minutes. When that command executes I would want the TV to turn off - not go to Art mode. Will this work? Since Art mode is a neat feature, I wouldn't mind programming it to be enabled at various times during the day. Seems like the TV has built-in scheduling options for enabling art mode vs. "off mode". Anyone have any experience with this feature? As an alternative, can I potentially set up a variable that I can tie to scheduler that would toggle Art mode? I'm thinking something like this: Set a scheduler to make the variable "Art Mode Active" true or false at set times; Then program: When variable "Art Mode Active" is true -> turn on art mode. The expectation being in this case, the TV is in art mode and motion detection toggles the display on / off according to the TV parameters. If someone watches TV when this state is active, when they turn the TV off, it goes to art mode. Next: When variable "Art Mode Active" is false -> turn off art mode. Expectation here would be the TV is off. When this state is true and someone watches TV, a room-off command turns the TV off. Let me know if this is doable, either through native TV programming, or through the use of scheduler / variables / other. Thanks!
  7. This is a real eye-opener for me, wow. So do you have to do this gymnastics exercise every time you want to turn the TV off instead of art mode? I was thinking that I could set a timer to control when art mode is active. Like have the thing go to art mode for a few hours after work or on weekends and otherwise keep it off-off.
  8. Also interested in why it’s a mistake. Planning on putting one in master bedroom.
  9. Think this is the one: https://www.garadget.com/product/security-2-0-dry-contact-adapter/ I didn't need this on my GDO, as I have an older model so I can't confirm from personal experience. Would one of the guru's please confirm?
  10. OK, sent some measurements to Ken last night and will find out if I have enough room to fit the new hardware into my setup so that I can keep my fabric. Thinking about next steps, which electronic components would I need to integrate these once I get my tubes, motors, and brackets? I'm starting with nothing, so do I need a Somfy remote / My Link / Bond Bridge, etc? BTW, going with the Somfy Roll Up 28 Wire Free RTS Shade Motor with Built-in Lithium Ion battery. (R28WF)
  11. Great, assuming you are happy with how it worked. We've determined through our email exchange that I don't have Rollease tubes so now it comes down to if I have enough width in my window casement to fit the hardware / brackets needed to accommodate a tube changeover with motor.
  12. Great thoughts on this, thanks. Have been exchanging emails with Ken in order to get to bottom of this. Picture, unfortunately isn’t good enough to say for sure. I’ll let folks know how this develops. Looked at tubes - they are like $10 per tube so not a big add on if I have to change out.
  13. Existing roller shades with 1” diameter tubes. Approximately 28” in length. I have 6 of them. Can they be automated / integrated? Would want battery-operated and, I guess, Bond Bridge. Here’s 2 pics: Thanks!
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