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  1. Also interested in these a the tabletops please.
  2. As above. Quite a few of us would like to pay and install drivers ourselves. Any chance of this happening as it would give developers quite a lot more income?
  3. Hello, I have purchased (about six months ago) a Doorbird D101 but have not installed it yet. I was having second thoughts about it taking into account the cost of the driver and comparing the quality and integration compared to the C4 Doorstation. Few questions like: Latency comparison Video quality comparison Does the Doorbird integrate into the C4 screens just like the official one? Can the 24/7 footage from either be recorded to Blue Iris separately? I would run the Cat6 myself and get my remote dealer to add it to the project. How much does the C4 option cost, just for the parts? Cheers
  4. Currently have the WeMo driver and 3 switches. They do the job fine but there is a slight delay and a click (not a deal breaker though). I have just come across of the TP-Link HS100 switches and that there is a driver for them. Are they as good/better/worse? I know WeMo sell for around £30 (new) compared to HS100 which are around £20 each. Before I go buying more which would be best to go for? Also, any remote chance Drivercentral would do a license swap for the TP-Link driver?! Cheers
  5. Hello all, A dealer friend of mine has just sold me a V1 EA5. I currently have an Elan system (Controller, Audio Matrix/Amp and Remote) but simply fancyied a change really. I am having a Rako system fitted, well was planned for some blinds to be controlled and some rooms to have Rako lighting. I understand the EA5 has a music server installed but onto outputs to a few zones. My Matrix/Amp is currently wired upto 6 zones so I understand I would have to change the the Matrix/Amp to a Control4 one (or at least compapatble). Been looking at the intergrated Matrix/Amp from Control4 and it only supports 4 zones and dont really want to purchase two. I have not centrlised everything, all video clients are Cat6 connected and using Plex and or Kodi. The AVR for the main room is hidden away in the room along with the Xbox and Oppo for changing disks but the rest of the whole house audio is centralised. Is there anything else im missing? Slightly disappointed in the downgraded remote control to the Control4 one but hey ho, this is just a temp fix to see if I like it and my dealer is doing all the install for free (well im paying him back with my services). I currently have a Doorbird installed via POE and not impressed that the driver is close to £200 but then again, this is my choice.
  6. Hello all, I recently enquired a large amount of newish (I know the controller is an EA5-V2) from a friends house clearing before selling (house was going through probate). I picked up a few items for my house and some things that he wanted but didn't want to move in with him for free (memory items which was too much for him to have at his house). A/V wise he kept all the TVs, players etc but I was let loose on on some stuff on the inside rack, I didn't bother with ceiling speakers etc as it think it falls with fixtures and fittings? but he did say it was fine to swap over a few dimmers etc so I have the following control4 related: C4-EA5-V2 (installed with not much apart from Ethernet cable and power going in) C4-TT7-WH (1 boxed and one not) So I am looking to add various bits to it and need a dealer to help. I have my own electrician (I develop houses for a living) so all speaker cabling, cat6 drops etc would be done by him. Its just the initial instal and ongoing support for when I add/change items. Cheers
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