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  1. http://www.chowmainsoft.com/egauge-eg3000 The solar/energy company should be able to give your grid usage.
  2. Ubiquity is on the C4 no list because it is not simple AV designed networking. Most of the pro AV industry struggles at real networking and Control4 doesn't have time to filed 100 networking calls that all can be poorly configured, it would never stop. I run all of my AV and home automation systems using Ubiquity if I have the ability. Pakedge is IMO crap and horribly overpriced. It was a fantastic brand until C4 got a hold of them and admittedly "dumbed" it down for dealers without removing the price prestige. Rukus is good but really just made for commercial similar to Meraki Araknis is ok. Designed to be simple and entry level. Useful if you want POE port control with OvrC or MoIP but otherwise unnecessary. Luxul would be my second choice. It's the most sophisticated "AV" networking brand and allows the full range of expected options from a more experience network tech and supported by a lot of products. I don't have the most reliable experience with their routers or WIFI when really pushed however. Netgear is also making big pushes back into the industry with higher AV performance and smart home design in mind.
  3. https://www.ebay.com/p/1211727400 are usually always on eBay. Card Access was previously acquired by C4... I might have a few laying around still new that I can sell for not much. Here are some screenshots from the driver preferences on the CardAccess(Control4) sensor, Axxess sensor and the Nyce "motion only" sensor.
  4. Ubiquity. Unless you have OvrC...
  5. How many are you looking for in theory? No, unfortunately you need an external light sensor to really make automatic light dimming work correctly.
  6. To clarify, I assume the Control4 system gave you DVR remote control and a video feed to a TV but that is different than viewing it THROUGH the Control4 interface. How old was this system because Lilin has provided mobile playback for a long time. They also make great cameras (which is why Control4 preferred them and eventually released a rebranded "Pakedge" version more recently before the Snap purchase. I would stick with Lilin or Luma(Snap). The Lilin app is one of easier to use and clearly to navigate versus others including Hikvison, Luma (rebranded Hikvison), Axis, ICRealtime etc. Reviewing recorded video on the app is a single slider which makes it easy to "look" for an incident .The Luma app is like Hik and is fine to use but is a bit cumbersome also having limitations on recorded viewing. Both brands will give you the most possibilities and best support for integration with Control4.
  7. BAS suggestion of using a security motion directly to an iO is a very inexpensive and reliable way to do this. The above mentioned Axxess sensor is great. Do you have Control4 lighting?..with ambient light sensors/environment readouts you can have automatic control light levels durning the day and truly have smart lighting.
  8. Unfortunately, you will have to do most of this one by one to have it work out the way you would like. I would create a true/false variable that you can program once and tigger easily from scheduler or wherever with one line of code. This is used a lot for emergency or holiday reasons but I have done it enough for late night in sleeping areas. The keypad ambient light "different color" complaint is pretty common.
  9. That means its forward phase, but with the use of incandescent bulbs thats less of the concern. Were the fixtures installed with the LEDs originally? V1 lighting does sometimes hum inherently because of the incandescent dimming load. The bulb might use less "energy" when dim but its more strain on the device.
  10. The fireplace driver is also very nice for timer and LED indications.
  11. Do you have additional lighting in the room or an easy accessible UX? You can program a button press, create a custom button or a triple tap on a dimmer/switch to activate the relay on the Z2IO. Unless I am misunderstanding.
  12. Yeah, I am disappointed that the OS3 app did not incorporate the two. It's not on 2N, Savant does not have this problem
  13. What C4 OS is your system on? Do you have other mobile devices you can test with and do they act the same? It sounds like this has been an out standing issue... has it ever work "quickly" since being installed? Do those other cams also run through the C4 UI and are they quick to load? I wouldn't go swapping out your network quite yet.. and the list of "approved" networking from Control4 is pretty poor.
  14. Hello all, I would like to offer remote programming and system support to those interested. I know that there are a few on here that already offer such exemplary service... I hope to not impede but with the country trying to work remotely, I thought it may be an appropriate time. I am an experienced AV professional that has worked with Control4 products for 15 years. I have worked on 100s of small and luxury level, Control4, Savant and Crestron projects in two different major markets. I can offer product upgrades and support in technical service, system programming, A/V distribution, lighting, security and most other things associated with a Control4 system or custom AV, short or extensive. My rates are pretty reasonable and I am always willing work with someone. I can understand the cost associated with these systems and the poor experience that can come with it. I can generally be available via email, phone or txt. I work on-site locally in Western Pennsylvania and Chicagoland but I am also willing to travel. PM me and we can talk more. Take care.
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