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  1. Most dealers that used to be a Savant dealer and are now not likely either couldn't figure it out or tried the system earlier on in its existence pre smart phones and streaming etc. when it was more of a Crestron alternative and C4 was superior. It has been under the same owner since its 2005 inception which is not what we can say about Control4.. As you said they have recently purchased GE and Noon lighting to further their lighting capabilities. The have their own native IP video system with Netgear . They support AVB audio which can give me full 12 zone audio distribution with one POE swit
  2. Well its good to know you have used both. I have been doing Control4 for 15 years and Savant for about 10. Some time around 5 years or so ago C4 stopped keeping pace with technology. IMO OS3 is a dumpster fire and besides better graphics is nowhere close the capability of the Savant UI, pro app or pro remotes. This is the main reason why I only spec Savant for new systems since its what impacts the end user the most. Savant has unique users who can also have their own unique favorites like cable channel and scenes (scenes are not just for lighting and can be added by user and set for par
  3. You can centralize the equipment with JAP or you can have the transmitters in separate areas connecting back to a central switch. You should've stayed with Savant 😉
  4. It sounds to me like company #2 assumes you may change your mind in the future and understands their responsibility and being ready to do so whenever needed.
  5. No worries, I also got lost in the fact that you said a play model speaker. I usually have a Sonos streamer as part of the distributed audio... let me unbox a play speaker or beam and add it to a zone tonight or tomorrow and play with it to double check that type of setup.
  6. This is 100% wrong. Savant specifically allows you to make all of the options uniqe to each zone. This is one of the major programming advantages over C4 and while Savant is so much more capable. What you are asking for only takes a checkbox in Blueprint.
  7. I understand that... I am making the additional punctuation that it is in most cases and as it should be, separate equipment and not part of preexisting networking.
  8. right...but with JAP and other video over IP you WOULD be installing a 2U L3 switch that you normally wouldn't have... So the argument for not having that isn't really the case. Especially when most all video over IP transmitters are larger than HDBT baluns and will also likely need rack space.
  9. JAP and most systems have their own IP network with separate network switches.... just to be clear.
  10. Sorry, I wasn't suggesting big headache were your words. I have not had the issues you have in the wide variety of installations I have used JAP which is all of my C4 projects. I have had video issues with MOIP. Savant has their own video over IP that also runs without issues. I understand and appreciate the consideration, but there are reasons why only a few options stand out the most, just as in other parts of AV and HA.
  11. JAP and other video IP systems have the appropriate audio outputs to go directly into a digital or analog audio distribution system without any additional product or big headaches.
  12. Glad to help at the end. Everyone else did the hard work.
  13. Your radio station command needs to be inside the timer programming for when it expires. Right now it is only checking for if it is expired at that moment of execution.
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