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  1. So wait.. its a ceiling fan with built in light any nothing else? If the C4 switch still operates the fan the switch is fine.
  2. Yes they do just go bad sometimes but it could also have been from a short in the wire, fixture or bulb so you might need to test a few things and it will likely involve you at least pulling the switch out of the wall. What is the light that it is controlling? It is indeed a switch and not a dimmer? https://www.homedepot.com/c/ah/how-to-use-a-multimeter/9ba683603be9fa5395fab90d6f3ffa5 If you are not decently knowledgable about basic high voltage you might want to talk to your dealer or an electrician.
  3. Swap out the bulb or get a meter. I would guess the switch is bad. It's common if they go bad for the load control to no longer function but the intelligence is still there.
  4. I regularly take over other Savant, C4 and HA systems so you definitely have a risk of bad dealerships from any brand, but there is no comparison to the volume of inexperienced C4 dealers due to their early success. Composer is very simple and has a lot of pre-determined options versus Blueprint which is way more sophisticated and configurable, C4 is easier for the inexperienced professional to get up and running and succeed without being exposed to things they don't know how to do... while the unknowingly inexperienced Savant dealer might struggle to even get a simple system 75%, hopefully realizing early on that additional training is needed. I don't know when that conversation happened and I don't know what type simple change you are specially talking about. Users can add your own popular compatible entertainment devices. Savant app allows the end users to create administer their own unique profiles including scheduled guests. It allows them to create and edit their own lighting, environment and AV scenes and AV favorites or custom buttons, all unique per each user. They can also add additional smart lighting on their own, adjust scheduled events and add unique timers. C4 ran the industry for at least a decade but IMO fell asleep with newer technologies and features. Savant was overly advanced at the start directly competing with Crestron/AMX and has worked backwards as the tech, industry and consumers caught up. My ability to provide onsite or remote service is virtually the same between the systems and a professional like myself doesn't charge for simple changes when someone has invested in a full system and a long term relationship. I am happy to hear you have had a good pro HA experience which is most important. As integrators...sometimes we can save face by using a different brand or dealer but many times users back out of the pro experience completely as you see here sometimes.
  5. I don't see this happening. I will certainly play with one. As someone who uses Ubiquity networking in 100% of my projects, I use OvrC heavily myself across all my projects even with my Savant systems and I know lots of integrators and contractors who do the same. Even without the C4 driver the client app is great. Similarly..using LUMA as my traditional IP surveillance system instead of Unifi cams and protect software. New L3 Pakedge networking and the just released Episode matrix amps are also now included in the growing OvrC environment.
  6. Only on a v1. V2 EA3 and EA5 need an option USB wifi adapter. V2 EA1s also have a few models... POE has Ethernet in and out but no AC power. This is also an old thread. Check the dates before posting... it's an easy mistake.
  7. What is the ISP speed you pay for? An additional switch hooked up to an Airport should not impact the Pakedge network unless the Airport is set as a router. Additional Wifi may cause Wifi signal problems if not setup correctly. Does the "problem" exist if you remove your added network devices? What did your dealer do to resolve the "problem"? Regardless of my feelings about Pakedge, it's fully configurable and there are support lines for that dealer if he is in over his head. Users shouldn't be trying to solve a Pakedge network. It defeats the purpose.
  8. Pittsburgh weather is fine for WAPs in an attic. The insulation and drywall in the attic could impact the RF.. but that could be only somewhat important depending on the clients needs.
  9. Static assignments from inside the router or switch for all manages devices. VLANs for traffic separation and privacy isolation for IoT devices and guest network. IP cameras should always be on NVR internal or isolated network for security. Customer unique VPN address. Larger subnets bigger commercial spaces or larger lighting systems.
  10. Yep. Thats why this is a problem for Control4. Crestron has and always will be in a different market. Savant works natively with HomeKit and Siri and has custom self administering end users. Elan... well...
  11. This is the best app for testing WiFi signal around the house. It will give you a transmission number, not the internet speed.
  12. I am unsure of how "skilled' clients really need to be? Most can be walked through trouble shooting over the phone with someone accessing composer remotely. The dealer "lock you into a box" model for all users is unnecessary. It's an appropriate relationship for SOME clients. It's 2020... major parts of the AV/Smart home system can be researched and be purchased online by the client. We are no longer the only place to go for expensive toys. Clients that were young 10 years ago are now older/established and more inclined than ever to invest in residential technology and be hands on. There is no reason you can't have a 100% reliable hybrid system. Use C4 tech support if you have unique lingering issues... that's the whole point of clients having pro technicians, not to have less options. Absolutely.
  13. Savants dimmers/switches and keypads are Wifi. They do have native smart color changing and white level bulbs and LED stripes.
  14. Ubiquity for 100% of my projects. This is a helpful link if you are having trouble or pre planning WAP locations. https://help.ui.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005212927-UniFi-UAP-Antenna-Radiation-Patterns Anything AC-PRO and beyond should be on par or better than Rukus with much less cost. Any of the HD line stuff is specifically designed for high density 5g and mesh so the 2.4 isn't as great with those over distance. WiFi 6 stuff is great so car
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