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  1. I use mine to do several things. When the last person leaves home, it checks to see if my "guests" variable is active. If it is, none of the below happens. Powers down all TVs and lights during the day, sets certain lamps on during the evening/night. If the Roomba hasn't run yet on that day, it starts up and cleans certain rooms. while cleaning, it turns lights on and off so it can see better. while we're away, certain push notifications get enabled, such as motion on the front porch. Also, I changed the way I'm tracking us after the life 360 nonsense went away. I
  2. Do you have a variable for both of you separately? That’s what I loved most about Life360, was not having to track each of us separately.
  3. Ive been using a mix of Life360 and IFTTT to track my wife and I leaving the house to trigger scenes, but it appears Life360 is ending their support for that platform. Any other recommendations for doing that?
  4. I'd love to see the C4 app check my location and load the project based on where I am. If I'm at House 1, open that one, if I'm at House 2, that one. Then maybe if neither, open the last you had open
  5. 4 300s 2 250s. any offer and you pay for shipping. Take one or take all!
  6. Just to re boot this issue. Now having the issue at another house. Apple TV works fine on the NEEO and the app, but not the 260.. strange
  7. I haven't yet, just because I have a house full of people all watching things. Figured I would wait until tomorrow when nobody is around.
  8. IP. Initially thought it was a bridge problem, then pulled out the phone and had no issues very strange indeed
  9. Correct. Everything else works as it should, but I can’t used the arrows, menu, or select on my 260s, but it works just fine in the app.
  10. Yes no other issues with my cable boxes or other devices. We have 5 remotes and they're all having the same issue.
  11. I’ve got 2 Apple TV’s that have had no issues, and now they can’t be controlled by my SR-260s but work just fine in the Control4 app. Any ideas?
  12. I had fiber to our boat house in the past. When the retaining wall failed and had to be rebuilt, they busted my fiber. I switched to Nanostations and haven't missed a beat. 5 Cameras at 4mp streaming 24hrs a day back to the NVR and it runs likes a champ.
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