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  1. Anybodyfind a fix for this? @alanchow any insight?
  2. I thought I was the only one. I’m out of town and the house is not doing what it’s supposed to be!
  3. Pretty sure you’re going to need to remove the binding and go to programming. create a variable called “party” and if it’s active, dont allow the goodnight scene to happen
  4. I came to a Neeo from a harmony touch remote, so it was just relearning muscle memory. I love the screen for all of my experience buttons I have for different variables in the house. I only use the Neo in the living room. In the bedrooms I’m sticking with the 260 for the time being so I can easily roll over and hit buttons while I’m falling asleep.
  5. I’ve been running DTV on IP using a 260 and a Neeo for the last year. Zero issues. Controlling a genie, mini box, and even a Samsung RVU client. Never misses a beat.
  6. Can you share what the cost is? And if you’re willing to facilitate that for us?
  7. Logged into my customer account and it shows my controller hasn’t checked in since 2/24 and I’ve been having 4sight issues since then. Is there a way I can check something or do I need to get a dealer involved?
  8. I have the same problem and want to attempt this replacement, but I’ll have to try and find another supplier. The shipping on those guys is pricey!
  9. Used it before, but never as an announcement. It’ll show full screen from a navigator?
  10. Is it possible to fire an image full screen in an announcement? I'd love to build a full image with a ton of info formatted nicely instead of just using the text part of an announcement.
  11. I have some in almond, no white though
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