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  1. What if IP is not an option? I had a request from a client today who has noted that their "red button" no longer allows them to delete DVR saves. This is a takeover job for me on a couple of levels. First level, a dealer no longer in business. Second level, a programmer hopeful who left a lot of messes for me to clean up. Which until this project, hasn't been difficult. This is one of two major hurdles left. This is my other somewhat related issue.
  2. Here's the scene... Family Rm: TV DirecTV - H20 driver using IR - IP not an option with the box in use Denon AVR-X4300 (provides surround sound using the primary zone) Streaming Audio Deck: TV DirectTV - H20 driver using IR - IP not an option with the box in use HEOS (configured through Zone 2 on the receiver powering ceiling speakers) Client wants to keep the functionality of room groupings within the HEOS app on his phone. We have 6 rooms total on this project and HEOS is present in all of them. So this tracks. ...the Result: Family Rm: DirecTV performs as expected Streaming audio performs as expected Deck: DirecTV is providing video only - sound only coming from the TV Streaming audio performs as expected What I've done so far: All of my physical connections are good. All of my virtual connections are completed. PCM is enabled for Zone 2 and the source for Zone 2 is HDMI Aux 2 Spent several hours in communication with my sales engineer and researching possible sources. So my question is, has anyone ever run into this? Any ideas on where/how to resolve this?
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