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Is there a known outage?

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Trying to remotely connect via iOS app and get this error message:


Remote services are unavailable (403).





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There is a known issue at the moment, from the dealer forums:

AnywhereAccess Service degraded starting Feb 12 at 2 PM MST (UTC-7) 

We are experiencing degraded AnywhereAccess service. Effects of this may be slow response or failures for the following services: 

Control4 Mobile App 
When >> Then 
Intercom Anywhere 
Apple Watch 
Composer Express (remote) 
Composer Pro (remote) 

We do not have an ETA for resolution at this time. 

Start of event: February 12, 2019 at 2:00 PM MT (UTC-7) 

Control4 posts maintenance and service status announcements to status.control4.com. In addition to viewing status, you can configure notifications to be sent via email or SMS.






A hot fix was created to address the problem. It has been deployed to 2 regions (Southeast Asia, EMEA). 

We will monitor it overnight to ensure it is working as expected. 

It will be deployed to the remaining regions in the morning of February 14 (MST) if no problems are found.


Since the hot fix post, someone in the UK has since said they are still having issues so they do not think the hot fix worked. Control4 have not responded to this yet

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