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  1. DawnGordon

    WTB HC800BL with license

    I can sell you mine for $400 -- it's in perfect condition but I can't do it until mid Sept. I'll even throw in a 6 month warranty. If you don't find anything by then please contact me.
  2. DawnGordon

    Hunter Douglas tracks

    I was in one of their stores a couple of months ago and the folks there indicated that there wasn't any integration with 3rd party systems.
  3. DawnGordon

    Hunter Douglas tracks

    Hunter Douglas does not have Drapery Tracks. Lutron, however does. I can help you with Lutron if you like. You can reach me at: Dawn@EgretElectronics.com
  4. DawnGordon

    Dealer Discounting

    You'll be lucky to get 10-15% off. That's a huge system, and as Alan mentioned, you want a very experienced dealer to design, program and install. Where are you located?
  5. I'm in the Jupiter, FL area and I may be able to help. You can contact me at: Dawn@EgretElectronics.com 561-745-6186
  6. DawnGordon

    Curtain Retrofit automation

    Yes you have to buy the motor and the track.
  7. Lutron does not have a Fascia for dual shades so you might want to consider Qmotion or HD instead.
  8. DawnGordon

    Curtain Retrofit automation

    Lutron has drapery tracks/motors that work *very* well. Quiet and reliable.
  9. A former Control4 employee is now head of the Hunter Douglas PowerView team so I expect a not of things to change for the better. I still love Lutron though. :-)
  10. DawnGordon

    Somfy vs Lutron

    If you want only a few Lutron shades then Serena will integrate just fine. Make sure you buy the Smart Bridge Pro to integrate with Control 4
  11. DawnGordon

    Somfy vs Lutron

    Lutron is hands-down better than Somfy. Much quieter, shades move at the same speed, 3-6 year battery life, 8 year warranty etc. However, Lutron does not offer a blind retro kit like Sonfy does, nor does it have outdoor options. If you are going with Lutron Tilt (louver) solutions, then you can't use the Smart Bridge Pro or Radio Ra Select -- you will need the standard Radio Ra 2. You don't need to use the same company for all your shading. You can use a combination of Lutron, Somfy and even Hunter Douglas (which actually works well now). We are a motorized shading dealer for a number of companies. If we can help, let me know.
  12. +1 for Lutron Lutron's motors are *much* quieter, and multiple blinds/shades will move at the same speed.