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  1. I use Oppo's when I'm working with projectors using zooming and anamorphic lenses. To my knowledge, the Oppo is the only player than can move subtitles up into the picture, so they can be seen in these modes.
  2. Yes, on and off. The scheduler should work just fine.
  3. They show up under the lighting tab as a switch.
  4. I have the same model of Power Rise. Here's what you need to do. Buy the Power Rise Platinum RF Adapter. Buy a Control4 Outlet Switch. Make sure the RF adapter is in the same room as the shades. Set up the RF Adapter. Add the Outlet Switch and generic Lamp drivers to your project. Connect the Lamp driver to the outlet switch via bindings. Plug the RF adapter into the outlet switch.
  5. Dealer Demo Items for Sale Only in use for 6 Months Like new condition All Products listed below come with their Original Boxes All Items have an 18 month Warranty !!! Control4 Thermostat (C4-THERM-WH) $210 Lilin Indoor Mini Dome IP Camera (LD2222E4) with POE, 1080p at 15FPS $175 Prices do not include shipping. Contact me at: Dawn@EgretElectronics.com
  6. Most folks like Lutron best. Most reliable.
  7. Oppo UDP-203 First Impressions

    One of the reasons I use Oppo exclusively with anamorphic projector installations is because it's the only player I know that can move subtitles up into the picture. Without this capability, subtitles would not be visible in anamorphic mode.
  8. Oppo UDP-203 First Impressions

    There's not much discounting on Oppo. I sell Oppo so PM me for more info.
  9. Which Irrigation Controller

    Do you have screenshots of the Control4 scheduling interface for Hydrawise?
  10. Which Irrigation Controller

    Yet, none of these have scheduling capability with Control4 yet. Would love to see this someday.
  11. shades/blinds choices

  12. Does this driver feature scheduling?
  13. WTB: HC-800-BL-1

    I will have one at the beginning of April. If you don't find one by then please contact me.
  14. Google Home Driver from Epic Systems

    Don't you have to program every single light with Google Home? Echo connects to every light, fan and thermostat automatically.
  15. C4 irrigation program driver