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  1. DawnGordon

    Dish Network vs DirecTV?

    What commercial skip options are there on DirecTV? I'm really used to TiVo's Commercial Skip, which is great. I know that Dish has a CS system as well.
  2. DawnGordon

    For Sale: New IO Extender

    Price drop to $349.
  3. They were showing Control4 integration at CEDIA this past September so it can't be too long of a wait.
  4. Looks like I was wrong and BakerBalay was right. These folks can do some pretty amazing things with Lutron and Somfy motors. http://www.krohnscoverings.com/krohns-powered-by-lutron.html
  5. Nice find. I'm going to call them to see if they really can do this.
  6. DawnGordon

    For Sale: New IO Extender

    Brand new IO Extender (V1) Model C4-IOX-E-B $399.
  7. Unfortunately that's true. I'm a Hunter Douglas dealer and I couldn't get them to change out the motors on my shades either. :-) Contact me if you need anything.
  8. I can tell you that you definitely cannot add a Lutron or Somfy motor to a Duette.
  9. DawnGordon

    Shades Install prices

    We can help. PM sent.
  10. DawnGordon

    Neeo Remote for Pro Channel

    Don't buy this remote. It doesn't have nearly enough hard buttons.
  11. DawnGordon

    What is the Z2IO?

    Serena Shades by Lutron.
  12. DawnGordon

    Shades again

    Lutron for sure
  13. DawnGordon

    Inwall speakers

    Sure. MSRP below. All Bronze LCRs: $650 each All Bronze Surrounds: $550 each Custom paint is dependent on your dealer. Contact me for better pricing.
  14. DawnGordon

    Inwall speakers

    Either solution will work nicely: https://www.triadspeakers.com/products/home-cinema/ic-bronze8-lcr/ https://www.triadspeakers.com/products/home-cinema/iw-bronze4-lcr/ You can also use this for the center channel: https://www.triadspeakers.com/products/home-cinema/ir-bronze-center/ Triad will custom paint the speakers to match any color you like. A sub is recommended.
  15. DawnGordon

    Subwoofer location

    This sub might be just what you need: https://www.triadspeakers.com/products/subwoofwer/silver-flexsub/ I've been a Triad dealer for over 13 years, if you need any help let me know.