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  1. +1 for Lutron Lutron's motors are *much* quieter, and multiple blinds/shades will move at the same speed.
  2. DawnGordon

    Automated blinds

  3. DawnGordon

    Automated blinds

    Lutron can integrate with Control4. They have the *best* motors in the industry and they are priced higher than the competition.
  4. DawnGordon

    Wanted: Fan Speed Controllers & Switches

    PM Sent.
  5. I'm a Control4 dealer in Jupiter Florida. Call me tomorrow at 561-745-6186.
  6. DawnGordon

    Jandy Aqualink Costs

    Actually Control4 does support the serial module and it's better and f faster than the IP version.
  7. I've never used a Z2IO, but I just looked it up on the dealer site. Unlike past Card Access devices, it doesn't appear to use a battery.
  8. DawnGordon

    WTB EA-3

    Where are you located?
  9. DawnGordon

    Remote Programming Services Offered

    It's my understanding that Eero is on a list of systems *not* to use with Control4.
  10. DawnGordon

    WTB: C4-WALL7-1-WH Touch Screen 7" T3 White

    PM sent
  11. DawnGordon

    Retrofit blinds

    These people have been working on it for a couple of years, Still no shipping product or Control4 integration. They claim this summer. https://helloaxis.com/
  12. A few days ago I would have thought this topic was nuts, but it happened to me last night. We were in the living room talking about a TV show (Monk) we hadn't mentioned or seen in *years*. Alexa must have been listening because a few hours later a Monk suggestion popped up right in front of the Amazon shows I was currently watching. Very odd. Coincidence? Perhaps. But I may test this out further.
  13. DawnGordon

    AV Receiver 4K IP Recommendation?

    We have a Denon AVR-X3400H on sale for only $625.00. Includes shipping in the USA.