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  1. In wall lcr

    All Triad IW speakers are in an enclosure, so they do not have open backs.
  2. Blinds

    That's not a problem as Lutron can be used with COM for drapes and Roman Shades.
  3. Blinds

    That's not a problem as Lutron can be used with COM for drapes and Roman Shades.
  4. Blinds

    You get what you pay for. Lutron may not produce as many motors as Somfy, but their products are far superior in almost every way: quietness, reliability, integration, precision and alignment.
  5. Embernet Dimmers

    I found 3 brand new, white, embernet dimmers (Model LDZ-102-W) in my supply closet. $35 each plus shipping.
  6. Blinds

  7. I spoke to them at CEDIA. They said that integration with Control4 will happen next summer. The issue seems to be that they are not able to keep up with demand. At least that's what they told me.
  8. NEW: Control4 Apps for T3 Touchsceen.

    Got it. Thanks.
  9. NEW: Control4 Apps for T3 Touchsceen.

    Very cool. Alan, if you had an Irrigation Caddy or a Rachio, how do you turn individual zones on or off?
  10. Hunter Douglas Silhouette

    You need a Radio RA Main Repeater. This connects to the local network via an Ethernet cable. You will also need to get power to the blinds via individual power supplies or a QSPSY-P1-10-60 output Power Supply Panel that can power up to 10 shades.
  11. Does this mean you can do irrigation scheduling on the Control4 T3 touchscreen? What about the navigator interface?
  12. With the introduction of Control4's HC-800 and HC-250 series of controllers, the company changed the IR receiver module which disabled the ability to send IR commands to the Controllers from 3rd party remotes. This is especially missed in outdoor systems where weather-proof remote controls can no longer be used to send Control4 commands. Global Cache has a great little device that solves this problem, but they never wrote a Control4 driver for it. Called the GC-IRE IR Extender, this device accepts IR commands and converts them to a digital format. https://www.globalcache.com/products/other/ Please write a driver that takes advantage of this. I'm tired of buying used HC-200's that can accept IR commands.
  13. Compatiable Window Shades

    +1 for Lutron.
  14. I use Oppo's when I'm working with projectors using zooming and anamorphic lenses. To my knowledge, the Oppo is the only player than can move subtitles up into the picture, so they can be seen in these modes.