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  1. Where do you see details of C4 integration/a C4 driver for this lock? I have been planning a motorised multi-point lock and we're looking at an ekey fingerprint reader which could be integrated into C4 but a lock that is natively integrated into C4 would be better. Thanks!
  2. Given cost does not appear to be a primary concern, I am not sure why you wouldn't go for a Kaleidescape system? If I were you, I would buy a cheap secondhand kaleidescape system and trade it in so you get grandfathered DVD rights on a Premiere line Kaleidescape system and add a Strato - this way you would have all your DVDs and blurays (which I assume you mean by "backed up sources") and access to the download store (which is getting better and better) and 4K on the Strato with the benefit of a single system which gives you the most flexibility now and in the future. Depending on how large your movie collection is, you can decide on the right storage capacity for you. You can also add a Roku Ultra for streaming other TV shows, etc. Just my 2 cents...
  3. I have been reflecting on this (carl01 - I tried calling a couple of weeks ago and left a message). I am wondering whether I can avoid KNX entirely. We are using Lutron for lighting and shades, I have spoken to Baufritz about potentially using Heatmiser for heating control (but could look into tekmar which cyknight mentions above) and we will have our own AV setup installed. Is there anything else that they use KNX for that I would have to integrate?
  4. I am thinking about the design for a Control4 system in our newbuild house. We have never had Sky before (we have always used Freesat) but I am looking for simple and comprehensive integration so the family don't complain or get confused. I am wondering whether this driver is the best route to TV integration with Control4 in the UK so I should buy Sky as a result. Or is there a similar Control4 integration for a Freesat box? Thank you
  5. Has anyone installed Control4 in a Baufritz (German timber home manufacturer) house? I am just wondering how to integrate their heating systems, etc. They normally install KNX but I would prefer Control4. Thanks
  6. Unfortunately the new DS series is not available in the U.K. (i am not sure where it will be available outside Australia and New Zealand). That means Escea if not an option for me unfortunately
  7. So if you could start from scratch with a newbuild house and could choose your garage door opener, would you go with MyQ or contacts? I like the simplicity of MyQ (networking rather than any physical installation!) but obviously it doesn't make sense if it is not a good solution. Thank you
  8. Perhaps in the next six to nine months someone will release good in-ceiling speakers with Alexa built-in?
  9. Yes - that's an option but given how much my daughter listens to audiobooks, I was hoping for a solution which means they can control their own audiobooks without having to come downstairs. I haven't found one yet!
  10. Has anyone used the coolautomation thermopad? Or does anyone have any feedback generally on the coolautomation system and integration into Control4? Thanks
  11. Yes - which would mean running audio cables all over the house or perhaps doing it over CAT6?
  12. Sonos is no longer compatible with Audible so that doesn't work - as far as I have been able to identify, there is no solution for getting audible through control4, controlled by the control4 panel. We are trying to avoid the children taking phones/ipads upstairs to their bedrooms (which is why streaming from an ipad isn't helpful) - this is why we would like them to be able to control their audio through their Control4 touchscreen panel or voice controlled with Echo or another solution.
  13. I like the dot because it is the only solution to play audible that I can find (other than Bluetooth streaming). I understand the issues of integrating early technology - I am hoping Amazon come out with an updated version that connects to an Ethernet cable and can use that for all audio, etc before we finish our build and then I can buy these and swap it out for a later version in a few years which hopefully can still do everything with Ethernet!
  14. If you were designing a new house with Control4, what would you do? Using the Echo for music defeats the purpose of having speakers in the ceilings, doesn't it? I am still waiting for somebody (Control4?) to publish the optimal approach to integrating Echo - I have a few months to go on my build before I need to make final decisions - hopefully there is more clarity soon...
  15. Have you looked at the coolautomation thermopad? This is a thermostat that can control your heating and your a/c. We are planning a newbuild house with underfloor heating throughout and a/c in certain rooms- in rooms with a/c, we are replacing the heatmeiser thermostat with coolautomation's thermopad