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  1. bdo21

    UK Fire Alarm System

    I have done some further checking and Texecom is definitely not Grade B compliant so it will be a separate fire alarm with a connection to Texecom for notifications...
  2. Are there any dedicated fire alarm systems which can integrate into Control4? I am in the UK and because our newbuild house is more than 200 sqm in a single storey, it requires a U.K. Grade B certified alarm system which has a centralised panel with detectors and alarms, etc. We are installing a Texecom burglar alarm system but this unfortunately only has Grade C fire alarm functionality so we need an entirely separate fire alarm system. Is anyone aware of one which would integrate into Control4? For the avoidance of doubt, nest protects, etc would not be allowed. Thanks
  3. Are you about to buy the Silent Gliss blinds or do you already have them? I understand Silent Gliss will release their IP controlled blind motors soon so if you can wait, it would make sense to buy them later.
  4. bdo21

    Weather Stations

    Perhaps I am not following but I think there are a few options: 1) Use Alan Chow’s internet weather driver which uses publicly available weather information from the local area to the extent available. This is not acceptable for the warranty on the blinds 2) An internet connected weather station on my roof which uploads to Wunderground and then Control4 accesses the weather data from Wunderground. I understand the driver has issues now and also the information is not available from Wunderground real time (ie it checks every 10mins or so?) 3) A weather station on my roof connected wirelessly (not WiFi) to a console which is connected somehow (IP or serial port?) to Cumulus (running in a PC) which then links to Control4 with the Cumulus driver. Not ideal but possible? 4) An ethernet (or WiFi if necessary) weather station (with a Control4 driver) on my roof. Control4 would connect directly to the weather station over my home network which seems the least prone to going wrong? Am I missing an option or have I misunderstood the pros/cons of any option? Thanks
  5. bdo21

    Weather Stations

    I am being told that they won’t install my blinds without a local weather station so I can’t rely on Alan Chow’s internet weather driver. I also have no need for a weather console - ideally, I would like an IP weather station with a direct Control4 driver so I don’t need to rely on a PC running Cumulus and the cabling is easy (just an ethernet cable to the roof). It needs to be as maintenance free as possible given the roof is not easily accessible so POE or AC power is needed (ie not reliant on batteries) and a wired ethernet connection seems more reliable than wireless. I am struggling to find anything that meets these criteria... I thought about the WeatherHawk (even though the cheapest is $2,500?!?) because it has the direct Control4 driver but I just realised it seems to use an optical cable rather than ethernet which is fiddly and more expense! Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you
  6. I need a driver for blind motors which use the standard motor interface (http://standard-motor-interface.com/). There is a USB interface for SMI (e.g. http://standard-motor-interface.com/wp-content/uploads/dataSheets/080226-elero-SMI-Box-USB-Rev-1-1.pdf or http://standard-motor-interface.com/wp-content/uploads/dataSheets/101216-Becker-Antriebe-Interfacebox-USB-SMI-Rev-1-1.pdf) and there is a Windows software application to control the motors using this USB interface. I don't believe a Control4 driver exists today but would anyone be interested in developing one for me for a fee? Thanks
  7. Thanks. Just to confirm, you mean a Gira homeserver would not be required? I don’t want to complicate matters with Alexa (as solid uptime a small possible is very important for my wife...) so I’ll keep it as simple as possible for now. It sounds like a KNX System might be the best route but my C4 delayer has resisted any KNX equipment so far...
  8. I am building a new house in the U.K. and the German company providing the house will install a heating system with individual room control of the underfloor heating throughout the house. I had initially planned to use Heatmeiser with remote temperature sensors and thermostats hidden but the building company has refused, saying the product isn’t of good enough quality and they won’t install or warrant it. I obviously need a system that works and I want it to integrate into Control 4. I have looked at the following systems but I may have misunderstood them and there’s are presumably other systems I am missing. I would have thought that I am missing systems which have remote temperature sensors coming back to one central rack and there’s is one intelligent brain system which connects to each heating manifold based on each sensor rather than having an expensive thermostat for every room? Perhaps this is available with KNX which is what the German builders would like to use but I am wary of adding another control system to integrate alongside Control4 and Lutron. Any thoughts and recommendations would be appreciated! 1) Nest: Does not seem ideal for a whole house solution integrated with Contol4? Also expensive to have a Nest thermostat in ever room, although no remote sensor required given they are quite attractive. The remote sensors appear to be just sensors rather than have any control? 2) Ecobee: Integrated Alexa would be great if I could use it to control the sound from the in-room speakers but I couldn’t see how this could work - there doesn’t even seem to be a headphone socket? 3) Control4 wireless thermostat: Presumably this would integrate best with Control4? But having one thermostat per room with the remote sensor is expensive given the cost of the thermostat - is there a more cost efficient solution? 4) Heatmiser: Their thermostats are relatively inexpensive and can use a remote temperature sensor but, as mentioned above, the building company refuses to install it Thank you
  9. Yes - sorry - when I moved from Tapatalk (which won’t let me post at the moment) to the website, I accidentally picked the wrong forum. Thank you - this is helpful. Two button presses to get to a menu is probably okay for some of the buttons so I don’t need a big hard panel. Thank you
  10. Sorry if this is a stupid question. I am planning a new C4 project and want to have several buttons near where a 10” T3 touchscreen will be. Can this driver be used to create custom buttons which show as the home page for the T3 when the screen is touched? If so, I wouldn’t need the physical button panel and could just use the touchscreen. My wife would hate going through menus though so if it cannot be the home screen, it doesn’t work for me. Thanks
  11. For motors compatible with SMI or “Standard Motor Interface”, is there a Control4 driver to easily link them into the system? Or should I use KNX enabled blind motors? I am looking at Geiger’s blind motors (www.geiger.de). Thanks
  12. Where you need to control quite a few motors (10+), does it make more sense to use one or two of these controlbyweb devices with the Chowmain driver or two Control4 IO extenders? Reliability is key but cost, cable run lengths and rack space are considerations as well. Thanks
  13. bdo21

    Leak Detection

    This thread prompted me to look at the options again and I found this: http://www.quensus.com/product. It measures water flow and can shut off with a valve (and can do so across multiple pipes). It is fully electronic with remote control available and already has data available in the cloud. They are developing an API so should straight forward for a Control4 driver to be developed? I also found that the UK is unusual that products such as this require testing and approval - they have already sold this valve system around Europe with no problems and could do the same in Europe/the US. If anyone is interested in developing a driver or just learning more, I can put them in touch with one of the development team.
  14. bdo21

    Energy Meters

    Sorry Alan - do you mean it doesn’t work today (for combined readings on a three phase supply) but it will work with your upcoming energy interface? The response from Saturn was: “You can use three single phase meters to monitor a three phase site (or three phase load), but there are limitations to the quality of the 'instantaneous three phase power' readings you can extract from such a setup. The long term three phase energy data will be accurate as this is just a summation of the real energy consumed by each phase, but the instantaneous readings may be off from second to second due to slight differences in the reporting interval and lack of time-alignment between the three meters. The difference is only really important if you are interested in faithfully characterising the instantaneous consumption proprieties of your monitored loads. For long duration check metering purposes the aggregations you get by summing the measured energy from each meter should be spot on.” Thanks
  15. bdo21

    Energy Meters

    Unfortunately only the single phase version is approved for use in the U.K., not the three phase version. It is possible to use three single phase meters on a three phase supply (but it is considerably more expensive and there are minor issues with data reporting). Alan - how would your driver cope with three single phase devices in this setup? Thanks