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  1. Projection Clock

    Thanks very much - all good points - she’ll just stick with a standard projection clock!
  2. Projection Clock

    This is only partly Control4 related so apologies for the slightly off topic post. My wife likes a projection clock to glance up at during the night and see the time and I thought it could be interesting to create a custom clock with a projector which could show the time but, depending on the time of the night, also other information such as the weather forecast, status of the alarm, etc using information from Control4 and other sources. I assume I could use a raspberry pi to create the image for the projector. A key consideration though is we wouldn’t want much light - the LCD numbers are bright enough. Could a mini projector provide no more light than a projection clock (when just showing the time)? Perhaps another way of asking, can the projector provide a real black background for whatever text is being displayed at the time? Thank you
  3. Texecom Alarm

    Excellent - thank you
  4. Texecom’s new-ish firmware and network hardware means their alarm system can be IP controlled. I have seen various posts about DSC on the forum but DSC is not easily available (and I understand is not ‘approved’ in the U.K. Is there a good recent driver available for Texecom which has the full functionality like DSC now full IP control is available? Thanks
  5. We had specified Heatmeiser for our new house’s heating system but it has the disadvantage of needing a thermostat in every room. Our house builder uses KNX and while we have already specified Lutron and Control4, I am now thinking about using KNX temperature sensor thimbles with a KNX heating control system. I understand KNX can be integrated into a Control4 system - are there any issues with a KNX heating system in Control4 or anything I need to particularly pay attention to? Thanks very much
  6. Networking

    I am finally about to embark on building a new house and while I have fully designed the Control4 system with a dealer, I won't be able to install it immediately after when we finish the build but probably 6-12 months when finances have recovered a little... We will have all the network cabling and other infrastructure done during the build and I am wondering about the networking. I have a friend who is a network engineer (but not in the AV/home automation space) who can help me with the installation. Is there a best practices guide to how networking should be setup to optimise a Control4 installation? For example, use of VLANs and what devices to setup on each, what firewall systems work well, etc. Also, is there a benefit in going for Pakedge over a networking system such as Ubiquiti's Unifi? I want a system which I as a technical user but not networks expert can follow myself without always needing to call my dealer. Thanks
  7. I see Amazon announced multi-room audio for the echo. Does this mean that there is the possibility for native room-specific control in the not too distant future (because echo system must now be able to know the location of each echo)?
  8. Does anyone know of a system available in Europe? I have looked at both FloLogic and Waterhero mentioned in this threat and watercop but none are available in Europe. Thanks
  9. What would people recommend for a U.K. version of wattbox (i.e. with UK plugs)? I couldn't see that wattbox sell U.K. versions themselves. Thank you
  10. So it can't replace an echo as an audio source for room speakers then then - that's a shame. Thanks
  11. What functionality does it have/not have for Alexa? I am planning to integrate Alexa into a newbuild house and would use it for a variety of tasks (including automation) but also audio - I was planning for the echo to be a source to play audio through the ceiling speakers. It would be great not to need separate echos and just use ecobees but it looks like there is no audio out so if we want music/audiobooks, we need a standard echo/echo dot? I hadn't planned on using ecobees but would switch if it made sense. Thank you
  12. Best Add-ons/3rd party hardware?

    Where do you see details of C4 integration/a C4 driver for this lock? I have been planning a motorised multi-point lock and we're looking at an ekey fingerprint reader which could be integrated into C4 but a lock that is natively integrated into C4 would be better. Thanks!
  13. Best Add-ons/3rd party hardware?

    Given cost does not appear to be a primary concern, I am not sure why you wouldn't go for a Kaleidescape system? If I were you, I would buy a cheap secondhand kaleidescape system and trade it in so you get grandfathered DVD rights on a Premiere line Kaleidescape system and add a Strato - this way you would have all your DVDs and blurays (which I assume you mean by "backed up sources") and access to the download store (which is getting better and better) and 4K on the Strato with the benefit of a single system which gives you the most flexibility now and in the future. Depending on how large your movie collection is, you can decide on the right storage capacity for you. You can also add a Roku Ultra for streaming other TV shows, etc. Just my 2 cents...
  14. Baufritz

    I have been reflecting on this (carl01 - I tried calling a couple of weeks ago and left a message). I am wondering whether I can avoid KNX entirely. We are using Lutron for lighting and shades, I have spoken to Baufritz about potentially using Heatmiser for heating control (but could look into tekmar which cyknight mentions above) and we will have our own AV setup installed. Is there anything else that they use KNX for that I would have to integrate?
  15. I am thinking about the design for a Control4 system in our newbuild house. We have never had Sky before (we have always used Freesat) but I am looking for simple and comprehensive integration so the family don't complain or get confused. I am wondering whether this driver is the best route to TV integration with Control4 in the UK so I should buy Sky as a result. Or is there a similar Control4 integration for a Freesat box? Thank you