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  1. Are there any recommended brands/models of audio baluns? I have a TV with a Kaleidescape player and Roku locally (both connected by HDMI) and I want to take the audio output from the TV back to the rack so I can put it into the Triad audio matrix and Triad amplifier to feed the speakers and subwoofer in the TV room. Thank you
  2. Sorry if I am being slow but if different family members will want to play different music at the same time in different rooms, do I need an individual Echo (dot or Link) for every room in the rack? For example, to play music from three bedrooms, I would need three echos, one in each bedroom, and three more in the rack? For another example, if I have six rooms but am happy to be limited to three simultaneous streams, I need six echos, one in each room, and three echos in the rack connected to the matrix. In this case, each echo in the rack could be named but how does it know which room to play on? Can it work in a similar way to lights as described in msgreenf’s post (https://www.c4forums.com/topic/33713-making-voice-control-smarter-both-alexa-and-google/?tab=comments#comment-265456)? Or is it just easier to have an echo in the rack for every room? Thank you!
  3. What is the best practice approach to audio through ceiling speakers, controlled by Alexa? I have a triad matrix and triad amplifiers (and triad ceiling speakers). I would like a family member to be able to say to an Alexa in a particular room “Play [song title]” and it plays through the ceiling speakers. Does it depend on the streaming service? For example, do Tidal or Deezer integrate better than Spotify? Does the Echo Link have a role to play as an input to the matrix? Thanks!
  4. Perhaps the UK is odd but for domestic solar, there are two meters - one for your import of electricity from the grid and one for how much solar energy is produced. The government assumes you consume 50% of the electricity you generate and therefore you are paid an amount based on the residual 50% that you are assumed to export. Economically, you are therefore incentivised to use as much of your generated electricity as possible because the amount you consume has no impact on the income you receive and therefore it is similar to generated electricity being free. If you can charge your car, run your washing machine, etc. with your solar generation, it is economically most efficient as well as being lowest carbon!
  5. Thank you - that is very helpful. Just to check, I have just one four core cable that currently passes both speaker locations. Should I cut through the full cable and then re-join the white and green cores across the two segments of cable to continue on to the other speaker (where I will ignore the red and black cores)? I assume so - it sounds quit fiddly to just cut the red and black cores to connect to the first speaker without cutting the other two cores.
  6. I have what I am sure is a basic wiring question. I have some Triad speakers and want to get them out of the shed, wired and installed in the ceiling. I will have C4, a Triad matrix and Triad amplifiers - they are not intstalled yet but my wife wants the shed space and to fill the ceiling holes! The first room is a TV room with two ceiling speaker holes. It looks like I have a single four core speaker cable from the central AV location which passes one speaker hole with a loop and then goes to the other speaker hole where it terminates. What do I do with the wires? Presumably I cut the wire at the first speaker hole? How do I wire the 4 input terminals of the speakers? Thanks for your help!
  7. Unfortunately the Roku Ultra is not available in the UK (or at least is not compatible with BBC iPlayer) which is very frustrating given the reliance on WiFi for the other Rokus
  8. I sent an email and PM some time ago but haven’t heard anything so I don’t know what the status is but I am interested in two deadbolts if available? Thanks
  9. Definitely don’t listen to me on anything technical but the prompt for my comment was if the original poster was planning Lutron lighting, presumably they have had Lutron cables installed? While it may be easy to swap from Savant to Control4, I don’t know if the same is true for lighting?
  10. We are in the U.K. and have also just finished a newbuild house. We used Lutron lighting and shades which has been good and we are about to do a Control4 installation for other aspects of the house (general automation, AV, etc), although Control4 installation will be gradual. I understand Control4 and Lutron work well together. From our perspective, having a solid lighting system in first was important and then we could add the home automation system later. Did you use Lutron or CAT6 cabling throughout? I get the impression Lutron cabling is just expensively priced cable with less cores than CAT6 but that is what our Lutron dealer specified.
  11. Hello, I am looking for two deadbolt locks compatible with Control4. My Control4 dealer here in the U.K. says the locks are not available here. I had heard references to a non-US version on the boards here. Can anyone sell two of these to me (new or used!)? Or will the US version work here (and can someone sell me new locks they are willing to post)? Thanks
  12. Does anyone have spare rack ears for the Triad AMS24 matrix which I can buy? Or can I buy it as a spare part from Control4? Thanks!
  13. So are both the R series and the bronze, silver, etc discontinued? Are the IC range such as IC82 materially better? Just wondering whether some of the older ones are worth picking up more cheaply. Thanks!
  14. Is there any comparison of the different Triad in-ceiling speaker ranges? I have been looking at the Triad bronze and silver speakers but there is also the R range - how does bronze compare to R06 for example? Presumably I can use a mix of speakers around the house (but keep the same type of speaker in each room)? Thank you
  15. I would, if they sold it in the U.K.! And you can’t buy the American version if you want UK apps like BBC iPlayer which won’t install on the American Roku. Thanks everyone!
  16. Sorry for the basic question - I haven’t yet got my C4 system installed but I want to buy equipment that is compatible (and I would prefer to use IP drivers for everything). I need to buy a media player (Roku, etc) and I have read the discussions about which is best. However, I don’t think I understand the mini apps. I want to dispense with multiple remotes (TV, media player, Kaleidescape) and use the C4 remote for everything. In order to do this, do I need a mini app for the online services I use (iPlayer, Netflix, prime, itvhub, etc)? For example, I see there is an iPlayer driver on the C4 database. Or is the mini app just to put a shortcut on the C4 OSD and not related to actual app control so it is not worth getting too hung up about it because the device and streaming services on it still work with the C4 remote? I would like a media player with wired ethernet but Roku Ultra is not available in the U.K. so I could go for Apple TV or NowTV but I understand neither of these drivers have mini apps and I don’t know whether this is a big point or not! If I need mini apps, I could buy a Roku Express which is available in the UK but that is WiFi only. I will also get a C4 compatible TV soon (probably Samsung Frame) - hopefully I can use the built-in streaming apps on this with the C4 remote? I guess this doesn’t have a mini apps so the same question applies! Thank you and sorry for the ignorant question!
  17. Great. Is there anything which describes what it does? In particular, can you control the apps like iPlayer, etc? Thanks!
  18. This is a very old thread but does anyone know if the NowTV Smart Box work with C4’s Roku driver? I want an ethernet port so can’t use Roku Express and Roku Ultra is not available in the U.K. Thanks
  19. What makes the Triad better than V3? I am also wondering whether to buy a secondhand V3 or wait to buy a new Triad in the future... Do these need to be setup by dealers or can I do it? Thanks!
  20. SolarEdge (http:// http://www.solaredge.com) seems to be a popular solar generation monitoring system with an API. Is anyone interested in creating a driver for it? It would be great to know when lots of solar energy is being generated and then trigger high energy use equipment. One such use would be to charge an electric car when solar power is generated. Renault have an API for My Z.E. which allows for starting charging.
  21. I had been looking at the Triad audio hardware (particularly the 24 zone audio matrix/switch and the 8 zone/16 channel amplifier and Triad R20 in-ceiling speakers). However, having run out of money after a house-build (which has holes in the ceiling and cables for speakers...) I am looking at secondhand alternatives. One option I have found does not specify the equipment model numbers but includes a Control4 multichannel amplifier and some other equipment (see attached picture) as well as lots of speakers. The speakers are QInstall Qi65C. Can anyone comment on whether this would be just a waste of money on old equipment? Also, the bundle comes with speakerpoints - I have speaker cabling back to a central location where the amplifier would be - I assume I can just ignore/on-sell the speaker points? Thanks very much for your help!
  22. Did you manage to resolve this? I am buying a TV shortly and would like to get the 2019 Frame (in the UK) if it works with Control4... Thanks
  23. I was also planning to get one of these TVs in the U.K. in the next few weeks but I also know someone else with one - is there a setting option I can get them to check which would answer the question regarding whether IP control is available?
  24. Thank you - I think I am clear for now. Was there anything tricky you had to do to get the SmartCom to connect to Control4 after using the app or did it just start working with the Control4 driver immediately and dropped the app functionality? Thank you
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