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  1. I've had music streams cut off recently and director just crashes and restarts. No clue why though. Just about to try a controller reboot and see if that helps anything
  2. Afraid not. The web page will load but the T3 webview doesn't give access to the microphone. https://caniuse.com/#feat=stream (Check the Known Issues tab) Is it possible it could happen? Seeing as it's a "Known Issue", probably - but it would then need C4 to probably update the browser T3 uses which i'm not sure about.
  3. Version 8 is released! Voice messages - record your message and have it announced around the house (with multi room support). Compatible on all modern browsers! Support for BlackWire Driver Manager which allows for better licensing and auto updates! Simple Mode property for the media service which takes you straight to the text input screen instead of the menu page if set to On. Last Announcement Type variable added - it will either be "Text" or "Voice" Driver Download: https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/control4-text-to-speech/ Documentation: https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/wp-content/uploads/Control4-Text-to-Speech-Documentation.pdf
  4. I have yeelight led strip and smart bulb at home and use Alan’s driver and it works amazing. No drop offs in the last year so for some fairly cheap kit it works very well
  5. Looking for a few beta testers to test out the new feature... I am looking for a wide variety of devices (but no super old ones!) to check that the browser compatibility is decent. If you're interested then please PM me. (You will need an active BWD license - trial, showroom or purchased).
  6. Support for this was added with today's V4
  7. v7 released with the custom buttons available on web interface and programming. Backwards compatibility is maintained if you were using programming for anything. That’s all for now! Unless there are bugs the next update is supposed to be the icing on the cake...but no promises I hope you all like it so far and thanks for the support
  8. Currently the custom buttons are shown on the C4 app. the next update adds it to the web interface, programming actions and the test driver action.
  9. Next version will have the custom buttons shown in the web interface, the test action and composer programming (with backward compatibility).
  10. Not at the moment but I can definitely look into adding this
  11. The guide for creating google cloud API keys is here: https://3olxlp2h4a4u9p5jx4my87ku-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/Creating-a-Google-Cloud-Text-to-Speech-API-Key.pdf I do intend to get the submit buttons on the web page soon and some additional functionality as time goes on.
  12. Issue fixed - what must have been some kind of hidden space at the start of the API Key causing it to be invalid
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