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  1. Is Auth definitely off? Can you check it in incognito?
  2. It isn’t that simple. There are different types of drivers. Media services, intercom proxies, utility drivers. Even if you get someone to show you how to develop drivers what will you do? Because you won’t have access to Composer.
  3. Round and round. Round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round, all day long. Until you can understand how a driver works (bindings, proxies, protocols, connections, actions, commands etc.) there isn’t much you would be able to do. You could look at some open source drivers that are probably floating around on github. You could also look at the C4 driver database online, download a few and dig into them - if they aren’t encrypted that is. If at some point you felt like you understood it all I reckon you could email C4 about becoming a partner and getting access to the DriverWorks SDK and development tools. From there, your first driver is a print(“hello world”) away.
  4. It seemed to be a limitation in the driver proxy last time I looked but I'll have another look and see if anything has changed
  5. You’d need to google around for your camera model and see if you find anything
  6. If you can use a web browser and get an image of the camera without requiring any authentication then it’ll work.
  7. Update your driver to the current version whilst in the Lua tab and see if any error shows up briefly as it updates.
  8. Dealer forums & testing tunein driver itself
  9. No idea personally, never used iHeart. Yeah no probs 🙂
  10. A separate driver for iHeart Radio stations similar to this one isn't possible at the moment
  11. I’ve not implemented that (yet, maybe, not sure atm, depends how long it lasts). You can use C4 programming. On Wake Up begins and then using the programming command available to start a station a room.
  12. PM me and we can try and get you running
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