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  1. On that slightly hijacking note, we did add Plate Recogniser support to our driver some time ago if anyone wants to try it out! https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/control4-apnr-alpr/
  2. However. For you Apple users. If you’ve ever wanted to say “Hey siri announce a message” and then speak your message and have it announced. Now you can! You’ll need to setup some port forwarding and a dynamic IP checker. No-IP is what I use. It’s free and you just have to confirm you’re using it every 30 days. Then in Siri Shortcuts: The bit covered in red would be the No-IP domain & forwarded port of the TTS web service. If you don’t use the custom buttons you don’t need the bit in red brackets.
  3. I’ll have a look at 1. I think I messed around with it at some point but didn’t get very far. For 2, it’s been suggested before but I’m not sure how it would work to be honest. There would need to be a way of somehow adding audio binary to Audio binary with screwing up the Audio binary :(
  4. Erm..I sincerely hope it continues! If you’ve had yours for 11 months then I’ve had mine for at least 12 and it’s still running which is the good news. I haven’t been charged, but it may be that you do need to enter some payment details and it’s worth keeping an eye on it. The free tier should last forever and is very generous as far as I’m aware.
  5. ☹️ If anyone knows of an alternative they can be integrated let me know!
  6. Just released V9 which finally has creating events. The delay was due to Google taking over a month with authorising the change in "scopes". Release Notes: * Added ability to create events from C4 navigators. Note: this requires you to reauthorize your Google account * Added ability to view logged in account details and log out of that account * Added ability to begin account log in/authorization from C4 navigators * Added ability to select calendar from C4 navigators. * Fixed bug where event starting at midnight tomorrow would show in today's events * Updated documentation
  7. It sounds like you need to look at the programming for when announcement is executed and also the announcement agent to see if it's selecting all the rooms
  8. Hi im more than happy to take a look remotely. Can you PM me with your account name and change your dealer to Jooced?
  9. I just tested this on 3.1.1 and it worked for me. The default username and password however is what you use on the web interface - default username is admin and password is the normal on
  10. I’m not sure what you mean by providing success and failure rates. The driver does have a confidence level variable which can be used for your 1st example. as for your questions. 1) yes that’s right. 2) I don’t think it’s possible in C4 to attach an image to an email (without other drivers). Most IP camera drivers do let you send a snapshot via email though so you can try that. Failing that, a push notification image would work.
  11. I thought they won’t work any more. We released a DarkSky weather driver which gives a bunch of information for weather as well as the expected forecast in 1, 2 and 3 hours. If you want to check it out: https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/control4-weather-information-darksky/
  12. You could technically use the programming commands to change each of the properties but it does seem a bit pointless. Probably better off having separate drivers.
  13. Yep, but it does give information on what you can do to make it more accurate
  14. This document by Microsoft provides very detailed information about the accuracy, how it works and ways to increase it https://azure.microsoft.com/mediahandler/files/resourcefiles/transparency-note-azure-cognitive-services-face-api/Face API Transparency Note (March 2019).pdf
  15. So if ANPR wasn't enough for you maybe our new face recognition driver will wow you! This driver makes use of Microsoft's Face API and allows you to, via a web interface, add the name of people and add faces to those names. The driver will then work similarly to our ANPR driver and once a programming action is triggered (in C4 programming) we will capture the image from any URL or IP Camera (supporting Basic & Digest authentication) and then try and identify a person in it. If a face is identified then either the Known Face Detected event will be fired which will allow you to mak
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