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  1. Firstly great driver it works flawlessly for me and is used daily as our primary interface. I have been trying the latest alpha due to the netflix support. I know its alpha and will probably change greatly but I thought I would point out the driver seems to detect kodi but the controls dont work stating "bad client permission" in the debugging. Just in case there is a future change to make for when its finally released
  2. Currently on 2.9 and have a hc300 in my system primary as a zigbee extension. Have to upgrade to an alternative before I update unfortunately. Will have a look through the driver although not 100% what to be concentrating on. I did have to make a few amendments before it would even work properly from the manufacturer.
  3. This bug is still doing my head in. We dont have any apple phones in our house but I did try a friends ipad and I can confirm it works fine. It seems to only be the android app with the issue therefore I could safely think its not a driver problem.
  4. Spotify integration

    Yeah I am in Australia and we lose pandora on 31st July. I use a Chromecast also and can use spotify on that but I prefer the proper integration like in Pandora direct in the C4 app or touchscreens rather than using the app to turn on chromecast then the spotify app to control the music. I am trialing Tidal at the moment and it seems very nice and a good alternative.
  5. Spotify integration

    Justinain Can you please explain what has happened? I am just about to buy a sonos connect for the sole purpose of getting spotify into the C4 interface
  6. Just tired this but didnt help. Its like this on two different android phones and a tablet so is obviously a bug somewhere.
  7. Hi I have a HVAC unit (Airstream izone) running in C4. On the touch screens and windows app it displays fine. On android app it shows the in room temp but not if the room is on or off. If I change the room to on it makes the change but the display in the android app remains showing it as off. On the touchscreens it always shows correctly if the room is on or off. Is this likely just an android bug as opposed to a driver bug?
  8. Cinegration, just a quick question. Should the intercom work with a Infinity Edge 7" Touch Screen C4-TSWMC7? When running the auto setup it states "No touchscreens detected in project" and sets it up without SIP. Are there certain requirements to make it detect? Thanks
  9. Is there any way to make the context menu be the menu button on the remote as I cannot seem to see what the menu button does by default?
  10. Hi Does anyone have issues with foxtel IR signals being a little intermittant? It seems to mainly be the scroll buttons but it only reads every second or third clicks at times when trying to arrow through the guide. Most of the time inputting numbers works without missing a number but its not perfect. I saw a mentiona bout wide angle IR buds. Would this help? Thanks
  11. Alan Just wondering if there was any progress in the hydrawise or if it isn't progressing
  12. Thats great news I would definately look at purchasing this driver once its avaialble.
  13. Alex I started to try make one. The API is pretty easy but C4 drivers are a bit beyond my skill set. Im sure if enough people use it someone might write one.
  14. Its a Raspberry Pi, I changed the port to 8080 (from 80) and rebooted and its kicked into life. Thanks Time for a play but it looks like its well worth a purchase.