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  1. This is why I had to ask... I almost never use Aux Keypads, preferring a 2-button keypad in place of the formerly 3-way switches. The instructions were not clear to me, as the instructions for the Aux Keypad say "for wiring instructions, refer to the examples in documentation for the main switch/dimmer" (or something to that effect) and when I checked the instructions for an APD, it gives an example for "Multiple Device Location using Auxiliary Keypad". Singular. No examples for more than one keypad. I tend to take things very literally (especially when dealing with electricity), so I wouldn't personally connect more than one keypad without verifying it was OK. I don't do electrical wiring, I call someone who knows that business, but they don't know Control4 and the last thing I want to do is blow a switch or dimmer because I told the electrician to do something stupid.
  2. Yeah, derp. This is why I too, hire an electrician. Makes total sense. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Agree that OP should hire an electrician, but that said, the installation instructions don’t cover multi-aux keypad installations. Can one run multiple aux keypads to a single dimmer? If so, how is that wired? Can you use the travelers between switch 3, 4, and potentially more be used to wire them in parallel? Or do they all have to “home run” back to the master dimmer?
  4. While I've never seen this particular set of instructions before, QNAP is a Control4 partner, so it doesn't totally shock me. None of this is really earth shattering - the media is scanned/accessed using the standard C4 digital media driver. The Plex and HDMI connectivity could have been done before with existing drivers as well. The QNAP driver does seem to nicely tie everything together in an easy to install/program package. The QNAP driver also looks like it's been updated recently, so maybe it has some more tricks up its sleeve?
  5. livitup

    iPad app is now unstable

    Another interesting wrinkle that I didn't consider mentioning until now... Last night I used my phone to run my bedtime macro and everything went fine, including starting a TuneIn stream in my bedroom. This morning I woke up and according to the iOS app none of my rooms had listen or watch endpoints. I tried killing and restarting the app, which had no effect. Then I disconnected from my system and reconnected, and after downloading all the settings, things were back to normal. I chalked it up to a temporary glitch, but maybe it's a symptom of a bigger problem. This was on an iPhone 8 Plus running the current iOS, so hardly old/unsupported gear.
  6. livitup

    iPad app is now unstable

    I have an iPad running the app in dedicated mode. A couple nights ago, my wife unplugged it and flipped it face down in the middle of the night because it was on the home screen (bright) as opposed to the C4 screensaver (dark-ish). The only reason for it to be on the home screen is if the C4 app crashed. As the iPad was set to never lock/dim, it died overnight. I had noticed it on the home screen a couple other times, but never actually saw it crash. Rather than troubleshoot the problem, I used this as leverage to buy a tabletop T3.
  7. I just set this up - one Spotify driver for each room, with "Auto Room Select" for the room. It powers on the room and switches the input to Spotify as soon as you start streaming to the Spotify Connect "zone". For the AMS matrix, there is a Parametric EQ available through Composer, including HE. Shoot me a PM if you need help setting up the Spotify stuff.
  8. livitup

    T3 Tabletop Touchscreens

    The current version has the -1 in every part number except the 10 inch table top version. TT7-1-BL is the current part number for a black 7” table top I’m not sure what the difference between a -1 model and a non -1 model is, but I’m sure someone here can chime in.
  9. I’ve not noticed any problems (beyond the usual DirecTV sucks problems). The only limitation I’m aware of is that you can’t power a mini on via IP (not C4’s fault - the mini doesn’t support it). That’s why there’s the option for disabling power off in the driver. You’ll need to manually power them back on after a power failure, I suspect, but other than that they’ve worked fine.
  10. Here ya go. I have the 4K Genie and 3 mini receivers. You don't need a driver at all for the Genie, only the minis. You should have one copy of the driver installed per mini. The IP address entered in the driver is the Genie - it should be the same IP address for all the copies of the driver. The magic is in the 'Location Name' field. This has to match what you have set up with DirecTV. You can view/change the location names on the DirecTV website. I just have mine called '1' '2' and '3' because they are all in my rack.
  11. @rolldog I have this exact setup in my home and it works perfectly. Let me know if you can't get it to work and I can post a screen shot.
  12. livitup

    C4-AMP108 problem

    I think it's a dead amp, but crossing my fingers otherwise. It's possible that half of it is still usable even if some components inside are fried.
  13. livitup

    Insufficient space

    Delete cover art or announcements... that would be my first suggestion. Back them up first, so you can reload after the upgrade. If you don't have a lot of either one of those, then I'm at a loss...
  14. livitup

    Dealer Discounting

    Ah, are you acting as GC, or literally building it yourself? If the former, then are you haggling with the plumbers over the cost of each T-joint, or are you paying the contractor to do what you contract them to do? It's a loaded question - I hope it's the second answer, and if so, consider this just another sub. If the plumbers cost too much, then you substitute cheaper fixtures in the guest bathroom. If C4 is too much maybe you switch to 7" touch screens instead of 10" or "better" quality speakers instead of "best" quality. If you're literally building it yourself, well, then in this case you're screwed. You can't shop for this like it's plumbing components. It's going to cost what it's going to cost. If you're unhappy with the cost, reduce the scope. Tough reality, but it is the reality in industries where the supply chain is restricted access. You're free to cobble together your own system using components available to consumers like Hue, Insteon, WiMo, etc. My business partner did exactly that, and he's happy with his ability to tell Google Assistant to turn on/off his lights. He can't understand why it's important to me to have unified control and automation of all my devices in one system. He doesn't understand why I'd pay triple the cost of his Nest doorbell for a DS2. To each their own.
  15. livitup

    Dealer Discounting

    One thing that helped me through this process in my own house (15 zones of audio, 8 zones of distributed 4k video, locks, lights, theater, etc.) was to consider the effort as buying a single finished end product, rather than a bunch of components and labor. When you buy a new (or used) car, you pay the price for the car, negotiated sometimes, but you don't haggle over the cost of the engine or the seats. When you repair a car, you get an itemized list of all the parts and labor, and you can see the new starter cost 'x' and the new battery 'y' and you can comparison shop/haggle/research to see if you got screwed. I wanted to treat this process like a car repair. I wanted to know the cost of each speaker, the EA-5, the IO extender, the light switches. How much discount are they giving me? Can I get it cheaper from another dealer or online (gasp!)? Instead my dealer gave me a contract: We will install 15 pairs of xyz speaker, one in each of the following rooms: ... We will install C4 dimmers and light switches to automate lighting in the following locations: ... We will install xyz projector, xyz screen, xyz AVR, etc. in the theater. We will install xyz locks on the following doors: ... The contract came with a total price. The car buying experience. I was able to look at the cost, look at what I would achieve for that cost from terms of "I can listen to music now" rather than "I will have DT6.5R speakers installed". I was able to ask myself "would I be happy paying 'X' to achieve all the things this system will provide for me?" In the end, I said "Yes, I will be happy." I stroked a check, and never looked back. My wife now wants to know when I'm going to get the next round of touch panels installed. We love our system. I totally get your perspective. I am an IT professional who has never paid anyone to do work like this before...ever. I built my own home theater from scratch with my own two hands in our first house. I still assemble PCs when I want a new computer at home. Actually, that's probably another good analogy. Think of this as walking into the store and buying an off the shelf PC, rather than scouring Pricewatch for the best deal on CPUs. The process is somewhat opaque, which frustrates type A personalities like myself, but if you can step back and enjoy it, you will enjoy it. Of course this is all free advice on the Internet, worth exactly what you paid for it. Feel free to tell me to shove it.