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  1. Use the Leaf (Control4) matrix when you need to do this kind of stuff. Probably not the answer you wanted, but it’s the answer. The Leaf downmixing models have audio outputs that are switched by the matrix independent of the source and destination. So for example, if I’m watching AppleTV in my living room, I’m using video input 4, video output 7, and audio output 1. When my wife turns on a cable box in our bedroom, the matrix switches video input 2, video output 5, and audio output 2. If I add another room into my AppleTV session, the audio matrix handles the switching of the two rooms to the one input, so everything is in synch. I’m not aware of a audio/video matrix pair that integrate together as well as Control4’s. But I expect the Video over IP systems like JAP will do it correctly too.
  2. livitup

    TCP/IP *Input* to C4

    Yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking of. Apologies to Ryan for confusing him with a power user! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. livitup

    120V Rope Light

    We used to... a long, but fun read... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_of_the_currents
  4. livitup

    Luma IP Cameras/NVR PSA

    Does anyone know if new software is available yet? I assume it would come in the form of new NVR firmware?
  5. There is a resolution limit to what C4 will show on navigators, either OSD from controllers or touchpanels. Even the EA series have a pretty low maximum resolution. If your camera stream is outputting anything higher than that, it will not show on the navigator. OSD will tell you what the max resolution is via an error message on the screen. I forget what the max is, but I have run into this problem myself. Your options are: Install cameras with a single feed that is C4 compatible, at the drawback of not having clearer images available via the camera's own app or recorded on the NVR. Install cameras with a single feed that is not compatible - you'll get max resolution via the camera/NVR's native app, but nothing through C4. However, the NVR's HDMI output can be connected to a TV or Matrix for display on one or more TVs. Install cameras with multiple feed capabilities - you'll get the best of both worlds, but these cameras are more expensive than those with a single feed. You would generally speaking connect with the app from the NVR company, though anything is possible with sufficient network programming.
  6. livitup

    Video over IP Matrix Switch (23x10)

    This has not been my experience. I use AppleTVs and DirecTV boxes connected to a Leaf matrix, with LG and Sony TVs and an Epson projector connected as displays. I have everything set to 4K HDR@24FPS. The picture quality has been very satisfactory for me. I am not trying to suggest you're wrong - just offering my experience. Perhaps it's more of an individual judgement or it's equipment dependent? I don't think it's an absolute truth that "the motion is very jittery and is not smooth at all."
  7. I'm aware of Alan's driver to send configurable TCP and HTTP commands from Control4 to something listening on the network. I'm looking for the opposite. I have a physical button, that when pushed will send a HTTP GET or POST to a URL. I would like to use these as "room off" buttons or maybe to run an "Away" macro. So I need a way for Control4 to be listening to a port, receive TCP commands, and execute some programming based on the TCP command. So for example, if I'll send a HTTP POST to the controller like /roomoff/greatroom and I want to run Room Off in the Great Room. A different button would send /roomoff/office and in that case I'd want to send Room Off to the office. I could have sworn I saw something like this before, I think it was on a blog, and I think it was from a techie user, not an official dealer or driver developer. Help?
  8. livitup

    Kaleidescape HDR/SDR

    @alanchow Checking in... if it's not ready for prime time, but you'd like a beta tester, I suppose I could volunteer... We'll be watching a ton of movies over the holidays, and this would be too cool for school.
  9. livitup

    Control4 Equalizer App - FREE

    Yeah, the original post is from 2011. This only works with old touch panels and the Adobe Air app.
  10. livitup

    NYCE sensor zigbee question

    The NYCE garage door sensors were one of the best things I ever added to my system!
  11. 1) Interrupt a command being sent - no, I don't believe so. Commands are only sent based on a user action or a program... if select "watch -> PS4" then I expect the programming related to that to fire. What, specifically, are you trying to accomplish in this scenario? 2) Special commands - the "Custom Buttons" agent allows you to create 4 "drawers" for custom functions you can program against. They will show up in the upper/lower left/right corners of the T3/onscreen/ios/android interfaces, and under the "list -> custom buttons" menu on the physical remotes. Create the "drawers" and "buttons" within the drawers in the agent config, and then write the programming for what happens when a button is selected in the programming interface.
  12. livitup

    Composer authentication

    To answer this part of the question: one must be approved by C4 to be a dealer, which requires a physical storefront, a minimum purchase commitment, and many other hurdles. It's not like a Microsoft or Cisco certification that anyone can sit for. Then yes, a dealer must maintain a number of certified programmers - for which there is cost involved in the training to become certified. To get access to Composer Pro (which gives one access to the bits missing from ComposerHE that HTA mentioned above) one must either be a dealer, or work for a dealer. Some people who work for dealers also offer remote programming services, your friend could ask here (technically on the "Looking for an Integrator" board on this forum) for someone interested in doing that work. If you are interested in doing automation programming for your friend without adding/deleting/modifying the components connected to the system, then your friend could buy a license for ComposerHE from any dealer, and give you the credentials to login to his C4 account. With those credentials, you could download, and use the HE version of Composer on his system. You friend must have credentials to the Control4 customer website - for a dealer not to set that up for a system owner would be egregious. Those are the credentials that your friend could give you to access the ComposerHE software, if he so chose. I think the HE version of the software allows the user to program their own system remotely - but it's been a while since I've used HE, so I forget. If not, another potential gotcha is that you would need to be on the same network (or connected via VPN) to your friend's LAN.
  13. livitup

    WTB Dimmer Color Change Kit

    Sorry, @alf1096 I missed your reply to my original question. Control4 doesn’t sell the buttons for gen1 lighting any more, so you’re going to be stuck finding new-old stock, or buying used. For anyone looking for gen 1 buttons, your best bet might be buying used switches from ebay, swapping the buttons, and re-selling them. You will probably manage to change your buttons for not much money. @kpot96 the kit for your auxiliary keypads has an MSRP of $8. Shipping costs more than that. Your best bet is going to be finding a nearby authorized dealer and asking them to add it in to their next order.
  14. livitup

    WTB Dimmer Color Change Kit

    For Gen 1 light switches, or Gen 2 light switches?
  15. livitup

    c4 system

    The HC-800 went end of sale in early 2016. None of this equipment is "less than a year old". A few of the items you've listed are still usable with the latest OS and other components, many are not. I say this not to upset you or torpedo your sale... only to calibrate your expectations. If someone told you this gear was less than a year old, then they lied to you. Good luck with your sale!