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  1. Hc-300 with rack mount. FREE

    PM Sent.
  2. Yes, it's an HC-800-BL-1... already verified that.
  3. OK, I should have read like one more paragraph in the PDF I'm looking over. It appears the answers are: Yes Yes, he should "Deregister Controller" in his login Yes, I can register it once I have my account. Side question - what happens if he doesn't deregister it? Is there a way to "usurp" a controller? Still interested in the drawbacks of him just giving me the customer account...
  4. Apologize if this is answered 1000 times already, but couldn't find any clear guidance via search. In a previous post I asked advice on buying a HC-800 from a friend who is moving. I decided to go ahead with the buy. What is the "right" and/or "best" way to get the controller transferred to me so I can use Does a dealer need to set up my initial account? (I do not currently have any Control4 equipment, so no customer account.) Does my friend need to do anything special to "release" the controller so that I can register it? Once I have an account, can I link the controller to my account, or does a dealer need to do that too? Is there a drawback to him changing the password, giving me the login information, and then me changing the email address and password to my own information (assuming they even let you change email addresses)? Advice appreciated!
  5. Can you send me the information too? New home going up in NOVA.
  6. What TVs support IP Control

    Did you ever figure anything out about this? I just ordered the 5040UB and would prefer to avoid IR as well.
  7. Do you mean this one? If so, I think I can live within those "limitations" in order to get poster art, play/pause/timeline in the c4 app.
  8. HC800 - Disadvantages?

    Why are you left out? The HC800 is supported by 2.10...
  9. Are these bugs still around, and if so, what are the bugs? I have a rather large (DRM-ed) iTunes movie library. I have a dedicated always on PC, and an AppleTV. My goal is to have the movies in my iTunes library in Watch->Movies with cover art, etc. Select a movie and it starts playing. Will the bugs prevent this from working?
  10. HC800 - Disadvantages?

    Too many excellent replies to quote them all, so thank you to everyone who took the time to reply. I've had a little more time to think about what was worrying me about this... I have no problem starting off with the HC800, knowing that it is going to need to be replaced some time in the next few years, and building a system around it. The situation i REALLY want to avoid is buying a controller that doesn't support current generation hardware. For example, if I buy a touch screen, I want to buy the current one. I do not want to buy/build an entire system of previous generation hardware. It sounds like the HC800 can support everything out there today (even os 2.10!) and as long as I accept the fact that I'll have to upgrade it soon-ish, that I can start building a system with it and other current-generation hardware, and just swap the controller when the time comes. If that's wrong, please let me know, otherwise I think I'm going to pull the trigger. (Oh, and my car is a 2008 model I bought in 2014. )
  11. I have the opportunity to acquire a HC-800 based system for a reasonable price. A friend is moving and is giving me the option to buy his system, rather than him part it out on eBay or sell it with the house. I realize the HC series is the previous generation, but what am I giving up by not going with an EA- based system? My goals are whole home audio, lighting control, and either whole home video, or at a minimum, video automation. The system offered is a controller, a handful of remotes and light switches. This is basically a "should I buy into the C4 ecosystem, or roll my own" question. I'm not afraid of rolling my own, but I'd be lieing if I said C4 wasn't my ultimate goal. I just don't think I can afford a new C4 system from scratch and I'm looking at this as a way to get a jump start on the cheap. I just don't have a good handle on what I'd be giving up by going with a HC based controller. I realize this post is light on details, and I'm willing to answer any questions needed to get to a better answer. Thoughts and comments appreciated!
  12. AVR as source or destination?

    Got it. My thinking was that since I already need to stash the 4kDVD player and Xbox in the room somewhere, stashing the AVR in the room too wouldn't hurt anything. Now you've got me worried about my HT interior design again. I think I'm going to take a holiday from all this and go pregame some turkey.
  13. OK, I'm going to take a step back. Here are my requirements: Basement HT room: faux-k projector and 7.1 sound (already have an AVR.) Basement pool table area: Television and 2 channel sound Basement bar area: Television and 2 channel sound Family room: Television and 2 channel sound Study: Television and 2 channel sound Dining room: 2 channel sound Sunroom: 2 channel sound Kitchen: 2 channel sound Master Sitting Room: Television and 2 channel sound Master Bedroom: 2 channel sound Master Bathroom: 2 channel sound Kid 1 Bedroom: Television and 2 channel sound Kid 2 Bedroom: Television and 2 channel sound Spare Bedroom: 2 channel sound Patio: 2 channel sound Sources that should be available to all zones: Apple Music SiriusXM iTunes video content DirecTV Roku 100-Disc DVD changer Sources that are for a specific zone: 4k BluRay player (theater only) My Xbox (theater only) Kid1 Xbox (Kid 1 Bedroom only) Kid 2 Xbox (Kid 2 Bedroom only) I want any zone to be able to play any audio or video content (except the 4 sources dedicated to a specific zone). For example: Getting ready in the morning, I would like to have CNN (DirecTV) on the Master Sitting Room TV, with the sound going through the speakers in both the Master Sitting Room and the Master Bathroom speakers. But my wife is not a TV person. When she wakes up, she wants to have her Apple Music playlist going through the Master Bedroom, Master Sitting Room, and Master Bathroom speakers. On sports night, I would like to have the theater, bar, and pool table TVs all playing the same channel from DirecTV, with the sound in all three places. Kid 1 is in his room playing Xbox on his TV and speakers. When it's bedtime, he turns off the TV and streams his Apple playlist to his speakers. Wife and I are in the family room. We watch a movie using AppleTV/iTunes on the TV and speakers in that room. When the movie is over, we listen to Sirius, but when we can't find a station with a song we like, we switch to listening to an Apple Music playlist. If you haven't noticed, we are heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem. My wife refuses to switch to Spotify, Rhapsody, or anything else. We started with iTunes match, and subscribed to Apple Music as soon as it came out. We have about 100 movies purchased through iTunes. I'm already prepared to dedicate a computer to each AppleTV in the system to get to that content through the iTunes driver. And of course, being a control freak, I want all this done through the touchpads/OSD of the Control4 system. No swapping through apps on people's phones to airplay locally played content. Is this nirvana possible?
  14. But it's the fact that I want to use HDMI/Dobly sources to feed stereo zones that means I'm stuck either moving/replacing the sources, or buying the -D series... Correct? Anyone able to comment on the price differential between an 8x8 regular matrix and an 8x8 -D matrix?