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  1. HC800BL-1 FS

    Don’t need the HC800, but if your buyer doesn’t need the rack ears, tell them to PM me and I’ll buy it off them.
  2. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    Just picked up two LGs... the original plan was to put them in my basement, but after seeing this driver in action, they may need to take a more prominent place in the house.
  3. Pardon the Necropost... I'm going to install the 5040UB in my theater and I'd like to be able to take advantage of the projector's lens memory features to store different zoom settings for 16:9 and 2.35 content on a Cinemascope screen. There's two buttons on the remote "Lens 1" and "Lens 2", to recall the first two stored settings. Does anyone have experience with a C4 driver accessing any of the more advanced features of this projector besides basic power on/power off?
  4. Apple TV 4K, Infuse and Control4

    Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, I can't break the DVD/BluRay encryption to host files locally and use a Dune or Kodi box. I've thought long and hard about KScape, but the hardware costs are prohibitive right now. The majority of my videos are DRMed iTunes movies. We are big Apple users, with Macs at home, and about 8 iOS devices between the family. Though with the new Movies Anywhere service, the now mostly ported to Vudu, Google, and Amazon. If there was a streaming service for one of those that had the ability to integrate with C4's media database and had the ability to have C4 send a command to the streamer to start a specific movie (without me using an OSD from that app), I'd consider switching. I'm planning on trying a technique @South Africa C4 user has documented before: using a combination of always-on computers running iTunes, the iTunes Driver to AirPlay the movies to the AppleTVs, and the MyCollection driver to get the metadata out of iTunes and into C4's media navigators. I was just surprised by his post as he seems to have given up on a solution that was (99%) working for full integration, in order to go back to a standalone app/standalone OSD.
  5. Apple TV 4K, Infuse and Control4

    I hate software companies that don't clearly explain what their product does. Their website is very colorful and has lots of neat icons, but I have no idea what this application does. I've been chasing the same grail that I think you were: select a movie on the navigator, tv turns on and starts playing the movie. My best guess is that this app is basically Kodi or Plex for AppleTV. You supply video files, it streams them to your display device. But unless I'm missing something, Infuse doesn't integrate with the C4 navigator, and so the "watch a movie workflow" becomes turn on the TV and AppleTV, use TVOS to start the app, use the app's on screen navigator to pick a movie, and play it. Am I missing something? Can it play DRM movies from ITunes? Can it do so without a "host" airplaying it to the AppleTV (Mac, PC, or iOS device)? Unless I'm missing something this seems like a step backwards... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. In wall lcr

    Definitive Technology LCR 5.5 sounds incredible and will fit vertically between existing studs. If you’re opening the wall, you can have the builder create a framed rectangle (like a window opening) for the 6.5s, which sound even better. But the 6.5s are just a smidge too big to fit in a standard wall.
  7. I forgot to add: In order to make this work you need as many Apple TVs and iTunes desktop applications running as you want unique streams. Kid 'A' watching Sing! in his room while Kid 'B' watches the same feed of Sing! in her room can technically be done with a single iTunes/Apple TV combo (assuming C4 is smart enough to switch it that way). Pause one, pause both. Kid 'A' watching Sing! in his room while Kid 'B' watches Finding Dory in her room requires two iTunes desktop applications and two Apple TVs. This is because a single iTunes can Airplay one stream to multiple destinations, but not multiple streams at the same time. You should be able to use any computer that is capable of running the iTunes desktop application and supporting an AirPlay stream. The media itself can be stored on a NAS or something like that to avoid copies of all the movies being on all the computers. Your Atom will work if it will run Windows and iTunes and send a stream via AirPlay without choking to death. You can test it all before hooking up to C4 by manually starting an AirPlay to an AppleTV. I want three unique streams, so I'll have three AppleTVs hooked up to my matrix, and three Windows Virtual Machines running on a VMware host I already have. You could use a single, moderately powerful computer and run free virtualization software on it (such as VirtualBox) to create three Windows desktops.
  8. You need an iTunes client and an AppleTV for this to work. You pick a movie, C4 uses the iTunes driver to contact a copy of the regular iTunes desktop application running on any PC or Mac. The driver tells iTunes "play this movie (or song) and AirPlay it to that AppleTV." Then C4 switches your TV to the AppleTV. Because the driver is talking to iTunes, and not the Apple TV directly, you don't have full control of the AppleTV at that point. For example, you can't press "menu" to get back to the AppleTV OSD. It appears that even fast forward and rewind don't work - you're limited to play/pause/stop. But this makes sense when you remember you are talking to iTunes, not Apple TV. There is no way to tell an AppleTV to play a particular library item. This isn't C4's fault - Apple has not exposed that functionality. So your choices are: To have C4 talk directly to the AppleTV, in which case you get all the remote control commands, but your workflow to watch a movie starts at the AppleTV OSD, then arrowing over to "Movies" then arrowing around to the movie you want, and then pressing "Play". To have C4 talk to iTunes, which gives you a more "Kaladiscape-esque" experience where you pick cover art from the C4 Navigator and then your TV turns on and the movie starts playing. (I'm ignoring for the sake of this argument that Kaladiscape also has an available OSD of movie posters that you can arrow around in, and instead focusing on their native app or C4 integration through the Chowmain driver.) There are clearly drawbacks and benefits to both. I started this thread because I want the Kaladiscape-esque experience and I had a discussion with @South Africa C4 user several months ago that showed it was possible for media in an iTunes library. I also know it's possible for DRM-free media in a NAS, but that option is not available to me. I was wondering if there are any other services that would also integrate with the C4 media database.
  9. So at first glance, that's pretty much exactly what I want. So here's the $64k question. I see in the Chowmain driver screenshots, that it looks like the driver only works within itself... in other words, it's not integrated with C4 My Movies, but it's using the KScape database to populate those screens. So if I had movie 'A' in iTunes (accessible through iTunes driver) and movie 'B' in UV/Vudu (accessible through KScape), they would not show up next to each other on the same "cover art browser". I would have to know that "Airplane" is in UltraViolet/Vudu, so therefore go watch it from KScape, and that "Born on the 4th of July" is in iTunes, so go watch it from my movies. And to be fair, iTunes =~ KScape store, and AppleTV =~ Strato. KScape has the added benefit of being hooked into UV, which until Movies Anywhere dropped, was impossible in the Apple ecosystem. So, maybe the better question really is this: What is the list of players/drivers that will integrate their content with C4's built-in media databases? iTunes library via iTunes driver and always on PC to run iTunes and airplay to an AppleTV Discs that I've manually added to the DB, and that C4 will prompt me to insert when I want to watch them (not happening!) ???
  10. Yeah, I know, hence my "problem". I'd be willing to argue fair use against copyright lawyers, but the DMCA has me by the throat until someone decides to fix that (fat chance!). Donate to the EFF, friends. Ouch. Was hoping to keep the costs on this planet. I've seen YouTube videos of the Kalidescape on-screen interface, but not a whole lot of info on Kalidescape via C4. I guess the Kalidescape -> UltraViolet link would let me do the disk-to-digital through Kalidescape. Most of the movies in my iTunes library, I also have physical copies of, so the "rebuy" cost would be limited to the conversion fee. Does Kalidescape pull your UltraViolet movies in to C4's database? My big thing is that I don't want to use arrow keys to scroll through a wall of poster art. I've got touch screens, the touch screens are capable of displaying movie art. I want to tap a movie and have it start up in the selected room. Should be simple! Gosh, I wish UltraViolet and Apple would hook up. That would solve the VAST majority of my problems.
  11. Here's my idea of nirvana, hoping it's possible with Control4... Legally getting rid of all my BluRays. All my movies in the native navigator with poster art. I know the simple answer is to rip them from home and stream them from a NAS, but unfortunately that's not possible for me. Because of that, we have a pretty big iTunes movie library. I'm assuming that a combo of an always on PC running iTunes, an Apple TV, and the iTunes and Apple TV drivers will get my iTunes movie library into Control4's database? (I'd appreciate validation, or not, on that assumption). That leaves me with a pile of DVD and BluRay discs that we bought before we settled on iTunes, or that didn't come with digital copies through iTunes. So I've been thinking of paying Walmart to do the physical-to-digital transfer bit. And their new-ish at home transfer service looks pretty cool. And the newest twist is that Disney has rebranded "Disney Movies Anywhere" as "Movies Anywhere." They are linking Vudu with iTunes, and whatever you have in one, shows up in the other. Assuming the title is from a participating studio, of course. I figure that with all of this, I'll still have stragglers. (Movies Anywhere put about half of my Vudu titles in iTunes when I signed up). So here's the real question. Is there any way to get purchased movies from streaming services (Vudu or others) into Control4, so I can have them catalogued, and hopefully tap the poster art and have the movie start playing?
  12. WiFi Solutions

    Any reason besides cost and the licensing model that people don’t like the Cisco Meraki stuff? I’ve used it commercially and love it. I’m a network engineer by trade, so I’d love something a little more “enterprise grade.” I can get a pretty good discount on the hardware and licenses through the Cisco sales team I use at work.
  13. Hc-300 with rack mount. FREE

    PM Sent.
  14. Yes, it's an HC-800-BL-1... already verified that.
  15. OK, I should have read like one more paragraph in the PDF I'm looking over. It appears the answers are: Yes Yes, he should "Deregister Controller" in his login Yes, I can register it once I have my account. Side question - what happens if he doesn't deregister it? Is there a way to "usurp" a controller? Still interested in the drawbacks of him just giving me the customer account...