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  1. Sorry, I didn't mean to suggest I had any knowledge one way or the other. I should have started the "I'm not aware of any" sentence with the qualifier that I have done absolutely no research. I know next to nothing about any system other than C4, and I don't spend much time researching them. I don't have Google or Android hardware, so I wouldn't know from that angle either. It's interesting information that Savant and Crestron work with Google Home. That proves it's not impossible for a control and automation system to work with Google Home, and it justifies some of the displeasure with C4 for not having that feature.
  2. Serious question: What control and automation system like Control4 does integrate with Google Home/Assistant today? Note the bold text. Smartthings, Wink, etc. are not control and automation systems like Control4. I'm not aware of any, which if true, means there's something more fundamental that's preventing this from happening. If it was possible, then C4, Crestron, RTI, Savant, or someone would have done it by now. Get mad at C4 all you want, but I think it's pretty useless to get mad at a company for failing to do the impossible.
  3. livitup

    OT: Sonos help needed/ not C4 related

    Be sure to let us know how it goes. I need closure...
  4. livitup

    OT: Sonos help needed/ not C4 related

    Except he’s tried that and it doesn’t work. Sonos streaming sources work. Wall plates to amp work. Wall plates to Sonos line in doesn’t work. Phone to Sonos line in doesn’t work. If the problem was with the wall plates, wiring, etc. then it wouldn’t work when it was connected to the amp. Beyond the typical “Sonos Sucks” which I realize isn’t helpful, I got nuthin’.
  5. livitup

    WTB:Door locks in Bronze Used or New

    Handle or deadbolt? Any brand in particular? 5 buttons, 10 buttons, or no buttons? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. livitup

    Luma IP Cameras/NVR PSA

    Got bit by this myself. Luckily I have a Windows VM with IE on it to use as a backup. Please do update us if you hear back from them.
  7. livitup

    EA3 vs EA5?

    Additional controllers do not increase “horsepower”. One controller in every project is running the “director” process. It has all the drivers installed on it, has all the programming on it, and manages the system. Extra controllers add on-screen displays, audio streams, I/O ports, and (optionally) extend the Zigbee network through additional Zigbee access points and Zigbee servers. EA-1 used to be limited to single room, single controller projects, but that limitation was removed in the latest OS release. It is still not recommended to use 3+ EA-1s due to the director situation mentioned above.
  8. livitup


    Having some issues with Sirius... I am running into the spinning circle problem with Sirius Favorites, using both a T3, and iOS devices. Also if I choose the "Add to Favorites" or "Remove from Favorites" options when I tap a station in the station list, or if I hit the little star icon in a now playing screen nothing happens. Additionally, and worse - one of the stations we really like to listen to, Diplo's Revolution has just stopped working. It tunes the station, and it looks like it's "now playing", but there's no sound, and there's no artist/track information displayed. I've logged in/out of Sirius, refreshed navigators, and we're using the latest Sirius drivers. Any ideas?
  9. livitup

    4K HDR & Atmos through C4 Matrix

    Mine work with 4K HDR through my Leaf matrix. I haven't gotten the Atmos update yet, so I don't know about that, but I'd imagine it should work... I have all mine set to 4k/24Hz/4:2:2, (I think that's right...) as that is the maximum my projector will support (Epson 5040UB) - I have no idea if that's part of the magic or not. The default "turn on 4k/HDR and test" mode did not work for me - but I don't know if that's because my projector is connected to the matrix, or what. The spec sheet for the matrix says it does HDR at up to 4k/30Hz/4:2:0. Again, these are not settings that are tried by the AppleTV 4k test wizard. You have to go into the settings, pick "More Resolutions" and manually set. If you haven't gotten it working by tomorrow afternoon, I can fire up my home system and get more detailed info.
  10. livitup

    annex⁴ - Voice Genie (TTS)

    Thanks! I figured that meant rendered and played. They should really rename that action!
  11. livitup

    annex⁴ - Voice Genie (TTS)

    I might be daft, but the "Synthesize Speech" action isn't playing the announcement - what I've read makes me believe it should be... am I right? This does nothing (though the WAV File is created/updated, so if I manually play it, it's accurate) But this works perfectly... Should the first example work?
  12. livitup


    Excellent point. It’s rated at 15 Amps.
  13. livitup


    Presumably it’s cheaper than a Zigbee switch, so the use case would be something like a customer has a light switch they want automated and a garbage disposal they don’t care to automate. Today we would use a C4 switch and a non-matching switch from the hardware store, or spend a lot of unnecessary money on a zigbee switch for the garbage disposal. The new mechanical switch would be used for the garbage disposal, has no zigbee so it’s cheaper, but matches the light switch so better than the random decora switch from the hardware store. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. livitup

    Local Video File Playback

    I found it. Awesome. I also didn't know there was an installation guide beyond what was in the documentation tab in Composer. I'm reading it cover to cover now. I knew I wasn't going to be able to do it through my K. I have the video files on my NAS, so something as simple as a Pi could do it, except Pi doesn't support Atmos, and I want to play the Atmos trailers. If the video files are just plain MP4 videos (or whatever) without DRM, and they're sitting on a NAS, then C4 should be able to index them and add them to My Movies, right? Someone named @mwiz visited the site once, announced a VLC driver, and then disappeared. VLC would be perfect for the Atmos trailer. The trivia/trailers thing might require me to code something up myself. I was really trying to avoid doing that, but I've yet to find a standalone pre-show application that isn't tied into the same ecosystem as the movies themselves.
  15. livitup

    Kaleidescape HDR/SDR

    You. Complete. Me.