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  1. livitup

    Integrating reclining sofa

    Now this is interesting. Does your sofa have any kind of remote or anything, or just the buttons on the side?
  2. livitup

    Multiple Controllers and 4site

    To your first question, yes you are correct, beyond buying the controllers and paying your dealer to install them, there will be no additional charges. 4site covers your house, regardless of how many controllers are in it. Regarding your second question, I would worry about the following: Will they be DOA? Are they running a software version newer than everything else in my house (if older, your dealer can/will upgrade, but if your existing stuff isn't on 2.10.1 and the new ones are, he'd have to upgrade all your existing gear). That's all I can think of in terms of potential problems...
  3. livitup

    Keypad Dimmer

    It will work fine. The buttons just all need to be configured as connected (dealer managed) or programmed (dealer or user managed through HE). If you already have leftovers, then go for it, but the price difference between keypads and keypad dimmers is significant, so I wouldn’t spec it out that way if it’s a new system.
  4. I'm trying to use the "Input Gain" slider on the Triad Matrix's properties to normalize the volume between HDMI sources (DirecTV and AppleTV) and EA-5 provided streams. Adjusting the slider changes the numbers next to the slider, but that's the only apparent effect it's having - it doesn't change the volume coming out of the speakers. Am I missing something obvious like a "Set" button? The correct connections are made, the slider is active (not grayed out), etc. It just doesn't... do... anything... to any input...
  5. IR vs. IP is a holy war. Think Christians vs. Romans. I'm an IP fan. The one thing that IR can never give is feedback to C4. IP drivers can be written to incorporate feedback. For example, I have 2 AVRs in my house, one is controlled by IR and one by IP. The one that is controlled by IP has numbers in the volume slider in my C4 navigators. The one using IR doesn't. This is because C4 is able to ask my IP controlled AVR "What's your volume setting" or "Set your volume to 40%". On the other hand, all my IR controlled AVR can do is "volume up" and "volume down". In the case of my LG and Sony smart TVs, the driver is able to figure out what smart apps are installed, select a smart app at power on, direct input selection, and I'm sure a zillion other things I don't even realize is happening.
  6. livitup

    Tapatalk iOS login issue

  7. You want the amp, and the speakers, and the WiFi, and everything built into one box? If you were willing to use a streaming amp with external speakers, the new Triad 1 is awesome - I got the chance to hear one earlier this week, and it's very impressive! WiFi built in and shows up as another audio zone in Control4. All your streaming services are available, and has a local input. But, it would mean lugging around the Triad 1 and a set of speakers...
  8. I'm heavily considering using this solution for outdoor landscape lighting. However, like RobbieF, I'd love some real world examples. Everything I can find on the Internet is stage/DJ lighting or large commercial installations. There's so many lights out there, with a huge range of pricing from cheap to horribly expensive - I'm just scared to take the risk on a large investment to never get it "right". Does anyone have any photos or links to products where DMX has been used for residential landscape lighting? Thanks!
  9. livitup

    Labeling tips

    One of these: https://www.bradyid.com/en-us/product/bmp21-plus?catid=wbn_50450 with these labels: https://www.bradyid.com/en-us/product/m21-750-427?catid=wbn_50183
  10. No problem to take photos, just won't be until Tuesday... For me the hardest part of figuring it out is that the switches have 4 pins - one on each corner of the switch "pad". They are really two sets of two common pins. The trick was figuring out wether the horizontal pins made a "pair" or if the vertical pins make a "pair". You either need to connect to the east-west or the north-south pair... I just forget which. I tested it by using a short bit of wire to short between two pins until I found a pair that would operate the opener.
  11. I have three doors/openers, so I bought a single, three button remote, and then used a single piece of CAT5 cable, one pair per button on the remote. On my particular remote (Liftmaster 3 button) I was able to carefully solder the wires on to the bottom of the circuit board, where the switch legs poke through. The other end just strip off the inner sheath on the pair(s) you use and connect to the screw terminals for the controller's relay ports. I'm traveling at the moment, but I should be able to take some photos on Tuesday night.
  12. livitup

    Is it possible . . . ?

    Yeah, but this “J-Box” sounds like it’s accessible? OP, is there a cover you can remove to get access to that box? I’m not sure of the legality of putting a switch inside a box, if the box has a removable cover. I’ll admit that this was my first idea too. OP. Get an electrician. Any control4 solution is going to require an electrician anyway, since virtually no C4 dealers are licensed line voltage electricians. Tell him that you don’t have to have physical access to the switch if they can come up with a legal place to put it. If they can shove a switch somewhere, it can be programmed to be controlled from a C4 switch in the existing 2-gang box by the door. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. livitup

    programming with if/then

    Dumb question that I think there’s no good answer to, yet I ask in hopes of someone being smarter than I am... I’d love to set up some geofencing stuff, but I’m stuck on one thing... what happens when my wife and I are in the car together. How to sort out which macros should be run to personalize arrival, when two people arrive together? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. livitup

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    Meh, my install was through Magnolia, and I am a very satisfied customer with (according to them) one of their "more complex" systems. And this decision was made after interviewing, getting proposals from, and then passing over 3 local "custom integration" companies. Quit bashing Best Buy, folks. It's offensive and snooty.