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  1. DriverCentral

    Garage Agent Driver Deactivated Warning

    Hello this was a mistake on our server. When we updated the driver it deactivated then re-activated. The driver has many new features and a better email system was one. Sorry about that and thank you for using our drivers. Thanks!
  2. DriverCentral

    Doorbird no video on SIP

    Hi If you are having any issues with any of the products on our site please go to: https://help.drivercentral.io and we’ll help you out. Thanks!
  3. DriverCentral

    New Driver: Garage Agent

    RyanE is correct and yes the c4 driver is easy to install too The Cinegration one was primarily built for the alerts and notifications so dealers can quickly add value and ‘fun’ to the c4 system without all the extra programming.
  4. What wasn’t great about the integration? Did you use one of the two Dsc drivers on DriverCentral? I don’t know of basically anything they can’t do and the integration is fast and powerful
  5. DriverCentral

    Houselogix supporting 3rd party drivers?

    It's because they were waiting for us :). A lot of new technology needed to be developed and tested to make this a reality and it's really a different kind of business outside of a specific manufacture. There are quite a few platforms (Control4, Lutron, Savant, URC, Elan, Crestron and others) so each one would be responsible for creating there own. We are brand agnostic and so the platforms can keep making their solutions better. We provide the link between platform and hardware for developers. Creating this marketplace is 5+ years in the making. Ever since the EV days we wanted to do this and lots of things had to fall into place before this could become a reality. Thanks! Admin Team DriverCentral
  6. DriverCentral

    Houselogix supporting 3rd party drivers?

    The Cloud Driver was written as a way to link all drivers connected to DriverCentral together. Current models require each driver to license and perform auto update individually. This ends up being a lot of POST calls to the server and wasted resources on boot up. If you change controllers, all the drivers in the home will need to be re-linked with the new main controller. Many service tickets were simple things like this. The cloud driver makes this simple and allows the dealer to manage the home's driver network easily. The 'home' is attached to the project. If a Customer fires a dealer, we can move the project the new Dealer. I don't see this happening too much but it does happen and we've accounted for this. There should only be one dealer managing your home. That's how it works even from a Control4 point of view for RMA, Tech Support etc....