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LED's on linked buttons

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This is a query as to why, rather then how to......Hopefully I can explain this well enough:

I use 6 button keypads as my light switches in many parts of the house

Each button is connected to a dimmer toggle (IE: via the connections as opposed to any programming on the button)

Each led is set up to have on colour = 0:0:100 and off colour = 0:0:15

I programmatically change the dimmer on led colour to red and turn the light on via a motion sensor event, the 6 button led on colour changes to red automatically. (which is good)

when a timer expires, I turn the light off and set the dimmer on colour back to blue(0:0:88).

At this point the 6 button on colour is changed back to blue(0:0:88), and the off colour is changed to black (0:0:0)

So, I then program the 6 button led on colour to blue (0:0:100) and the off colour to dimmer blue(0:0:15)

if i do the led colour change on the 6 button directly after the dimmer led colour change, it DOES NOT work.

if I put in a 500 millisec delay, it DOES works?


Are these commands not necessarily done in order?

Any ideas please.


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There you go, don't use that stuff :cool:

Most likely, due to how the 6-button and the dimmer are connected, the system is still resolving wether or not the change the 6-button to match the dimmer when the new command is sent. the small delay allows for the first "check" to clear before making a change.

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^^If you are linked via connections, what are your properties on the dimmer and what is BUTTONS ATTACHED state? On the 6BT are you following bound colors? I don't ever use connections on 6BTs to a lesser extent for what you have discovered.

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The 6 buttons are connected to the dimmer toggle.

the dimmers are buttons attached = true and led attached = true

The connection makes it so easy to use a 6 button to ramp up and down with out the need for programming.

have you programmed your 6 button to ramp up and down or just a direct on/off toggle??

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^^I understand but yes, I still dim using the push & hold feature. I don't recommend binding them if you plan on assigning (on the 6BT) fixed levels lower than the preset level (on the load control). Or, if you plan on programming CURRENT led selections upon button pushes on the 6BT.

As cyknight mentioned, the bound color change will take place and your programmed color change will execute. Which will prevail? I don't know, I don't bind. I'm only guessing that your change should come last so enter that delay then your command.

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It sounds like you may yet have the option to "Follow Bound Colour" checked.

At the same time you are trying to manually change those same LED colours.

So you're doing two conflicting things.

IF you are making changes to the dimmer already, these changes get forced onto the 6-button as well (there may be a small delay) when the LED colours are bound, so technically you should not need to change them manually.

If this "red light" indicator is NOT to be seen on the dimmer, uncheck the "follow Bound Color" box and change the 6-button LED in programming.

Please note that "Follow Bound Color" box ONLY means it will copy the top button LED color when a bound light is on, the bottom when it's off. Unchecking it does NOT mean it will not keep track of the light and change it's LEDs based on state. Just means it will use whatever you put into the color boxes.

As an example, my dimmers at home use the standard blue LED setup. My 3 and 6 buttons use Green for on and Red for off. No programming makes this happen: just unchecked the box and set the on and off colours to grean and red.

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