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Wts Hc-300c


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Looking to sell an HC-300C and SR-250 v2.

this was purchased off a best buy clearance table locally. It's in very mint condition.

I'm selling this because it was an impulse buy and i didn't realize that my dealer wouldn't be able to downgrade it to use with my 1.8 system.

I'm looking for the following

HC-300C - $200 - SOLD

SR-250 - $100 - SOLD

additionally i could do them both for around $250, buying pays shipping from northeast us.

I would also be willing to trade this for 1.8 version counterparts if anyone is looking to upgrade.


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thanks , i'm glad you were able to remove the sinking feeling in my stomach for basically almost selling something i could have used. !! (also the possible loss of faith in my dealer for misinforming me!)

oops sorry malelan. I guess gone are the days that all controllers can up or downgraded. I'm only in 1.82 only The last controller that I got about a year ago was a new HC1000v2 and that was USB resored to 1.82.

If the HC300C is not downgradeable does that mean the HC200B, HC850 & HC250s are not downgradeable either?

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sorry, as mentioned in other posts, there is general usability issues with upgrading my system to 2.0+ right now, and would also need to update some hardware.

this update will happen soon (before the end of the year) but right now i'm not ready to make that move, i thought about banking this controller until then, but for money reasons, i'm looking to unload it.

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While it's obviously completely up to you what to do with it, if you're running on 1.8.2 right now, there should be nothing you have that's running now that won't run on 2.x, unless my memory is deceiving me.

A handfull of drivers that I know of need to be replaced for an updated version to work but...that's all I can think of.

Oh well, good luck! :D

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thanks, i'd need to update because my system is small and doesnt have enough power to run 2.0 nav effectively, not because my hardware would be phased out. looking at making a move on an 800 around the holiday season.

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still trying to unload this, will take trades as well, looking for the following

HC-300 E-B - would swap for one of these that i can actually use.

Wireless Switches or Dimmers - Black or White, no almond

Wired Garage Door Rail Contacts - Any

IO Extender


Can add cash if you have something i need.

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