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Flip Clock 4Store App - Touchscreen burn-in and other questions


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I just discovered and downloaded the Flip Clock 4Store app. I have a 7" C4 touchscreen on my bedside table. I normally run a photo screensaver during the day and then blank the TS at night, but I was thinking about having the clock app run all night long to replace my alarm clock. But after one night of that, I got concerned about screen burn-in. I was curious if anybody has had any experience with running this app for long periods of time and what the effect might be on the TS.

I also have a couple of other related questions....the time on the flip clock app sometimes is a minute off from the time displayed at the top right corner of the TS. Any idea why this might be? I would have thought the graphics of the flip clock app would be based on the same time as the TS. And finally, the flip clock app seems to quit after a couple of hours. I'll wake in the middle of the night and the main C4 home screen is being displayed. I have the screensaver set to "None" so the Home screen just sits there until I turn the screensaver back on or restart the flip clock app. I can't find anything in Composer HE programming that would turn the flip clock programming off so I'm not sure what's going on.

Any thoughts, comments or suggestions are appreciated!

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I've NEVER seen a C4 Tscreen burnt in - including many that don't have screensavers at all.

Anything concerning the clock-app would need to be taken up wwith the developer of the app (should show you on the 4store if nowhere else) - they make and support it (or not) not dealers, or even C4.

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the flip clock loads the current time of the touch screen when it loads.. so lets say you open the app at the 30 second mark its going to be 30 seconds off.

there is ZERO support for the app as its free

the clock app prob will quit as its possible it will run out of memory and navigator closes it.. this wont be fixed

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