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New C4 T-stat


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Works flawlessly.

Which is really all it needs?


Design etc are personal preferences, though if you have the current lighting in your house, it ties in rather nicely being the same 'style'.

Battery life has been absolutely excellent so far.


This on heat/cool/humidity system and a separate 2-stage heating system.

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What do you mean when you say the "battery life has been excellent so far."


How is it powered?  When does it run on battery?  How long have you had it?  How long do you expect the battery to last?


Appreciate any feedback.

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The humidity control is a huge plus. As well as the fact that it can take an average of multiple temperature sensors to give you a better climate control. Wish it had more of a nest look but other than that it's an awesome t-stat.

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True. It depends how far you move it. Humidity permeates though. Move it to a nearby cupboard wall and you are likely getting a good humidity reading.

Which is why I said:

That may not matter overly much, but something to keep in mind.



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