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control4 navigator / TV not turning on to show it


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Hi All,


When I press the red c4 button on my remote, it wont turn on the TV in my living room.

It works fine if the TV is on using another source, it will switch to my HC800 navigator.

Im guessing I have something wrong in my connections but not sure.


My HC800 is in my rackmount and goes into a 4x4 hdmi matrix.


See attached screenshot of my connections


Thank in advance


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I just found something weird actually.... If i press the c4 button in my basement it will open the navigator on screen but i cant navigate in it unless i change the room to my living room (room that doesnt turn on tv when c4 is pressed)


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Well if you have a controller on a matrix, pressing "4" will normally bring UP the nav - but if the controller recently rebooted, it will likely bring up the room it's physically in. Pressing "4" again at that point would set it to the remote's room.

This is a known minor bug - that is not really on the list likely because it's against C4's recommendation anyway (plus as described IS in fact pretty minor).

I wonder if this might be related though.

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