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Wife comes home from work, opens up her app, and selects her "Custom Button". This button turns on the family room tv, tunes the cable box to her favorite channel, then turns on the speakers in the kitchen, and adjusts the volumes of the family room and kitchen zones to minimize the echo affect. I have this programmed as follows:


Custom Button


The issues I've encountered, and why I currently have an 8 second pause, is that sometimes the channel is not changed to the appropriate one.  Another and more frequent issue is that the volume is not actually changed on the Onkyo AVR even though it shows in the App that the volume has been set to the appropriate level.  That is the volume in the control4 app will show 35 but it will be obvious that its not.  As soon as you issue a volume up or down command the display on the app goes to the actual volume level of the AVR which is often much higher. 


Is this just a problem inherent in what I'm trying to accomplish, is there a better way to do this, or a way to minimize the issues? 



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You don't want to be setting volume that way. For the AVR, go to the AVR driver in Composer itself and issue a set volume command to the numeric value you want. Assuming of course the driver. Not sure what amp you are using for kitchen, but same principles apply - find the driver in your project and specifically set the volume level for that zone. If you have an audio matrix and a "dumb" amp, you would do this at the audio matrix.

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^ Nah you actually really do want to do this at room level normally, just like you would using buttons to ramp volume etc. That would be the 'proper' method of doing it. Only time you go direct to the amp is when you want to specifically bypass the room state (ie you want 'manually' force a default volume but not use the built-in system default volume as per recent thread)


First off - as you're selecting a specific source in the first room, why are you trying to mimic the second with CURRENT_SELECTED_DEVICE? Just select the same source in the kitchen directly.


As for the onkyo not changing - I'd start trying one of two things:


1) MOST receivers take at least 9 seconds before accepting commands - you may just be sending it too early. Try a temp 15 second delay, see if it's consistent then

2) Try some basic programming elsewhere that sends discrete levels to the room, turn the room on 'manually' and try those commands - this should filter if it's a consistent communication issue with the Onkyo, or something to do with the programming as such.


If the Onkyo isn't responding to discrete volume settings in general - there may be an issue in the driver or the Onkyo - either way there may be little to be done. Most Onkyo's off the top of my head allow for start-up volume though - possibly something to play with?

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Also, if the cable box is connected through HDMI to the receiver, the receiver may delay receiving commands while the AV syncs with the box.  I've seen this before several times.  The only work arounds are to set the channel selection first on the box before turning the room on or by adding a longer delay before selecting station. 

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