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using a dimmer with EV Hue Driver


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Hey guys,
So I have a few hue bulbs that I have been using, and I haven't really bothered too much with colors unless I was using the app. 

For the most part, I just had them turn on and off with the switch, no ramping. 

I have been messing with the EV driver after asking about the EV or HL driver and I can't figure out how I can just leave power constant to the lights but have them on a dimmer circuit. 

I just don't want to go buy keypads just for while I am using HUE. I don't see HUE as being a permanent solution. 

Is there any way to leave power on the dimmers constant, and use the buttons as keypads only? I thought I could just uncheck the boolean for "Attach Buttons" and then use programming on "Single tap Top" but with the buttons unattached that doesn't work....  Do I actually have to downgrade while I use HUE to a keypad? Seems a bit ridiculous. 

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You can run both the hot and switched line in the wall box to the hot line on the dimmer. You cap the load line on the dimmer. Then the hue bulbs on that switch are always live. I did this in my kitchen for the pendants. Just remember when you switch the fixtures you have to cut power from the electrical box as even when the dimmer is off the circuit is live

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you can just leave the dimmer on all the time and program single and double taps for different colors scenes. 

jmugoose30 has got it right 

if you disconnect the load side of the dimmer and run the hue hot all the time it would make it more intuitive.


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