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Best security system?


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Yeah, i guess that was a bit open ended...


Surely some have better integration than others? IIRC some use "keypad scraping" vs others having direct access to zone status, etc. Just wondering what system is the most "seamless."


Is Concord4 still current? Thought I read it was discontinued somewhere. Any thoughts on Honeywell Vista?

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Concord 4 is most certainly not discontinued. The two mentioned are the most seamless that I'm aware of - with HAI the only other one that currently has a driver for the new interface (and I've not used it nor heard any reviews). Understand that the Concord4 driver was developed with GE/Interlogix in the loop. To the best of my knowledge C4 has worked with the companies on the best options to integrate at this time (which is why C4 is rumored to have gone to the 230 instead of 100 for DSC - make of that what you will)


I have plenty of thoughts on the Vista - non of which I will phrase here as you'll just see a bunch of ********

There's also no drivers yet, or confirmation on WHAT vista panels will work - or if there are panel firmware restrictions (there are on the Concord4 for sure)


All new drivers to date do not suffer from the 'default to open' issue that I'm aware of - though I haven't had time to dig into it (yet).


Beyond the three mentioned, there's no drivers available yet, so it's too early to judge their ability or really call out a 'winner'.

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