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Help with adding fan light/control


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I have an odd configuration in my 2002 home in the bedroom that I'm trying to add Control4 control.  As it is right now, there is a dimmer/fan control with slider to control each and power button for the fan (right side in picture) and a master power button for the light (left side).  There is also a separate light control that I've already replaced with a Control4 switch (top button in picture).  This replaced switch will power off completely if the left power button  

My dilemma is how I can rewire this odd configuration so I have a fan control (with speed control) and a light control (with dimming) using Control4 hardware preferable a newer multibutton keypad.

I've attached a picture with labeling if anyone can help me solve this weird wiring dilemma.


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So it looks like you should remove Or leave perm on the left switch.

And here you substitute the fan controller switch.

The big button is set as off the 24/50/75/100 speed.

You can program the buttons if you want different.

The above assumes red and black are power green is ground and yellow is variable power to the fan. The light switch above providing the black to the fan /light.

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Question is which switchleg wire is for the light, which is the fan.

Beyond that, whatever one is the one for the light right now needs to get connected to the power feed.


The fan speed controller than just get's wired using the other switchleg, powerfeed etc.


I'm assuming the second device in that box is for something else completely.


As for fanspeed controller - it is preset for 4 speeds (top to bottm high to low), with the bottom one being Off.

Unlike Keypads, you cannot change the layout and size of the physical buttons themselves - however you CAN set any of them to be any of the speeds, or Off, or as a programmed keypad. ie you can change the 4th button from low speed to off, and use the 5th (double size) button for something else.

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