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Various C4 for Sale - 300s,200s, music bridge, 6 button keypads


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I have accumulated some extra gear recently. All items are sold as-is and were pulled from working project. Would prefer shipping in CONUS.This post will be updated as items are sold or added. Make offers.


3x HC300s, $60 shipped each

2x HC200 rack mount kits

4x HC200 - no power supplies, though.

1x control4 music bridge $50 shipped

3x 6 button keypads, almond, $30 each - engravings say "Music" "Vol Down" "Vol Up" "Next" "Off"

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I'm looking to get an HC300 to use as a primary controller on 2.5.3.  I have several home theater controllers (one of which is currently primary) and a media controller, which are stuck on 1.7 because none of them can act as primary in 1.8+.  So I'd like the new 300 to be on 2.5.3, configured on DHCP, and setup as primary, so I can move everything else to slave against it and update to 2.5.3.  Won't get me fully updated, but may get me "far enough" to do some more interesting things, and at least I won't have to keep asking "ember net or pro" anymore for new switches. :)

Do you know what OS version Pandora support was added?

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