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I'm having a problem toggling my qmotion shades.  The built in device specific commands for say channel 5 of open, close, 25%, 50%, and 75% all work fine.  I was told that the built in toggle function would work within composer but i'm getting mixed results.  For example, 3 shades in one room.  2 of the shades will toggle and the other one doesn't respond and seems to freeze for a period of time from accepting any commands.  I know a lot of people use Qmotion so I'm hoping someone can share the code of exactly how they are toggling the blinds.  I'd like to setup a keypad button that simply toggles a channel. 

My second question is related but I'll ask it separately.  In this scenario, I have a single shade with a toggle keypad button.  The toggle button sometimes doesn't work the first time.  If I do it again, it does work.  My assumption is that C4 doesn't know what position the shade is in so it somehow guesses and sends either an open or closed command.  Not sure how it makes that decision.  Maybe there is a built in variable that it's referencing?  Any guidance would be appreciated.  Thanks


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Are the 3 shades you are toggling in you example on the same channel on your qconnect?

There is a delay in the qconnect when sending commands.  When the qconnect sends out a command, you must wait a few seconds before the next command can be sent.  If all your shades are on separate channels on the qconnect, you won't be able to toggle a group of them with one button press from a keypad. 

I control my shades with c4 keypads and have not seen the issue that you are having.  Perhaps your qconnects signal is not reaching the third shade in your example. Have you tried moving your qconnect?

For you second question, you are right that the c4 does not know the position of the shade.  I have also experience the same thing you have by having to press the button twice to get the shade moving.  I believe that if the shade was last travelling down then the toggle sent by c4 will send the shade up and vice versa.  I believe that the shade will enact the opposite of whatever the last movement was when toggling.  

The new zigbee shades from qmotion are supposed to have 2-way feedback and I heard they will actually become part of the mesh.  I also heard rumblings on a trade in program for people who have qconnects where they can trade in qconnects for the new zigbee motors.  


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Yes, all on one channel.  I understand what your saying and have built in delays when calling more than one channel.  

I would think C4 would keep track of the last command it sent but I don't think that's the case.  I never manually move my shades.  All done through C4 so it seems like C4 would always know where the shade is at regardless of the lack of two way communication.  

I'm pretty disappointed in the product integration so far.  Quality is fine but intregration isn't as smooth as I expected.  Issues with all channels and locations.  Luckily I only bought $10,000 worth of shades.  I think I have another $20,000 to go and thinking I'll just go with Lutron.  I feel I paid a ton of money for C4 and the shades so I want the frickin button to work every time.  Ha  

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Your disappointment and others has led Qmotion to create their new zigbee shade which is shipping NOW.  I agree and believe that the qconnect is a half baked piece, but atleast qmotion recognized this and is now manufacturing a better product.  

With the qconnect, c4 has no way of knowing what position the shade is in.  The shade knows its last state though so when a toggle command is sent, the shade will move appropriately depending on the last command sent.   Hopefully the new shades will address all these issues.  

If you still have more shades to buy, it might be worth buying 1 or 2 of the zigbee shades to understand their new functionality before pulling the trigger on Lutron then having to deal with 2 different systems integrating together. 


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