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Best Way/Script for Garage Lights when Garage Opens

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Hey Guys,

I'm just looking for the best way to have my garage overhead lights turn on when the garage door opens. I currently have it setup under Programming and it reads as follows:

Script - When the Garage - > Garage Door Left is Opened...........Turn on the Garage - > Garage Light...........Set the auto-off time on Garage - >Garage Light to 300 seconds

I then have this same script basically mirrored for my other garage door.

Is there an easier way to do this? For some reason this script is not running every time the garage door opens (the lights don't come on - only sometimes). I appreciate any help I may receive, I'm a beginner when it comes to Composer (trying to learn).

Thanks, Brian

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13 hours ago, funnyfarm299 said:

I would do when the door opens, turn the lights on. Wait X seconds, turn light off. Of course this could cause issues if someone repetitively opened and closed the door, but it's good enough.

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Instead of waiting x seconds, you can reset a timer which turns the light off on expiry. Then the lights will stay on for x seconds after the second door is opened if both are opened within x seconds of each other.

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sounds like an issue with the sensor reporting the feed back correctly.

or some wireless issues with that light.


you can try executing the command and see if it responds properly. if so then it is a sensor. if not then is the signal

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