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URTSI programming



Hello All-

I have 6 shades and all work fine from the remotes that come from Somfy.  I want to use the URTSI 16 channel RS-232 unit.  I had used it before and had some difficulty getting it programmed.

The Somfy instructions say that I have to power only 1 shade to get it to program which is difficult.  All shades are wired in a crawlspace which is difficult to get into as well as being 45 feet up.

This was done initially with the 2 initial shades but the programming has been lost and I want to add the other 4 to it for a total of 6.

Has anyone programmed the URTSI with installed shades?

I have followed the instructions; put shade into programming mode, select the proper channel (by screwdriver), briefly push the program buttom, add other shades/channels, verify operation by pushing up or down buttons.......

Doesn't seem to work.

Any insight would be helpful.

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I have hard wired ILT2-ST30 Somfy shades but they use a RS232 to 485 adapter and send serial codes directly to the motors.   It says to program 1 shade at a time, are you able to control at least 1 shade with the URTSI?

When you verified operation by pushing up or down on the URTSI did it work?


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The shades work by a remote, but, the URTSI II interface does not seem to be able to be programmed.  I had it programmed before with only 2 shades, but I am certain I have lost the original programming in the unit.  I cannot be certain that it works as when I follow the directions (quite easy) the URTSI does not jog the shades which would point to it not working.

I do not see a factory reset from the outside of the unit and I have left it un-powered overnight to let any charge on a cap discharge in hopes I can start fresh. No luck.

I hate to purchase another URTSI unit only to find the same thing which is why I am reaching out to the community to see if there are any tricks someone may have found via 'easter egging' the unit.

The programming is simplistic but the URTSI unit does not jog a shade when the 'program' button is pressed......now a non-functional unit?????

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I have several Somfy shades and use the URTSI II interface as well to connect to my C4 system. 

You need to connect the URTSI II to each shade individually  

Set up all shades (upper and lower limits) and confirm that they all work with the original Somfy remote. Then disconnect power to all shades except #1. Then press the program button on the original remote, the shade will jog, turn URTSI II to position 1 and then press the program button. Now shade 1 will be programmed to position 1 on the URTSI II. This will allow the URTSI II to control shade 1 from position 1. Then unplug shade 1 and plug in shade 2. Repeat the above for all shades, you have turn the URTSI II to a different number for each shade. 

When all of your shades have been programmed you can then control individual shades from the URTSI II. 

In composer you can then program each shade individually. 

I hope this helps. 

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Thanks Guys, but my issue is that I cannot shut off the power to the shades individually.  The shades are in a crawlspace which is over the main deck - 40 feet in the air.  All the shades are on one (maybe 2) breakers.

2 years ago another guy figured out a way to program the URTSI II for each shade individually without shutting off the power to the shades.  What I am looking for is the same or similar way that others may have used to accomplish the same thing.  I can't remember neither the other guy - we are stumped - but this was done with just the URTSI II and one of the remotes.

Thanks for the ideas, but those are things I have tried and I need a way to do this without shutting off the power to the shades.

Any other ideas?

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I figured it out.....

On a remote which is known to work with the shades, 1st, select the correct channel for the 1st shade - do this for BOTH the remote AND the URTSII unit.  Then put the remote into 'program' mode by press/release the program button normally found on the back of the remote.  The selected shade will 'jog'.

Then press the program button on the URTSII unit.  The selected shade will jog.  Press the buttons for UP, DOWN, and STOP to verify for proper use.

Follow the same for the other shades of interest.

Hope this helps others.

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