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Backlight for Aux keypad



We're in the process of upgrading to the new style dimmers/switches.  We installed an Adaptive Phase Dimmer along with the Aux keypad in 1 location.  The new Aux keypad does not have backlight indication that the light is on or off like the old style 2-button keypads.  Its working just fine but did the electrician wire it incorrectly or is that how it works???

If that's how it works, what's the alternative if we need to see that the light is engaged on the keypad itself?  

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5 hours ago, Bullseye said:

Also remember the aux keypad works as a real 3 way switch.  It works even if Control4 is down. The other keypads don't.  That could be important in some applications.

Yep.  Exactly why I went with the Aux keypad.  Just didn't think about the back-lighting in the particular room we are using it for.  Basically, the keypad is controlling a room that is not visible so it's nice to see the status by just by looking at the keypad.  

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